Elevate Your Communication with the Snom A330

Let us introduce you to the remarkable Snom A330 Duo & Mono Headset, an innovative communication solution designed to enhance your productivity and comfort during calls. With its advanced features and exceptional build quality, this headset is a game-changer for professionals.

With a choice between monaural (A330M) and binaural (A330D) wearing styles, this headset offers personalised audio experiences to suit your preferences. Its adjustable leatherette ear cushions provide a comfortable fit, while the 2.4m USB type A cable ensures freedom of movement. Available for a fraction of the cost of other comparable headsets, the new Snom A330 headsets deliver great quality at an affordable price.

In today’s busy work environment, it’s essential to minimise interruptions. That’s why the Snom A330 Headset is equipped with a built-in Busy light, providing a visual indicator to colleagues that you’re engaged in a call. Enhance your focus and productivity with this thoughtful feature.

  • Choice between monaural (A330M) and binaural (A330D) wearing styles
  • 2.4m USB type A cable length
  • 270° flexible passive noise cancelling microphone
  • Built-in Busy light
  • Backlit remote control with 5 keys

Discover the Snom A330

Experience the future of communication with the Snom A330 Duo & Mono Headset. Upgrade your calling experience, boost productivity, and stay comfortable throughout the day. To learn more or to place your order, get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email contact@provu.co.uk to order yours today!