Door entry wiring diagram 1 – fail safe, low power, strike plate with CityLine/Skyline

This connection diagram shows how to connect a electronic door strike plate up to any of the CityLine or SkyLine IP door entry units we sell.

CityLine info.

SkyLine info.

Wiring Diagram


Parts required

These can all be bought from ProVu

    • Any ProTalk CityLine or SkyLine IP door entry kit


    • A 12Volt “fail-safe” electronic door strike (max 350mA)


    • A “push to break” exit switch


    • “VHLD” – Very Handy Little Delay board



  • Ensure the exit switch is push-to-break, not push-to-make, or this will not work
  • If an emergency break glass is needed, connect this in series with the normal exit switch
  • The Door Entry unit cannot supply more than 350mA from the 12Vout connector, do not attempt to use a door lock which will draw more power or you will damage the door entry unit (and void the warranty!). If you have a more powerful door lock then a separate power supply must be used (which I’ll draw a diagram for soon).
  • 12Vin is not shown connected as you can power the whole device & circuit from either this or Power-over-Ethernet.
  • You can adjust the amount of time the door is unlocked for by setting the “delay” potentiometer on the VHLD board, anti-clockwise increases the delay.

I will be drawing a series of these diagrams to suit various scenarios so keep checking here for more.