Snom io platform for application developers

Snom has launched an industry changing platform called that enables developers to create fully integrated applications for Snom’s io ready IP telephones. This allows the IP telephone to host personal, business, video, IoT, vertical and PBX applications.

Nadahl Shocair, Group CEO of Snom Technology AG explains “It will enable businesses to utilise more sophisticated and specific functions for their people, allowing them to configure their desktop telephones around the way they work. This delivers efficiency, cost reduction and increased employee performance and, therefore, empowering and improving the way people work and interact with the world around them.”

Types of applications you can make with Snom io:

  • Personal Applications
  • IoT, Devices, Sensors and Control Applications
  • Video Source Applications
  • Business & Productivity Applications
  • Vertical and Industry Specific Applications
  • PBX specific Applications
  • Any application you can dream of!

Watch Snom io showcase for some examples of what is possible:

Developers can register to download development instructions on website. Developed applications can be shared to the entire Snom community.

For more information, visit