UPS Devices: How to Protect Business Continuity


Have you considered the different opportunities UPS devices could bring to you and your customers?

As a low-cost investment, they can be a great addition to ensure business continuity in the event of a power outage. Whether you’re supplying to SMBs, or online streamers, discover how we can help you to keep them connected.

Where can they be useful?

Wherever power is required, there’s a UPS to suit. Regardless of the application, we can help you to ensure a continued power supply. Take a look at some of our suggested use cases.

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Hybrid Working

UPS supporting Hybrid Working Power cuts can result in hours of lost time and depending on the individual’s role a reduced service for your customer’s business. UPS devices can be used to provide battery back-up to routers and computers*, helping to avoid downtime.

Securing Premises

UPS supporting security For premises with Failsafe locks, security may become compromised in the event of a power cut. Talk to us about how we can help you to assure premises remain secure at all times.

Online Streaming

UPS supporting online streaming Perhaps you supply to gamers who want to ensure their content streams are protected. A UPS device can be used to ensure an uninterrupted service.

Ofcom Regulations

UPS and Ofcom Regs UPS devices can also be a great option to ensure your services are compliant with Ofcom’s regulations. Find out more about the change in rules which will come into effect in 2025.

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Finding the Right Fit

There are a wide range of devices available on the market, ranging from desktop devices for residential use, to rack mountable options for server rooms. Speak with a member of our team today to discuss your options and find the best devices for your application.

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*The UPS devices we currently offer are suitable for low power devices. For connecting devices with a larger power consumption, please speak with a member of our team.