10 cool things you can do with your snom desk phone

snom video integration1. You can integrate video and can open doors with your snom phone when using the ProTalk SIP door entry phone
How: Connect your door with ProTalk door entry system and control it using snom phone. You can even see door phone video on snom 8xx series phone. The door phone has relays that can be activated using DTMF tones.

2. You can customise the screen of your snom phone
How: For the 821 and 870 use our idle screen generator or if you have a phone from the 3xx series view our information on snom screen branding

3. You can customise your ringtone
How: Choose your desired ringtone then visit our ringtone generator to upload it.

4. You can completely restyle your phone including touch screen buttons, icons and display colours (snom 370, 821 and 870)
How: visit the snom wiki guide on how to brand your phone

5. You can customise the outside look of your phone with a DesignSkin
How: visit snom DesignSkins and choose from many designs or even create your own.

6. You can add images of your contacts so that when they call, their picture appears (snom 821 and 870)
How: Browse to your phone and add a phone book entry. You can also add a nickname, e-mail address, birthday, include in a group and make them a favourite.

7. Stream videos on your snom 821 or 870
How: visit snom’s video wiki guide for more information.

snom the iPhone phone changer8. You can charge your mobile through the USB port of your 821 or 870 snom phone
How: Simply plug in your mobile cable into the USB port of your phone, see the snom blog post.

9.You can create your own custom apps
How about being creative and making some really useful applications for your phone whether its a game or a calendar feed. snom shares some apps that other users have created on their did you know… webpage.

10. You can call people using click-to-dial
How: By integrating your snom phone with your existing database.

Have fun 🙂

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