Algo 8128 Uses & Benefits

The Algo 8128 Strobe Alerter is a SIP compliant PoE high intensity strobe light. Suitable for a wide variety of application environments, and for a number of potential uses, the Algo strobe alerter provides a host of opportunities to you and your business.

Solution for: Application Scenario:
Visual Alerting for noisy environments Warehouses, Workshops, Factories, Bars, Call Centres
Visual Alerting for quiet environments Libraries, Hospitals, Churches, Theatres
Visual Alerting for the Hard of Hearing Home, Student Accommodation, Hotels, Nursing Homes
Visual Alerting for additional security notification Airports, Retail, Transport Logistics, Construction Sites

Along with its wide variety of application environments, the Algo strobe alerter also has a number of uses. Offering 360 x 180 degree visibility and a range of flash pattern options, the strobe alerter can be used for; alerting and notification of telephone calls, emergencies, and/or safety and security events. The strobe alerter can be particularly useful for use with people who experience hearing difficulties.

Easy to Install

Algo’s strobe alerter can be easily integrated in to any VoIP environment, hosted or premise PBX. With an option for ceiling or wall mount fitting, the strobe alerter can be positioned to the user’s preferred position. For environments that require both visual and audio alerting, the strobe alerter can also be used with the Algo 8180 SIP alerter.

Web Interface

Through Algo’s web interface, strobe alerters can be remotely managed and allow you to select one of 16 programmed light patterns.


With Auto-Multicast, multiple strobes may be operated simultaneously and synchronously using just one SIP extension.

For more information on the Algo strobe alerter, please see our webpage. Pricing and stock information is available on our reseller portal, ProSys. If you would like to become a ProVu reseller, you can apply via our online reseller application form.