FREE Phones! How much will you save?

Exciting news! From now until the 31st January 2023 you can save on your Sangoma orders with our new offer! Purchase 9 of the same P-Series Handsets and get one free!

This covers all of Sangoma’s incredible P Series range, including the entry level P310 with an enterprise grade call experience, to the top of the range P370 with its 7″ touch screen display.

Why choose the P-Series?

Building on the success of the S-Series, the P-Series comes packed with a new advanced provisioning method. Available in addition to the traditional HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP style of provisioning, the new method uses the DPMA module on Sangoma’s PBX range to securely provision the devices. By using the existing SIP port, the DPMA module communicates with the PBX, meaning additional ports won’t need to be opened on your firewall. Using SIP-based provisioning, the P-Series can allow users to remotely push and pull configuration settings in real-time, helping to ensure any updates are applied on the go as well as future-proofing devices.

Explore the P310

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Discover the P370

To place your order please call our sales team on 01484 840048 or email

* All 10 devices must be of the same variant of P-Series.

* Offer is available until the 31st of January 2023.