Fanvil: End Meeting Clutter

We are super excited to share with you the latest from Fanvil. The Brand new Fanvil LINKVIL CA400 all-in-one conferencing solution. And guess what? We’ve got a special NFR just for you.

What’s in the Kit…

Let’s take a look at what is in the Fanvil LINKVIL CA400 Kit. It’s the brand-new, do-it-all conference system, perfect for those small to medium-sized meeting spaces. This system is crafted to make setting up conferences a breeze, ensuring you get crystal-clear communication that boosts teamwork and productivity. Here’s a sneak peek at what makes the CA400 tick:

  • MS10 Speakerphone: This isn’t your everyday speakerphone. The MS10 is a game-changer, with wireless screen sharing that makes presentations smooth and wire-free. Using built-in type-c to connect directly to a computer, the MS10 wirelessly transmits your device’s screen to the RC10 receiver hub.
  • RC10 Receiver: A key player for the CA400’s wireless magic, the RC10 keeps your connections solid and secure.
  • CM70 USB Camera: Step up your visual game with the CM70 camera. It delivers Full HD streams and is a breeze to use, making it an essential part of your meeting toolkit.

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And There’s More…

  • Clear as Day Voice Pickup: No more asking people to repeat themselves. The far-field voice tech ensures every word is heard loud and clear.
  • 4K Wireless Casting: Make full use of 4k wireless casting from the MS10 speakerphone.
  • FHD Video: Meetings will feel like everyone’s in the same room with our Full HD video streaming and 118-degree ultra-wide angle lens.
  • Compatible with Mainstream Platforms: Including: Teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex by Cisco, 3CX, Google Meet and more.

Your Exclusive NFR Offer:

We know trying is believing. That’s why we’re offering a special NFR deal. It’s your chance to see the CA400 in action, right in your own meeting space. From now until the 31st May get a massive 30% off RRP. Want to dive deeper into the CA400 or jump on this NFR offer? Reach out at 01484 840048 or email

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*NFR offer is available one per business and ends on the 31st May 2024

See You there!

It’s finally here, the Channel’s biggest event, Channel live 2024! In just two days, we will be showcasing our latest innovations alongside industry giants, 2N, DrayTek, Fanvil, Snom, and Yealink. So join us at Stand C20 to speak to us and our vendor partners. Together, we can explore how we can better support and fulfill your business needs.

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Exclusive Sneak Peeks: Dive into the world of VoIP with hands-on demos of cutting-edge hardware, including some groundbreaking products yet to hit the market!


Personal Connections: Engage directly with the ProVu team and top minds from leading global manufacturers.


Tailored Solutions: Discuss your specific needs and discover our extensive range of services designed to propel your business forward.

Register now to secure your spot and join us for what promises to be an unforgettable event.

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Get Hands On With the Latest From Fanvil at Channel Live!

One week to go! We hope you are as excited as we are. Exhibiting alongside us this year on stand C20 is Fanvil. With their latest products on show come check out how Fanvil can expand your offering in 2024 and beyond.

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Fanvil at Channel Live 2024

Visit us to learn how Fanvil is devoted to boosting the digital transformation for multiple industries, such as offices, healthcare, education, hospitality, residential properties and more. At Channel Live, Fanvil will unveil the latest cutting-edge series of Audio and Video IoT (A&V-IoT) products and solutions, including their new all-in-one conference solution, their wireless WiFi solution, healthcare intercoms and hotel solutions.

Get hands-on with the Fanvil portfolio, covering a host of industries and needs including;

Including the latest in innovative Access Control, the all-new Healthcare Intercom series and the versatile LINKVIL Wireless Devices. Stop by Stand C20 to see us and explore Fanvil’s exceptional devices.


Visit us on stand C20 to discuss our new NFR offer and how you can test the new conferencing solution for yourself at a fraction of the price!

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2N can’t wait to see you at Channel Live!

We’re delighted to have 2N joining us at Channel Live again this year. Come see us and 2N at stand C20 to find out more about what’s new and what’s to come from 2N in 2024.

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Some of 2N’s great devices on display…

Discover the latest and greatest in IP intercoms from 2N on stand C20. Including the recently launched 2N Clip and the improved 2N Verso 2.0. Get up close and personal with the very best in IP intercoms and the most knowledgeable experts, 2N themselves!

2N Clip

2N Verso

2N IP Style

2N Unit M

Come and see for yourself, the 2N team look forward to speaking with you at Channel Live!

Explore the latest from Yealink at Channel Live

Next up in our countdown to Channel Live is Yealink! With the show taking place later in March, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to see from Yealink on Stand C20.

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Yealink at Channel Live 2024

The Yealink portfolio has quickly grown to cover all requirements with an impressive offering which covers; IP desk phones, single and multi-cell solutions, headsets, conference devices, Microsoft Teams Certified devices and video conferencing. They strive to support easy collaboration and efficient production.

On stand C20, we will be joined by Yealink’s representatives who will be on hand to demo some of the latest devices including;

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We look forward to sharing the latest Yealink devices with you at the show!

Streamline your Security with My2N

We’re always looking to keep ahead of the game when it comes to tech. With 2N’s My2N Management Platform, you can do just that. Let us tell you how…. The My2N Management Platform is not just a tool; but your partner in streamlining operations, enhancing security, and offering cutting-edge services to your customers.

The My2N Management Platform offers you the flexibility and control to deliver tailored services to your customers remotely.

What can My2N do?

Cloud-Calling Access Control Remote Management
IP intercom calls via the internet Straightforward access control management Handle 4 out of 5 customer requests remotely
Enables quick setup of video calls from intercoms to a smartphone application that can be answered anywhere in the World, 90% quicker than traditional methods and offers additional revenue through a premium service. Simplifies management of access rights for multi-family and commercial sites, reduces management time with group access settings, enhanced security with access logs, and allows for remote deletion of lost access cards. Facilitates handling of 80% of customer requests without the need to travel to site, improving response times and customer satisfaction by allowing tasks to be completed remotely, streamlining operations and efficiency.

Why Choose My2N?

1. Cost-Effective Remote Management
Reduce your travel costs and increase your efficiency. My2N enables you to remotely manage customer requests, from adding and removing users to updating firmware, saving you time and money without having to visit the site.
2. User-Friendly Interface
The My2N web interface is intuitively designed, making it accessible to anyone without extensive training. This user-friendliness means you can save significant time and resources on training your team to remotely manage an end user’s site.
3. Advanced Services for the 21st Century
With My2N, you’re not just keeping up with the times; you’re setting the pace. Offer services like video calling from an IP intercom to a smartphone or tablet, ensuring your clients enjoy the convenience and security of modern technology. Set secure times for your managed sites for selected users as well as offer reliable and fast support.
4. Unmatched Reliability
2N’s cloud solution is backed by the world’s top backup servers, guaranteeing you’re always online. With My2N, you join millions of users who trust a reliable, secure European solution, compliant with GDPR and ISO 27001 standards.
5. Simplicity Equals Efficiency
Forget about the complex setup processes. My2N simplifies everything, ensuring you don’t need to worry about SIP accounts, authentication proxies, or firmware versions. This ease of setup translates into more time for you to focus on what truly matters.

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Integrate with your preferred platforms

My2N and all 2N products, seamlessly integrate with a wide array of third-party platforms, including industry leaders such as 3CX, Cisco, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, among others. This flexibility ensures that regardless of the specific platforms your customers prefer, you can leverage the comprehensive capabilities of the My2N management system for enhanced operational efficiency and user experience.

For those who are unsure of the compatibility of a particular platform, we encourage a visit to 2N’s Integration Hub.

Check the IntegrationHub Here

Getting Started with My2N

Embarking on your My2N journey is straightforward:

  • Create a My2N Account: Visit and sign up.
  • Add Your 2N Products: Seamlessly integrate your devices.
  • Enjoy Simple, Effective Management: Begin experiencing the benefits of My2N immediately.

Get started today!

Your Next Steps

Contact our team today at 01484 840048 or email to discuss your 2N requirements, and let us tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs.

Levelling UP(s) Your Business Continuity

In the electrifying world of uninterrupted power supplies, power continuity is as crucial as your business continuity. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Mylion Mini UPS. Compact in size yet monumental in impact, this device is your frontline defence against the unpredictable whims of power supply.

Why Mylion Mini UPS?

Adhering to OFCOM’s guidelines may mean you need to add UPS devices to your offering to protect vulnerable users, but they can help with so much more! The Mylion Mini UPS does more than just keep your 12v & 5v devices humming happily during those unexpected blackouts; it ensures the gold standard of preparedness. Recognising the diverse ecosystem of devices within your customers’ businesses, we’ve equipped the Mylion Mini UPS with an adapter kit that’s as versatile as it is essential—think of it as the Swiss Army knife for your power needs.

Explore the MU68W Mini UPS

Power Expectations Set Right

When it comes to performance, the Mylion Mini UPS doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk. Our exhaustive testing – which is as serious as our commitment to quality – shows it can power a router that has 4 office PCs wirelessly connected to it as well as a laptop physically connected, streaming video all day for over 8 hours on a single charge. While we boast an 8-hour lifeline, we recommend expecting a solid 4 hours. This realistic expectation ensures your business can plan effectively, without being caught off guard by each device’s power requirements.

Retail Resilience:

Imagine a card terminal and router backed by the Mylion Mini UPS. Even in a power outage, your customer’s store remains operational, processing card payments without a hitch. This resilience means they can continue serving customers and securing sales, turning potential downtime into a showcase of business reliability.

Communication Continuity:

For businesses reliant on VoIP systems, a power cut could mean missed opportunities or disrupted service. Connecting a VoIP phone and router to a Mylion Mini UPS ensures that communication lines stay open. This uninterrupted connection keeps a business responsive and operational, maintaining that vital link to customers and the team.

Security Assurance:

An operational security system is non-negotiable, especially after hours. A Mylion Mini UPS connected to a router and alarm system ensures that, even in the event of a power outage, premises remain secure. Rest easy knowing your alarm system is vigilant, thanks to the reliable power backup provided by the Mini UPS.

Secure home working:

For a team of remote workers, uninterrupted access to cloud-based services is essential for maintaining productivity and safeguarding critical data. The Mylion Mini UPS plays a pivotal role, ensuring that, even during a power outage, the workflow remains seamless and data integrity is preserved.

Why Wait for the Next Outage?

This isn’t just a UPS. It’s an assurance that a business can continue to operate smoothly, regardless of external power fluctuations. It’s an investment in peace of mind, productivity, and compliance with critical regulatory standards.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements. We have UPS options to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Call us on 01484 840048 or email

*The UPS devices we currently offer are suitable for low power devices – 12v & 5v. For connecting devices with a larger power consumption, please speak with a member of our team.

Experience the future with DrayTek at Channel Live!

We can’t wait to see you at Channel Live this year, next up in our partner showcase DrayTek, who will be exhibiting with us on stand C20. Showcasing the latest and greatest connectivity devices, we’ll be exhibiting a range of devices including the brand new, much-requested Vigor2927LAX 5G router!

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Among a range of industry-leading networking and connectivity devices, here’s a sneak peek of the latest DrayTek devices.

Vigor 2135ax

Explore the Vigor 2135ax Ethernet WAN router tailored for FTTP connection for small & home office networks. With all the capabilities of bigger routers, the Vigor 2135ax features up to 940Mbps firewall throughput, 4 gigabit LAN ports, AX3000 – 11ax Wi-Fi 6 and up to 150Mbps IPsec VPN throughput.

VigorAP 906

Introducing the all new optimised access point. The Vigor AP906 is a sleek wall/desk mountable wireless access point with a 5-port LAN switch. It’s suitable for high density environments with a wire-liked link rate up to 2402 Mbps in 5GHz band and up to 574 Mbps in 2.4 GHz band.

VigorSwitch P2100

An award-winning 8-port Gigabit PoE layer 2+ Managed Switch with 2 SFP Uplink ports. Ideal for home offices and small business networks, this switch offers enhanced security features, advanced layer 2+ routing and much more!

Get a sneak peak

Discover the future of connectivity with DrayTek at Stand D30! Where DrayTek will be unveiling their highly anticipated Vigor2927LAX 5G router – a game-changer in high-speed internet technology. Join us and DrayTek to explore firsthand how the latest innovations can revolutionise your connectivity experience, offering unparalleled speed, reliability, and security.

Explore DrayTek with ProVu

Take Control of Your Devices

With DrayTek’s Vigor ACS and Central Management System, managing your devices and network solution couldn’t be simpler!

Remotely manage your estate of DrayTek routers, firewalls and access points with DrayTek’s centralised management platform. Available as a hosted service or on-premise. ACS can be hosted on your own server in both Linux and Windows versions. Apply for your free trial today.

Try DrayTek’s Vigor ACS for FREE!

Find out more

Router Provisioning
Did you know we offer a range of services which can help you save time and money?
With our router provisioning service we can ship DrayTek devices direct to site ready to plug and play. Benefit from our automated services from as little as £4 per router; a fraction of the cost of multiple shipments and site visits! Contact us today to find out more.

The DrayTek team look forward to discussing your requirements in more detail at the show.

We’ll see you soon!

Discover What’s New with Fanvil’s Latest Innovations

Are you ready to explore the latest from Fanvil? We want to invite you to an exclusive webinar that promises to unveil the latest generation of Fanvil products, including the access control range, new healthcare intercom series and LINKVIL wireless devices.

Unlock the Potential: Fanvil’s Newest Offerings

Date: Wednesday, 6th March

Time: 11am – 12pm

Presenter: Anna Maria Marzec-Smith, Sales Director

This webinar is your gateway to understanding the expansive Fanvil portfolio, including thrilling introductions and updates that are shaping the Fanvil offering. Whether you’re part of a sales team eager to stay ahead of the curve or a decision maker looking to fill a gap in your portfolio, this session is tailored for you.

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Why Attend?

Exclusive Insights:

Led by our knowledgeable Sales Director, Anna Maria Marzec-Smith, you’ll receive firsthand knowledge of what’s new and what’s next for Fanvil.

Comprehensive Coverage:

From the robust Fanvil IP deskphones, to the innovative Access Control range, including the all new Healthcare Intercom series, and the versatile LINKVIL Wireless Devices – we’ve got it all covered.

Practical Applications:

Learn through example use cases, equipping you with the knowledge to seamlessly integrate these advancements into your offerings and enhance your customer’s experience.
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Join us to stay at the forefront of communication technology and ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge to lead in a competitive market.

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Introducing the NEW V63 phone

Explore the new V63 Deskphone, replacing the now end-of-life V62, the V63 offers improved features and additional functionality including a vibrant 2.8 inch colour screen, intuitive interface, dual gigabit ports and 21 DSS keys.

2.8″ Colour display

Supports up to 6 SIP lines

Up to 21 programmable DSS keys

Supports 6-way Conferencing

Supports Bluetooth or WiFi Via Dongle

Dual Gigabit ports

Explore the V63

Place you order for the V63 today, simply login to ProSys or contact one of our Fanvil experts today at 01484 840048 or via email at

Snom can’t wait to see you there

We’re thrilled to announce we will be back at the NEC next month for Channel Live 2024. We can’t wait to welcome you to stand D30 where we’ll be joined by our incredible vendor partners, showcasing the latest and greatest products on offer. First up on the ProVu mainstage is Snom. We invite you to join us and discover Snom’s latest hospitality range plus the hotly anticipated M500 series which offers a great solution for those looking to prepare for the ISDN switch off. Don’t miss out – register today for your free tickets and join us for what promises to be an incredible event!

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Discover the Range

Explore the HD100

Explore the HD101

Explore the HD350W

Explore the HD351W

Explore the HM201

Some of Snom’s great devices on display…





Explore Snom with ProVu

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Want to make the most of purchasing Snom with Snom’s Number #1 UK Distributor? Sign up today for FREE as a Snom Partner and get access to unique discounts and rebates. Plus, all eligible partners will receive a complimentary handset of their choice!

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The Snom team look forward to discussing your requirements in more detail at the show.

We’ll see you soon!