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Introducing the new Alphatech IP Bold Series

We are pleased to introduce the new Alphatech Bold IP Series to our SIP door entry intercoms range. The Alphatech IP Bold Series will replace the ProTalk range, which is now due to go end of life. This new range of intercoms offers a wider selection of models with the choice of 1, 2 or 4 buttons, plus options for a camera and/or keypad.

For those who are familiar with the ProTalk models, these intercoms are the perfect choice as they are similarly priced and are based on the same technology, whilst offering improved features and a brand new smarter look.

Pricing and stock information is available on ProSys, our reseller portal. If you do not have a username or password you can request one by emailing us at:

If you would like a quote or need to discuss any projects in more detail, please feel free to contact our sales team on: 01484 840048.

The ProVu Team

Recommended Iphone/Ipad app for Protalk/Fermax Door entry system

Lots of people have been asking us to recommend an app that works with the Protalk/Fermax IP range of door entry systems. Though there are hundreds of them on the Apple store, not all work perfectly with Protalk’s IP door entry system.

Problem :

There are 2 main issues.

1. Multitasking

Multitasking means running an app in the background while the user can do other things. It is important to install/buy an app that supports multitasking if you wish to receive calls when the ipad/iphone is in sleep mode.

2. SIP over TCP support

Apple only ever allows a SIP application to work in the background (multitask) when it supports SIP over TCP. Its just the way they have built IOS(Apple’s operating system). When buying an app to work with a hosted solution or a PBX provider, make sure they support SIP over TCP.


The solution is to use a PBX/Hosted provider which supports SIP over TCP or alternatively buy a SARK200 PBX which, along with offering other benefits, works for both video and audio over the TCP protocol. For for information about SARK 200 please click here.

Recommended Applications :

Audio /Video Application:

There are two applications that we have successfully tested with the Protalk video entry system.

Acrobits Softphone

Audio only applications :

For audio only door entry system you can use :

Bria SIP phone

Please note that ProVu do not develop these applications. If the application crashes or stops working due to an update we cannot be held responsible. You will have to liaise with the company who develop these apps.

RTSP streaming from Protalk/Fermax door entry to VideoLan

You can now stream video directly from the Protalk door phone to your favourite rtsp streaming media server or VideoLan software.

If you are unsure what rtsp means then have a look at this wiki page.

This new feature will allow CCTV/Security installers to integrate video from the Protalk in existing video monitoring/recording software.

Protalk builtin rtsp server support H264 or H263 video format and listen on port 554.

VideoLan Configuration:

To see video stream on VideoLan software.

  • Open program then go to Open Media > Open Capture Device > Network and put “rtsp://ip.address.of.doorphone:554” finally press the Play button.

All being well you will see video from the door phone. If you want to force the rtsp server to use H263 or H264 then add the following in your url field.

‘rtsp://ip_address/video.263’ to force H263
‘rtsp://ip_address/video.264’ to force H264

If you face problem with any of above please get in touch.

This blog post applies to CityLine,SkyLine and SlimLine products.


Door entry wiring diagram 2 – fail safe, high power magnetic lock with CityLine/SkyLine/SlimLine

This connection diagram shows how to wire up a high-power (more than 350mA) electronic door lock using an external power supply with any of the CityLine, SkyLine or SlimLine range of door entry devices.

CityLine info.

SkyLine info.

SlimLine info.

Wiring Diagram

Parts Required

These can all be bought from ProVu.

    • Any ProTalk CityLine, Skyline or SlimLine IP door entry kit


    • 240Volt AC mains to 12Volt DC power supply (with internal battery back up highly recommended)


    • A 12Volt “fail-safe” door lock – large magnetic lock shown in diagram


    • A “push to break” exit switch


    • “VHLD” – Very Handy Little Delay



    • Mains voltage is dangerous! If you aren’t 100% confident you know what you are doing, hire a qualified electrician (at least for the power supply installation)


    • This set up is intended for use when you have large locks that require more than 350mA current or as a way of adding battery back up


    • Whilst the door entry unit itself can be powered from PoE, it makes sense to use the same 12V power supply since it is installed and (hopefully) battery backed


    • Make sure the power supply is more than capable of supplying enough power for both the lock(s) and the door entry unit


Door entry wiring diagram 1 – fail safe, low power, strike plate with CityLine/Skyline

This connection diagram shows how to connect a electronic door strike plate up to any of the CityLine or SkyLine IP door entry units we sell.

CityLine info.

SkyLine info.

Wiring Diagram


Parts required

These can all be bought from ProVu

    • Any ProTalk CityLine or SkyLine IP door entry kit


    • A 12Volt “fail-safe” electronic door strike (max 350mA)


    • A “push to break” exit switch


    • “VHLD” – Very Handy Little Delay board



  • Ensure the exit switch is push-to-break, not push-to-make, or this will not work
  • If an emergency break glass is needed, connect this in series with the normal exit switch
  • The Door Entry unit cannot supply more than 350mA from the 12Vout connector, do not attempt to use a door lock which will draw more power or you will damage the door entry unit (and void the warranty!). If you have a more powerful door lock then a separate power supply must be used (which I’ll draw a diagram for soon).
  • 12Vin is not shown connected as you can power the whole device & circuit from either this or Power-over-Ethernet.
  • You can adjust the amount of time the door is unlocked for by setting the “delay” potentiometer on the VHLD board, anti-clockwise increases the delay.

I will be drawing a series of these diagrams to suit various scenarios so keep checking here for more.

UDVguard- Free Android App For Protalk Door Entry System

We are pleased to announce first Android app for the Protalk door entry system.

NOTE: This app also works with Cityline and Skyline products.

Some of the main features of the app are:

Monitoring of multiple door stations:
You can monitor multiple door phones under one interface.

Controlling of door phone:
User can unlock the door from the interface i.e by pressing the designated button on the screen. Also a call can be initiated from the app to the door phone.

This app can sit in the background while you do other things.

SIP Support:
It support both sip server mode and peer to peer mode.

The UDVguard application is available free of charge from Google Market place.


Installation and Configuration:

* Turn on Wifi

* Open Market place and search for UDVGuard. Install and run the program.

* Select Menu >> Settings > DoorPhone Management. Add the IP address of the door unit to monitor. By default, the program offers parameters and port 80. Change the IP address to match IP of the door phone.

* If you want to software to pop up on incoming calls check “Pop Up” box .

* Default audio mode is set to Peer-to-peer. Select it according to your requirement. If using SIP mode , remember to add sip user info in relevant fields.

If everything is setup up properly you should be able to receive a call on your device if someone presses the button on the door.

WARNING: This software runs in background. Please quit the software when not in use to save battery.

Tested Devices

Acer Iconia Tab A500
Manta MID01

Mobile phones:
HTC Wild Fire A3333
HTC Desire
Samsung Galaxy GT-i9000
Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570

New ProTalk RFID door entry unit fitted at ProVu

rfidrfid close upThe ProVu team have now officially ditched their front door keys as a result of updating the door entry phone with the new Protalk RFID unit.

All members of staff can now use their RFID tags to gain access to the building. A door release button has also been fitted to exit the building.

The RFID unit is connected to electromagnetic door release locks enabling staff to enter without the need of a key.

In an instance where a visitor needs to be let in, a member of staff can simply type a pre-defined key sequence into their phone keypad to release the door locks.

Need somebody to to install your door entry unit and magnetic locks? Please send an email to and we’d be happy to give you our recommendations.

Find out more about the ProTalk RFID unit

Latest Protalk door entry news

With the huge amount of interest we are seeing in our IP Door Entry systems we are pleased to bring you this dedicated product update with news on:

  • New models,
  • A low cost bundled solution,
  • Plus how to get your PBX or hosted service fully tested and approved for working with our IP Door entry systems.

New Slim IP Door Entry system with Integrated RFID reader

This new Slim IP Door entry model features an in-built RFID reader that enables authorised personnel to gain access to a building or office by simply presenting an RFID tag or card up to the unit.

It is a really neat all in one system that eliminates the need for every one to have to speak with some one on the inside in order to gain access to the building.

Of course normal visitors will simply press the single button below the RFID reader and speak with a receptionist or other person within the building. They can then allow visitors access in the normal way by tapping the default release code into their IP phone.

Use the snom one mini PBX for a low cost IP door Entry bundled solution

By combining the new snom one mini PBX with our range of IP Door Entry systems we are now able to offer a extremely competitive low cost bundled solution.

The snom SoHo PBX has a trade price of just £155 and is supplied complete with the snom ONE PBX software with up to 10 extensions.

This bundle is ideal for those installations where a small phone system is required purely to route calls from the door entry system to IP phones or PCs. However being a fully featured business class PBX it will also provide the flexibility to route calls to other locations and or iPads or smart phones.

The snom SoHo PBX is compatible with all our Slim IP Cityline and Skyline range of IP Door Entry systems

IP Door Entry Interop Testing

Over the last 12 months we have been running extensive Interop testing with many of the leading SIP PBX systems and Hosted Telephony platforms. You can view all the systems and service providers that we have currently approved below:

Phone systems

Hosted providers

If you would like us to list your hosted service or PBX system as approved for working with our IP Door Entry systems we will be happy to run the interop testing program for you. Or if you would like to evaluate a system and run your own interop tests we can make available some sample units on a unit on Sale or Return basis.

For more information on any of these products or to arrange for the interop testing with your PBX or Hosted service please call a member of the ProVu team on 01484 840048 or email