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Explore Fanvil’s new Work From Home Winter Bundle

Just for this month, we are delighted to offer you an exciting new Winter promotion bundle from Fanvil. Purchase an X6U and receive a WF20 WiFi dongle & PSU completely FREE. But hurry this offer is only available for a limited time, so get your work from home bundle today!

Discover Fanvil’s work from Home bundle

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Fanvil X6U Enterprise IP phone
With the same great features and affordability you have come to expect from Fanvil, the X6U enterprise IP phone offers users a large 4.3” colour screen and 2 x 2.4” colour side displays for up to 65 digital label keys across multiple pages with 12 dual-coloured physical keys.

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Fanvil WF20 USB WiFi dongle
Compatible with many of the Fanvil range, the WF20 WiFi dongle gives user devices extended connectability to wireless networks. Plug and play with the WF20 through connection to a USB port.

To place your order, simply contact one of our Fanvil experts today on 01484 840048 or email to find out more!

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*Offer is available until the 31st December.

Our Range of Wi-Fi Enabled Deskphones

Last updated: 14th June 2019

More and more we are receiving requests from customers who want to use their deskphones via a Wi-Fi connection, there could be all sorts of reasons behind this relating to practicality, cost, and reliability.

Whilst we would recommend a wired connection wherever possible due to its greater stability, especially in areas with poor Wi-Fi signal, that of course isn’t always an option.

With that in mind (and for our own reference as much as anyone else’s!) I have compiled below a list of our deskphones ordered by brand that have Wi-Fi built-in, or a supported solution available:

Brand Model Notes
Cisco CP-8861
Gigaset Maxwell 10S
Grandstream GXP1760W
Sangoma S705
Snom D315 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
D345 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
D375 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
D385 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
D715 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
D725 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
D735 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
D745 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
D765 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
D785 Requires Snom A210 Dongle
Yealink T27G Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle (firmware or higher
T29G Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle (firmware version 81 or higher)
T41S Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle (firmware version 81 or higher)
T42S Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle (firmware version 81 or higher)
T46G Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle (firmware version 81 or higher)
T46S Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle (firmware version 81 or higher)
T48G Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle (firmware or higher)
T48S Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle (firmware version 81 or higher)
T52S Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle
T54S Requires Yealink WF40 Dongle

Other phones in our portfolio may work with 3rd-party equipment, such as Wi-Fi dongles or access points, however these are not supported.

Please note: By using a USB dongle to enable Wi-Fi, you will take use of the USB port on the phone and therefore may restrict other features.