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Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Become a Certified 2N Installer (CIP) and master everything needed to sell, configure, and install 2N’s leading door entry and access control solutions. It’s now more important than ever to enhance your team’s skills. With the ISDN switch-off on the horizon, we want you to be able to seize every opportunity by offering a comprehensive one-stop shop. For customers seeking simplicity and efficiency, this could be the key to winning more projects.

What Sets the Certified Installer Program Apart?

Join the CIP and gain official certification in installing and configuring 2N products, opening doors to an expanded sales network.

The CIP presents two tiers of partnership – Certified and Certified Elite. Each level comes with its own set of unique benefits and prerequisites, tailored to elevate your professional standing.

  • Certified Installer Course Requirements: 2 technicians need to obtain the 2N Academy BASIC certificate. This process consists of completing the 2N BASIC courses and passing the corresponding test.
  • Elite Certified Installer Requirements: 4 technicians need to obtain the 2N Academy BASIC certificate + 2N Academy ADVANCED certificate. To obtain, both certificates participants are required to complete the courses and pass the associated tests.

Benefits of Becoming a 2N CIP Partner

  • Receive leads from 2N.
  • Be listed as a Certified Partner on 2N’s Website.
  • Benefit from prioritised Technical Support.
  • Get discounts on demo kits.
  • And many more advantages!

Best of all it is completely FREE!

How to Become a CIP Partner?

To join this elite group, complete two essential training modules:

1. Technical training at the 2N Academy, acquiring either Basic or Advanced certificates. 2. Commercial and sales training conducted by our expert 2N Sales team.

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Distinguish yourself in the market and align with a global network of adept 2N installers. Gain not just expertise and confidence but also a comprehensive suite of sales, marketing, and technical benefits.

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