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How to guide – Pairing Konftel 300Wx to an N300IP

The Konftel 300Wx can be paired with a Gigaset N300IP as a gap compatible device. This will allow the Konftel 300Wx to make and receive calls via the N300IP. Please note that the 300Wx does not bridge conference calls and it is unable to transfer calls. The N300IP allows the 300Wx to connect to VoIP and/or a fixed line. Below is a simple setup guide of how to pair the N300IP and 300Wx:

How to put the Konftel 300Wx in to registration (Pairing) mode

1) Power on the Konftel 300Wx

2) Once the device has booted press the settings key (it is a symbol of a cog)

3) Scroll down to “settings” and then press OK

4) Once in the settings section select “DECT”

(Before continuing to the next step, put the N300IP in to registration mode)

5) Once in “DECT” Select “Register” and then choose the base you would like to pair the Konftel 300Wx up to.

6) Once the base has been selected enter the “pin code” and then wait for the Konftel and the N300IP to pair.

(The pin code is what you enter to access the WUI of the base).

How to put the N300IP in to registration (pairing) mode using the WUI

Note – You can also pair the Konftel to the base by holding the pair button on the front of the N300 when the Konftel is in registration mode

1) Power on the N300IP

2) Log in to the web user interface for the N300IP

3) Click the “Settings” tab on the WUI of the N300IP and then select “Management”

4) Under “Management” select “Miscellaneous”

5) On the “Miscellaneous” page select “Start registration”

6) After selecting “Start registration” put the Konftel 300Wx in to register mode.

Number Assignment

1) Once the Konftel has paired to the base, log in to the web user interface of the N300IP

2) Once logged in to the WUI click the “Settings” tab and select “Telephony” and then “Number Assignment”

3) Once the “Number Assignment” page has loaded you can rename the INT slot that the Konftel has been assigned and you can also choose which connection (extension) the Konftel will use to make and receive calls.

IMPORTANT NOTE – In order for the N300IP and Konftel 300Wx to work properly you will need to turn “ECO Mode+” off. (If this setting is turned on, after a while the Konftel 300Wx loses connection to the base)

“Eco Mode+” can be found in “Miscellaneous” on the WUI of the N300IP

Gigaset DECT Repeater Mode

Gigaset have recently released Firmware 42.194 for the N300 and N510 DECT Base Stations. With this release comes a change to the Repeater Mode setting, which is necessary for pairing DECT repeaters.

In the handset menu, under System > Settings, the Repeater Mode setting has been replaced by Encryption. This setting relates to the new Gigaset DECT repeaters in the EU which use encryption.
These are not available in the UK so you will most likely be using a DECT repeater that does not use encryption. You should therefore turn this setting OFF, to allow you to register the DECT repeater to the base station.

If you are still having trouble registering your repeater to the base, please take a look at our handy guide.

Registering RTX4002 Repeater with N300/N510 IP Base

Updated 09/02/2018 – Luke Warby

*RTX4022P can not be set up in Daisy Chain with 3rd party devices such as Gigaset and Yealink*

Updated 10/01/2014 – Chris Wright

Below are some instructions that will help in registering a RTX repeater with Gigaset Base station.


1. Set the range extender up near the Gigaset Base Station, you can move it to its final
destination later.

2. Turn off Eco Mode through the Gigaset handset, go to Settings – Eco Mode. Untick the boxes if necessary

3. Turn on Repeater Mode through the Gigaset handset, go to Settings – System – Repeater Mode.
(If you are using firmware 42.194 or greater, you will need to disable the Encryption setting at this stage rather than enabling Repeater mode. More info here)

Updated 28/03/2018 – Jordan Carr

*RTX4022: press the button on the back of the repeater for 5 seconds instead of plugging the power in*

4. NOW PLUG THE POWER INTO THE RTX 4002 for 5 seconds and turn it off again; then turn it back on.

Note: The LED on the RTX 4002 slowly flashes showing that it is now in registration mode.
This should be a single flash, if it is a double flash please go back to Step 1 and retry.

5. Turn on Registration on the Gigaset Base Station, by either:
a. In the web GUI, go to Management > Miscellaneous > Start Registration’

b. On the Gigaset Base Station, press and hold the PAGE/FIND button for approximately 3-5 seconds

Note: The LED on the RTX 4002 flashes quickly to show that it is in ‘learn’ mode.

6. On the Handset – Key in X* – where ‘X’ is a number between 2 and 7. (This relates to the repeater number – the first repeater is number 2 as the N300 is the first link (1).)
Then press the green SEND button.

The LED will stop flashing for about 5 seconds; press * again to confirm the pairing. The LED should now show a steady light without flashing.

Note: If the LED goes back to flashing quickly then the new settings have not been saved or accepted by the RTX 4002. Repeat item 5. If the LED goes back to flashing quickly again then repeat item 5 with a different X.

7. Now position the RTX 4002 where required, ensuring that it is still within range of the Gigaset Base Station.

** If you hear a chirping/beeping noise when on call within range of the RTX, you may have enabled the verfication tone. For instructions on turning this off, please view our blog post**