Snom Endpoints Certified for FreePBX

After successful completion of functionality and usability testing, the entire range of Snom IP telephones has been certified for full interoperability with the FreePBX platform. This certification means the FreePBX Project engineering and development teams have tested Snom endpoints for functionality and usability within the FreePBX platform and EndPoint Manager.

Frederic Dickey, Sangoma Technologies VP of Marketing, stated: “FreePBX is all about freedom of choice for business communications systems. The addition of Snom’s phones to the list of supported endpoints in the EndPoint Manager module confirms our approach to the market. EndPoint Manager enables easy provisioning and management of supported endpoints directly from within the FreePBX Administrative GUI, saving a great deal of time in the implementation of systems.”

About FreePBX
FreePBX is an open source Asterisk® based PBX which can be managed and configured via a web browser. FreePBX can be installed manually or as part of the pre-configured Sangoma FreePBX Appliances that includes the system OS.

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