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Very secure Yealink provisioning coming soon

Just a quick note to say that I was supplied a specially modified version of a Yealink T28P a few weeks ago which has HTTPS certificates loaded into it.

There are two certificate chains, one is used by the provisioning server to verify the identity of the phone. The other is used by the phone to verify the identity of the server. There is a list of a few popular certificate signing authorities you can buy a certificate from for the server identity.

This two way identification is what is required for a truely secure provisioning system. It protects against attackers attempting to obtain SIP configuration from our servers and protects against DNS spoofing/poisoning attacks against your phones.

We sometimes get asked for HTTPS provisioning and of course it is pretty simple to implement. But without these certificates it is fairly useless. It does nothing to guarantee the identity of the server or the client.

At the moment this is a Beta test, we will be rolling out this provisioning option as soon as we can, in the next few weeks. It requires Yealink to start supplying phones with certificates pre-loaded at the factory and requires a certain (currently test-only) firmware version.

If any of this is of interest, please let us know.

Prosys Firmware upgrade

Just a quick note to draw attention to new features we have added into ProSys for Snom firmware upgrades.

Prosys is our online toolkit for ITSPs to manage SIP phones

The features are:

– automatic handling of multi step upgrades
– Support for Snom 720 and Snom 760 phones.
– Support for a different target version for a version 7 Snom and a version 8 Snom.
– Different counters and times of day for version 8 and version 7. (for counted and overnight upgrades)

As seasoned Snom users will know, sometimes upgrades are multiphase. You have to do one upgrade then another in turn. This has always been something that ProSys has just handled but did you know it can upgrade a phone all the way from version 4 to version 8 ? And do the bootloader along the way.

So why the different settings for version 7 and version 8? Snom are now shipping phones with version 8 firmware as standard. Many ITSPs have large installed bases of phones in 7.3.30. Some customers have been upgraded their own phones to version 8.something. (Where something might be a early beta)

So the outcome is to leave all the version 7 phones untouched, but makesure any phone which is on version 8 is upgraded to the best stable version.

In the long term, all phones will get upgraded, but in the meantime service providers don’t want poor early v8 firmware reflecting on badly on their service.

We don’t want to change all these phones instantly during working hours. This is where an overnight counted upgrade comes in. We set a counter for each service provider; say 10 phones. Each night we reset the counter back to 10 so that 10 phones upgrade each night.

This way any problems can be discovered and rectified for a few users.

In summary, we can leave your version 7 phones untouched, but roll up version 8 phones to a version of your choice.

If the above is of interest, please get in touch.

The end of

We are going to switch off on 22 of February.

Instead we ask people use the Price list in Prosys. This has all the same features and more.

While the old site has worked for many years, it isn’t keeping pace with our changing business. Many of our customers now get slightly better pricing because they are parts of Manufacturer schemes such as Snom SCE. Prosys is aware of these whereas the old doesn’t.

We want to put an end to any confusion. We also will run one secure site for all price information.

If you are a reseller but don’t have log in details for ProSys yet, please contact us on 01484 840048.

ProVu Christmas Shipping!!

Order Date Delivery Date
21st December 22nd December
22nd December 3rd January
23rd December onwards 4th January
3rd January (Back to normal)     4th January

If you are in need of a special delivery throughout the holiday period we may be able to arrange a service; surcharges will apply. Please contact a member of our sales team to discuss possible options on 01484 840048.

We work very hard with our couriers to ensure punctual delivery, but unfortunately as we all know the bad weather can sometimes affect our normal everyday workings especially at this time of the year. So please accept our advance apologises if there are any delays caused by bad weather.

ProVu Christmas Opening times:

  • Fri 23rd: 9:00-14:00
  • Sat 24th – Tues 27th: Closed
  • Weds 28th – Fri 30th: Open (Skeleton staffing) 10:00 – 16:00
  • Sat 31st – Mon 2nd: Closed
  • Tues 3rd: Resume normal working hours 9:00 – 17:30

Automatic Redirection and Configuration

Just to clarify,

If you order a phone with provisioning server redirection from ProVu, then this service is fully automatic.
We just setup the profiles you require and our servers do the rest.

This means:

  1. We are happy to offer redirection or configuration, even on a single phone order
  2. Once we have setup a profile for your company, this happens automatically on any order. Nobody has to remember to do it
  3. We can do your shipments very quickly – we don’t open any boxes.
  4. We don’t do any copy and pasting or such time consuming. Nothing to mess up.

This isn’t new. Our systems have been fully automatic since 2005.

We are happy to provide phone redirection.

But you might also like to look at our hosted service prosys phone management system.

Call Wait Times

ProVu have setup some call handling statistics on our own PBX. We’ve helped resellers install many such systems, but not actually pointed the technology at ourselves before.

The results are that the average waiting time to talk to a human at ProVu is 5.1 Seconds.

And the Longest anybody has waited to talk to a human is 9 seconds.

So, ring 01484 840048 and you can be sure you will be talking to a real human within 9 seconds, even in the worst case.

We think our call answering times are just another of the ProVu special advantages.

White-label parcel tracking

ProVu have offered a white-label order fulfillment service for many years.

As a reseller, your customer orders from your site, you order from us and we ship as if it had come from you. “Simples”.

What happens when they want to know the delivery status of their order? Using our white-labeled parcel tracking service you can offer your customer a link to a page with real-time tracking.

If you are interested in this service, please contact our sales team for pricing information.


aastra office

We are delighted to announce today that ProVu have been appointed as Distributor for the Aastra range of SIP phones and accessories.

Aastra is recognised globally as a leading supplier of enterprise telephony equipment and their SIP handset range is a natural fit that enhances the ProVu product portfolio. Their excellent SIP handset range is both stylish, functional and competitively priced.

With ProVu entering a phase of rapid growth and seeing demand for its automated fulfilment and provisioning services increase, we feel it is an essential part of our strategy to be able to offer our customers these services across an even wider range of quality products.

Stock and Pricing
All the Aastra models are in stock and available for next day delivery, you can view our trade pricing at our on-line trade price list below.

(If you do not have a log in for the price list just email us and let us know.)

As with all our products Aastra phones can be ordered by, phone or email.

Or for all our customers using our ProSys on-line ordering the Aastra phones are now listed and can be ordered via the ProSys on-line ordering system.

Our automated Provisioning platform has now been developed to accommodate the Aastra phones.

So for all our service provider customers and PBX installers wanting to deploy phones in volume or on a regular basis you can now order Aastra phones and have them provision automatically out of the box.

For more Information on the range of Aastra phones please visit: