Door entry wiring diagram 2 – fail safe, high power magnetic lock with CityLine/SkyLine/SlimLine

This connection diagram shows how to wire up a high-power (more than 350mA) electronic door lock using an external power supply with any of the CityLine, SkyLine or SlimLine range of door entry devices.

CityLine info.

SkyLine info.

SlimLine info.

Wiring Diagram

Parts Required

These can all be bought from ProVu.

    • Any ProTalk CityLine, Skyline or SlimLine IP door entry kit


    • 240Volt AC mains to 12Volt DC power supply (with internal battery back up highly recommended)


    • A 12Volt “fail-safe” door lock – large magnetic lock shown in diagram


    • A “push to break” exit switch


    • “VHLD” – Very Handy Little Delay



    • Mains voltage is dangerous! If you aren’t 100% confident you know what you are doing, hire a qualified electrician (at least for the power supply installation)


    • This set up is intended for use when you have large locks that require more than 350mA current or as a way of adding battery back up


    • Whilst the door entry unit itself can be powered from PoE, it makes sense to use the same 12V power supply since it is installed and (hopefully) battery backed


    • Make sure the power supply is more than capable of supplying enough power for both the lock(s) and the door entry unit