Why should you make the switch to the Gigaset N510IP PRO base station?


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We recently announced that we brought the Gigaset N510IP pricing down to match the N300IP base stations price. It’s now possible to buy all our Gigaset bundles with an N510IP PRO at the same price as the original N300IP bundles.

Why should you make the switch?

*The N510IP PRO pricing is exactly the same as the N300IP

*The N510IP PRO supports 4 simultaneous SIP calls and 6 SIP accounts can be registered. With the added advantage of 4 SIP calls you now make two call transfers simultaneously

*The N510IP PRO has all the same functionality of the N300IP and for service providers our auto provisioning service works in the same way

*The N510IP PRO supports POE and a PSU is included as standard

*Unlike the N300IP the N510IP PRO doesn’t have an analogue PSTN Port. This can be a significant advantage for service providers as it ensures the base will only ever be connected to your service providers SIP trunk

To add to this we will soon be announcing details of a Gigaset PRO points scheme. The scheme will enable you to build up points on all Gigaset PRO purchases. Watch this space for more information.