T19PN vs T21PN

We’ve recently had a few enquiries from resellers about the differences between the Yealink T19PN and the T21PN handsets.

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The mains differences are as follows:
*The T19PN has one SIP account. The T21PN has two (it also has easy to use line keys on the side of the display).
*The T21PN has superior HD audio components, the T19PN doesn’t.
*The T21PN has LDAP directory support, the T19PN doesn’t.

Apart from that, and the colour of the LCD support, everything else is the same.

Yealink T19PN datasheet can be found here

Yealink T21PN datasheet can be found here

Should you have any further queries give the Sales Team a call on 01484 840048 or send an email to contact@provu.co.uk

The ProVu Team