How to capture a PCAP trace on a Snom phone

If you have contacted our support team with a technical issue we may require to see a trace from the phone.

Please note: This guide is for UDP/TCP, if you are using TLS please refer to the following guide below:

Here is how to obtain the logs from the phone.

Step 1 – Web browse to the phones web interface.

Step 2 – Once logged in navigate to PCAP Trace down the left hand side (As shown below)

Step 3 – Click on Start then replicate the fault you are having.

Step 4 – Once you have replicated the fault go back to this page (above) and click Stop.

Step 5 – Click ‘here‘ highlighted in blue (As shown below)

Step 6 – The trace will start to download, once downloaded please send this over to for us to investigate your issue further.

If you have any problems obtaining a trace please contact or call 01484840048 option 2 for support.

2N Function Licensing

Some 2N IP intercom functions are unavailable until a valid license key is entered. The following types of licenses are available:

Enhanced Audio (9137905)
Enhanced Video (9137906)
Enhanced Integration (9137907)
Enhanced Security (9137908)
Gold (9137909)
InformaCast (9137910)
NFC (9137915)
IP intercoms Lift module license (9137916)

For more information on any of the licenses please see 2N’s wiki page above or contact: or

Bria Enterprise – Generating Support Logs for Windows

If you have contacted our support team regarding an issue with CounterPath’s Bria Enterprise application we may require some logs from your application that you will need to generate.

Step 1 – Open the Bria Stretto application and click on > Help > Troubleshooting (As shown below)

Step 2 – The following window should open, from here click on the Support tab > Change the Log Level to Verbose then close the window.

Once you have closed the above window you can now replicate your fault.

Step 3 – Once you have replicate the fault go back to help > Troubleshooting > Support then press Send Log Report.

Once you have clicked on Send Log Report the following window should pop up:

Step 4 – Click Send Log, this will generate a log reference (As shown below)

Please send this log reference over to us with the user account that this log belongs to so we can find it on the CounterPath Portal.

Please note: You need to contact us once the log has been generated as they don’t stay on the portal for long.

CP960 Star Connection

Yealink Star Connection is where you can connect multiple devices together.

The CP960 supports this feature so you can have larger conferences.

You can connect up to four CP960’s together, one will be the master phone and the rest will act as slave phones.

The Master phone will keep all of its features but the slave phones only sync some of the features of the master phone such as call mute and DND. The slave phones are only used for speakers and microphones.

Here is how to set up Star Connection:

Please note: before you start you must make sure that all the Yealink CP960’s are on the same subnet.

From the CP960 that you want to be the Master unit go to > Settings > Advanced Settings (default password: admin) > CP Star Connection > Create Group (this will generate a random four digit pin)

Now from the slave units go to > Settings > Advanced Settings > CP Star Connection > Search Group (this will automatically find the Master unit if they are on the same subnet) > once it finds the Master unit click > Join > enter the four digit pin displayed on the Master unit > OK.

The Slave units will then reboot into slave mode as shown below:

Once the slave units have rebooted you will be presented with a message on both units as per below:

Once all the Slave units have rebooted and you have confirmed by pressing ‘OK‘ you can then ‘Stop Broadcast‘ on the Master unit.

You have now successfully setup Yealink CP Star Connection.

If you have any issues with any of the above please contact or call 01484840048 option 2 for support.

How to raise an Adoption in ProSys Phone Management

If you want to manage a phone that was not bought through ProVu don’t worry, you can still manage the phone by using our portal, here is how to raise an adoption in ProSys:

On the Prosys dashboard under Management please go to > Manage Adopted Phones:

Then click on Adopt Phones > Enter the Phone Type e.g. Yealink then enter the MAC addresses or serial numbers of the phones you wish to adopt, please see example below:

After this press > Go > then select the Phone Model for each MAC or serial number as per below:

Once this is done you will be presented by the following screen:

We just need to go through our checks before proceeding.

If the phone is redirected elsewhere or if it was originally sold by us but to another re-seller, we may need to contact you.

Once the adoption has been processed at ProVu’s side you should then be able to manage this as you please.

Please note: This service does come at a cost of £2 +VAT per phone.

If you have any problems with raise an adoption in ProSys please contact the support team on 01484840048 option 2 or contact

Adding Provisioning Parameters in ProSys Phone Management

If you are managing phones in ProSys whether that be adoptions or phones bought from ProVu, here is how to add any provisioning parameter onto the phone:

On the ProSys Dashboard locate the phone you wish to add configuration to by either searching for the MAC address or selecting the make and model from ‘List all devices‘ as shown below:

Once you have located the phone you wish to add provisioning to click on ‘View‘ or ‘Alid‘ under ‘Device Details’ as per the image below:

Then select ‘Edit Config‘ or ‘Add Conifig’

Once you are on the configuration page go to > ‘Add Any Setting‘ tab > from here you can add any provisioning parameter you like in the ‘Key‘ and ‘Value‘ fields:

You should be able to find the provisioning parameters for your phone on the administration guide for the make and model.

Once you have found the parameters you wish to provisioning for example ‘Timezone‘ setting for Gigaset


You will enter the following:

Once you have entered the parameter click ‘Save configuration‘ then the next time the phone calls home to our server it should pull down its new setting or you can simple reboot the phone to make it call home faster.

If you have any problems with any of the steps above please contact our support desk, or 01484840048 option 2.

Do you have parking?

Yes, yes we do. Following our recent move to our new warehouse we now have the space to expand for visitor parking! Located just up the road from our main offices, guests visiting ProVu and our sister company, Alliot Technologies can now benefit from this space.

Our visitor parking is very easy to access, after turning on to Crow Lane, take the right (or left) turn onto Savile Street, which is a one way system. You will pass a row of houses on your right and another warehouse on your left, directly across from that warehouse is the ProVu Warehouse and Visitor Parking.

After parking your vehicle simply head out of the gates and turn right. Walk down the Street, cross over Lipscomb Street and Savile Mill, the home of ProVu and Alliot Technologies, is directly in front of you. Upon arrival, please press the intercom on the blue doors to attract the attention of one of our lovely team members and some one will come down to greet you.

If you have any other questions on how to find us please call 01484 840048 or email

Yealink T2x & T4x phones on 3CX – Firmware upgrade issues.

You may have recently noticed that some of your Yealink T2x & T4x series devices in use on your 3CX platform have been telling you that the FW version is no longer supported and you need to upgrade.

Yet when you try and upgrade using the 3CX fw upgrade feature it fails. The phone appears to start the upgrade but then reboots and does not upgrade.

The problem specifically is an earlier FW version that users were prompted to upgrade to.

The version in question is xx.83.0.55.

Something broke FW upgrading in this version and phones that found themselves on this version are no longer able to upgrade directly to the latest recommended 3CX FW version.

The fix for this is to manually upgrade the phones to an intermediary version xx.84.0.35 that fixes the FW upgrade issue.

Worth noting that it should also be possible to provision this upgrade to the phones.

After this upgrade the phones will be able to upgrade normally using the 3CX platform.

Helpfully, 3CX have published some guides on how to do this and where you can find the required FW files.

You can find these guides here…..

If for any reason you are unable to perform this upgrade manually, let us know, and we may be able to assist you in provisioning this upgrade to your devices.

Christmas 2019 Opening and Shipping Times

With Christmas quickly approaching, we would like to share our shipping and opening times over the festive season. This year will be offering delivery options via APC.

Opening times

Day Opening Hours
Christmas Eve 9:00-13:00
Christmas Day Closed
Boxing Day Closed
Friday 27th 10:00-16:00
Monday 30th 10:00-16:00
New Year’s Eve 10:00-16:00
New Year’s Day Closed
Thursday 2nd Jan Open as Usual

Delivery times

Order APC Cut off APC Delivery
23rd December 16:45 24th*/30th December
24th December No Collection 30th December
27th December 15:00 30th December
30th December 15:00 2nd January
31st December No collection 2nd January*
2nd January 16:45 3rd January

*For Delivery on Christmas Eve, you will need to select an AM priority service. No deliveries will be made to addresses in Scotland on 2nd January due to public bank holiday.

For customers wishing to book with DPD, please be aware that the last collection date before Christmas will be the 23rd December. Orders collected on this date will be delivered on the 27th December, the next available collection date after this will be 2nd January.

If you or your customers’ premises will be closing over the Christmas period, let us know and we can adjust the shipping dates of your orders accordingly – this will help to avoid any unnecessary delays that may be caused by attempted deliveries while you’re closed.

Please note: Throughout the Christmas period, we will be operating a ‘best endeavour service’, therefore collection and delivery times may vary. If it is important that your orders are received on a specific day we would recommend considering a priority service – please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

Treat yourself this Christmas

Christmas has come early this year! The folks over at Sennheiser are offering you an incredible deal, whereby Provu Resellers can save a massive up to 50% off RRP on all of our Sennheiser headphones/headsets! So whether you fancy bagging yourself a new headset or are looking to upgrade your employees kit, upgrade your audio with the gift of Sennheiser. Contact us to place your order.