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Cisco IP 8800 Key Expansion Module Key Programming

With the Cisco 8880 Expansion Module you are able to program keys to show names of other phone users.

The key settings can be found in the web interface of the phone on the “Unit1-3” tabs depending on how many extension modules you have.


The code to display a name on the extension module is “fnc=blf+cp;sub=5070@$PROXY;ext=5070@$PROXY;nme=Name”.

The “;nme=Name” is where you can type the text you want to appear on the extension module.

The “;sub=5070” and “;ext=5070” is where the extension number must go.


Compatible headsets for the new Cisco 7800 and 8800 series phones

We’ve recently done some testing between the new Cisco 7800 and 8800 series phones and the headsets that we supply.

Here is a table of all the headsets and cables that we’ve tested and work with these new Cisco phones:

Headset Cable / Adaptor
Eartec 308/510/710 Range EAR-QD002(C)
Plantronics SupraPlus Range Plantronics U10
Plantronics CS500 Range Plantronics APC-42
(For EHS, use switch settings: A/3/2)
Jabra BIZ Range Jabra GN1200
Jabra Pro 920/925 Jabra Link 14201-43 (For EHS, use switch setting “B” and EHS setting “Jabra IQ”)
Sennheiser SC230 & SC260 Sennheiser CSTD 08

Please note: The Cisco 7811 does not have a headset port and therefore does not work with the headsets listed in the table above.

To find out more go to our Headset Compatibility Guide here:

If you have any other questions or problems please contact our technical support team.