CounterPath Bria Licences – What’s the Difference?

With a growing demand for Unified Communications, CounterPath softphone licences are an increasingly popular choice for flexible, mobile working. However with a variety of licenses available, differentiating between them can sometimes be an overwhelming tedious task.

CounterPath currently have two licence options; Bria 4 and Bria Stretto. Put simply, CounterPath’s Bria Stretto client is a provisionable version of the standard Bria 4 client. In an attempt to simplify the differences between these licences, we have created a new marketing document, please see below:

CounterPath Marketing Doc-32

If you have any questions about the information included or would like to speak to a member of the ProVu team about CounterPath Bria Stretto, you can call us on: 01484 840048 or email: