Webinar: The Benefits of CounterPath Bria Stretto

Following the recent success of our CounterPath Bria Stretto Webinar series, we invite you to join us on 20th September at 11:00 AM (GMT + 1) when we will be re-capping on the series highlights. Offering you the opportunity to develop your knowledge on this great product, our webinar topics will include:

  • Introduction to the CounterPath Bria Stretto Platform
  • What are the differences between Bria Retail and the Bria Stretto Clients
  • How the Stretto platform can benefit ITSPs and IT Administrators
  • What licence types are available from ProVu
  • Stretto add-on modules
  • CounterPath Branding
  • Summary and Questions

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Designed to provide an overview of our CounterPath Licences, this webinar is suitable for everyone. We expect the webinar to last approximately 45 minutes.