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Yealink EHS36

How to configure Yealink T46G with Plantronics CS520 and EHS36

List of Components:

  1. 3.5mm DC Jack
  2. Plantronics phone cord
  3. Plantronics CS520 Headset
  4. Yealink EHS36 Adapter
  5. RJ12 Cord
  6. Plantronics Base
  7. Plantronics Base power supply


  1. Connect the RJ12 Cord (5) to the Yealink EHS36 Adapter(4).

2. Connect the 3.5mm DC Jack(1) to the Yealink EHS36 Adapter(4). Note that you only need the DC Jack in this end, you do not need to fill this socket.

3. Connect the Plantronics Base(6) to the power supply(7).

4. Connect the Plantronics phone cord(2) to the Plantronics Base(6).

5. Connect the 3.5mm DC Jack(1) to the Plantronics Base(6).

6. Connect the RJ12(5) to the EXT port on the back of the Yealink T46G. Then connect the Plantronics phone cord(2) to the headset port on the back of the phone; making sure you don’t put it in the handset port by mistake.

You shouldn’t need to change any of the settings in the phone as the Yealink EHS36 should work out of the box. However, you will want to check that on the bottom of the Plantronics base that the Dial’s are set correctly. This should be the correct setting for the dials :

How to: Connect a Plantronics CS540 with a Yealink Phone

This is a step-by-step guide of how to successfully connect a Plantronics CS540 to a Yealink SIP phone (Compatible with T26P, T28P, T38G).

You should have:
– Plantronics CS540 Headset
– Yealink Handset with EHS capabilities
– Yealink EHS36 adapter.

(For a full list of headset and phone compatibility please view our headset compatibility chart)

The image below shows the contents of each box that will be required for this setup. They have been labelled for ease of idenitification and grouped according to which box you will find them in -see the key below.

Green – Yealink T38G Box
Yellow – Yealink EHS36 Box
Red – Plantronics CS540 Box

Step 1:
Once you have the correct parts ready, the next step is to connect the 3.5mm cable from the Plantronics base unit, to the EHS36 box. You can’t really go wrong here as they will only fit into one slot on each unit, but the picture below highlights where to connect them.

Step 2:
Connect the RJ12 cable from the EHS36 box to the EXT port on the back of the T38G. This port should be clearly labelled on the phone. See the picture below for illustration.

Step 3:
Connect the Plantronics RJ11 cable from the base unit to the Headset port on the back of the T38G. This port is labelled with a small headset icon, it is located next to the Receiver port, please make sure these are put into the correct slots. Again, the picture below shows how they should be connected.

That’s it! Power up the phone and the Plantronics base if you have not done so already. If this is a new purchase please allow a short time for the headset to charge before use. To charge simply place it onto the base in the very obvious slot.

If you have any problems after following this guide, please email with details of your issue and a member of the technical team will be happy to advise.