Here’s what new from ProSys in April

We’re thrilled to share some significant advancements we’ve made to our Partner Portal, ProSys. Designed to enhance your experience and streamline your processes even further, here’s a round up of our latest developments!

Here’s What’s New:

Enhanced TP-Link Provisioning:

Adding SIP accounts to your TP-Link VR1210v and VX230V routers is now a breeze. This update simplifies device setup and enables you to maximise the full potential of the built-in ATA features more efficiently. Configure settings such as SIP User, SIP Password, SIP Auth ID, SIP Proxy and SIP Proxy Port settings through ProSys or by API to provide a true plug-and-play experience.

Optimised Bria Licensing:

Managing your Counterpath Bria licenses has never been easier. With our latest enhancements, all active licenses are now visible within ProSys, making tracking and renewing licenses a smooth process.

Advanced BLF Functionality:

In addition to our BLF configuration service, we’ve introduced a new dropdown menu, allowing for the precise selection of BLF lines a device can support, making it even easier for you to identify the best use of our services.

Additional Tweaks for an Improved Experience:

  • We’ve reorganised the Device Management Tile on the ProSys dashboard, centralising options under the Device Management menu for a more intuitive navigation experience.
  • Acting on your valuable feedback, test orders will now only appear in test mode, minimising confusion and streamlining your workflow.
  • Gigaset Provisioning now offers Handset provisioning through anysettings section. As long as you know the base stations IPUI you can provision the connected handsets.

Use one or all the tools ProSys offers at your leisure. Whether you’re looking to automate your ordering processes, view live stock data or remotely manage your devices ProSys supports every area of your business. Get started with ProSys today to gain access to a range of tools and benefits including our new free marketing collateral!

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