Let’s Gear UP(S) ahead of 2025

It feels like it’s been a long time coming…. the 2025 PSTN switch off is looming and we’re here to help you gear up for it.

Did you know, as per Ofcom’s guidance Service Providers should enable or offer at least one back up solution for users reliant on their landline to contact the emergency services in the instance of a power cut?

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Introducing the PowerWalker UPS Range

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) are one option for providing a back-up solution for your VoIP solutions by ensuring an uninterrupted power supply to both routers and phones to deliver always on comms.

Our range has been carefully selected to:

  • Offer a maintenance free solution
  • Use replaceable batteries
  • Feature a 3-pin UK plug to connect to power
  • Allow some basic troubleshooting to check battery status etc.
VI 650 SB

VI 600 STL

VI 2200 STL

Supports the Connection of 2 x 3-Pin UK power outlets

Up to 1 hour battery back-up*

Supports the Connection of 3 x 3-pin UK power outlets

Up to 2 hours battery back-up*

Supports the Connection of 4 x 3-pin UK power outlets

Up to 4 hours battery back-up*

Put simply, UPS devices can be used to provide a battery back-up to VoIP solutions in the event of a power failure. These are becoming increasingly important in ensuring users are able to contact emergency services in the event of a blackout. They could even become part of your business continuity to protect connectivity in such occurrences.

Discover ProVu’s UPS Range

Now in stock and available for fast delivery. Whatever your requirements are in the run up to the PSTN switch off and beyond, rest assured we’ve got your back!

*Battery back-up duration may vary depending on the consumption of connected devices. Time provided is based on one phone and one router.