2N Built to Last

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news, 2N is boosting their warranty period to 5 years on all their hardware devices, applicable to any product bought on or after January 1st 2024. Why? Because 2N believes in the lasting power of their technology and wants you to know it too.

Here’s What’s New:

1. Extended Warranty for Extended Confidence:
Every 2N device you purchase now comes with a 5-year warranty as standard. This move from a 3-year warranty is 2N’s way of showing faith in their products and their commitment to your success.
2. Uncompromised Quality and Support:
2N is not just about making great products; 2N is about making products that last. Plus, we are always here to ensure you get the most out of your 2N devices, hassle-free with our dedicated support team.
3. A Smart Investment in Smart Tech:
Forget about the cycle of frequent replacements. With 2N, invest once and reap the benefits for years. Even better, you can also benefit from an extra level of protection with 2N’s 10-year software warranty for devices using 2N’s OS. This includes regular feature updates and robust cybersecurity. So you are set for the next decade!

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Some of the great devices that are covered:

Access Unit 2.0 Access Unit M IP Style IP Intercoms

Let Us Help You!

Need help installing your 2N products? With our white label installation services, we can carry out the install for you without the hassle or costs of carrying out in-person visits.

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Alternatively, we also offer remote installation support giving you dedicated access to our technical experts who will be ready to remotely support and advise you while carrying out the installation. Whatever your requirements, we’ve got your back!

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