Discover CounterPath: Redefining Communication, Once Again!

You may already be familiar with CounterPath, perhaps you’re even utilising it already. For those who haven’t yet explored this incredible software, allow us to introduce CounterPath Bria Enterprise—a revolutionary solution that delivers a seamless unified communications experience across both fixed and mobile networks. It ensures uninterrupted connectivity across desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, keeping you connected no matter where you are.

In today’s ever-evolving work landscape, where remote and mobile workforces are the new norm, the need for seamless and feature-rich communication has never been more critical. CounterPath Bria Enterprise is designed to empower your team and revolutionise the way you connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Here’s why Counterpath is a game-changer:

Streamlined Remote Configuration:

Manage your soft-phone clients effortlessly through a secure cloud-managed system, without the need to access your customer’s systems. This level of convenience streamlines your operations and minimises disruptions.

Feature-Rich Communications:

Boasting an extensive feature set that includes not only G729 audio codec but also a host of new features tailored to your needs, including Call Transfer, Forward, Hold, Click-to-Dial, Auto-answer, and Call Recording, empowering teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Enhanced Contact Management:

Empower your customers to visualise all of their contacts in one central directory, complete with real-time availability status. This feature enables users to see who is currently online, on the phone, or available for call transfers, helping teams to connect at the right moment.

User-Centric Interface:

Counterpath’s push notification support ensures that teams never miss an important call or message. Users can stay connected and responsive, even when on the move with direct-to-mobile messages.

Historical Insights and Seamless Contacts:

Keeping tabs on communication history is simple with the comprehensive call history feature. Additionally, the contact sync functionality ensures contact information is always up to date.

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Subscription Options

Getting started is a breeze, select the licenses that align with your customer’s requirements and issue their team members each with a unique login credential. CounterPath Bria Enterprise will give them a managed solution so they can equip their team to communicate effectively and efficiently, no matter where they are, ensuring that their operations run smoothly.

Annual Monthly
1 Annual Payment
12 month contract
Monthly Payments
1 month rolling contract

Embark on a new era of unified communications excellence with CounterPath Bria Enterprise. Should you have any questions or want to discuss on how this redefined solution can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team on 01848 840048 or email

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