How to Select the Best Yealink Wireless Headset

In case you missed it, Yealink has recently launched the WH6X Series, these multi functional wireless headsets are an incredible addition to any office environment. But how do you decide?

Which Yealink device is right for me?

The WH6X series offers you a multitude of functions from noise cancelling in a busy office environment, to giving a visual indication of being on a call via the built in busy light, and even call management via an intuitive touch screen. What’s more all the headsets are compatible with Microsoft Teams!

The Yealink WH6X series offers something for everyone. Whether that be the well connected home working nomad or the in and out of office, on the go business professional.

WH62 WH66 WH67

Yealink WH6X Series

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Introducing the New G.Fast Range from DrayTek!

Introducing the latest routers from DrayTek!Introducing the latest routers from DrayTek! The Vigor 2766 & 2866 Series come G.Fast ready making it easy to adapt to the newest technology ahead of the switch over. Get faster, more adaptable broadband connection than ever before with the latest from DrayTek!

Vigor 2766 Series
A small compact G.Fast ready router perfect for small offices or home working. Featuring DrayTek’s advanced firewall and content filtering, as well as 2 VPN tunnels for fast and secure home working. The Vigor 2766 is also available as an ‘ac’ model.

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Vigor 2866 Series
A more robust and larger model, the Vigor 2866 offers users a G.Fast ready router with 5+1 Gigabit LAN ports as well as 32 LAN-to-LAN VPN Tunnels. Ideal for home offices, small businesss and satellite offices the Vigor 2866 provides a reliable, flexible and secure network solution. Also available as ‘Lac’ and ‘ac’ models.

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What is G.Fast?
If you didn’t already know, G.Fast is the latest and fastest broadband service currently available. G.Fast improves on the current FTTC meaning end users can achieve speeds of up to four times faster than traditional FTTC broadband.

Still not convinced?
Draytek’s newest routers are backwards compatible, making them suitable for use with ADSL/VDSL connections as well as the new G.Fast connections. Even if your customers aren’t yet using G.Fast, why not future proof your solutions and avoid the need for further investment in the future.

We currently have good stock levels available of DrayTek’s latest and greatest and where there are shortages, our team are on hand to recommend the best alternatives to ensure your business continuity.

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Available while stock lasts, save up to 15% on DrayTek’s Vigor AP 1000C models. But hurry, this exclusive offer won’t last for ever!

Discover the DrayTek Vigor AP 1000C

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Stock Shortages? We’ve Got Your Back

Don’t Suffer in silence! While the ongoing global components shortage continues to impact the availability of certain stock lines, our expert team is on hand to help recommend the best alternatives for a fast turnaround.

We have been working closely with our Vendor partners to minimise disruption as best we can and continue bringing you the very best products. While we continue to hold good stock levels for many products, our team are on hand to help you source the best alternatives available should stock levels be low. Who knows you may find a product that works better for you than what you originally asked for! Our team has an extensive knowledge of all of our products and can direct you to alternative options, some of which you may never have thought about before.

Here to Help You

Online Training
Access comprehensive online training from our award winning technical support team on leading brands such as 3CX, Sangoma, 2N, Snom and Gigaset.
Pre & Post Sales support
Speak to our knowledgeable sales team for both pre and post sales support and make sure you are getting the very best products for your customers.
Sign up and join ProSys, our online portal where you can keep track of all your orders, check stock availability and pricing, as well as set up device provisioning.

Whatever your requirements, we’ve got your back.

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New Products added to Fanvil’s Demo Kit Program

You might have seen our latest NFR Demo Kit program we are running in partnership with Fanvil, but did you know that as part of this incredible offer, Fanvil have added the brand new intercoms, access points and paging gateway? Available until the 31st December 2021 you can purchase up to two bundles to try out and explore Fanvil’s incredible devices at a reduced price!

Now you can get the new i12, i56A and i53W intercoms as well as the PA2S access control units & paging gateway at a discounted price!

Save up to 55% off the RRP across the selected Fanvil bundles, including office and hotel phones. Introducing you to the X3U, X4U, X5U, X6U, X7A, H3W & H5W. There is no better time to try out Fanvil!

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3..2..1..! 2N On Air is back!

Live in…3 …2… 1! 2N On Air is back with another outstanding webinar to give you useful insights into the secrets of 2N’s most successful customers. This On Air event looks at how to integrate 2N with leading systems including Genetec, Crestron and Carson. Streaming live on Thursday 23rd September from 2pm till 4pm you won’t want to miss out!

What can you expect?

  • Introduction of complex integration with the Genetec system
  • Connecting to a home automation solution from Crestron
  • A demo of integration with Carson’s mobile app
  • An explanation of the connection between KNX and 2N
  • The integration options of the My2N cloud platform

Let Your Customers Know

What’s more 2N have put together a free Graphics package, especially for you to promote the event to your customers! Want your customers coming back with more projects? Invite them to 2N On Air and let the experts do the hard work. Download your FREE package below.

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Introducing the new Yealink T4U series

Brand new from Yealink! Introducing the newly launched T4U series. Offering an additional option to the T5 series, this new range provide an alternative replacement for the Yealink T4S series. We are offering you an exclusive NFR offer to try out these new devices for yourself at a significantly reduced price*.

Featuring dual USB ports, OPUS Codec support and improved audio quality, the new T4U series take all the physical features users have become familiar with in the T4 series with an enhanced experience. What’s more, there’s a new expansion module to add even more flexibility. The new EXP43 can be used alongside all T4U handsets (minus the T42U) and simply connects by USB.

T4U replaces the T4S series









NFR Offers

Take advantage of significantly reduced prices on these incredible Yealink devices. Including the newly launched T4U series as well as the latest W73P DECT handset.













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*NFR offer excludes the T42U

Expand your legacy with Sangoma Gateways

With the upcoming switch off of ISDN in 2025 and the introduction of SoGEA, a gateway seems to be more relevant than ever before. As a stand alone appliance that converts analogue to SIP, the ability to connect legacy infrastructure with modern VoIP networks saves businesses time and money which is often at the forefront of most savvy business minds.

Sangoma’s Vega Gateways offers users a reliable and secure experience that can integrate into most legacy systems. With the availability of higher quality internet connectivity and the movement to more cloud based operating systems, it is more cost effective for businesses to adapt their legacy infrastructure with Gateways. Especially when those systems have been built up over years and have thousands of endpoints, it’s not practical, cost effective or ecological to throw it all away. With Sangoma Gateway you can join the analogue and digital worlds together.

Need an extra helping hand? Order through us to get additional benefits!

Unsure on how to install gateways into your existing set up? Make the most of ProVu’s pre-sales consultation or post-sales installation services. Alternatively learn how to install gateways and other useful Sangoma products, with Sangoma’s FOC training on the Sangoma university or keep a look out for upcoming training hosted by ProVu.

Annual support contracts

Extended hardware warranties

Remote installation services

Ideal businesses & Industries that will benefit most from Sangoma Gateways:

  • Hotels– Many hotels require telephones in guests rooms but do not wish to invest in the cabling required to bring IP connectivity to each room.
  • Healthcare – Many Hospitals or care homes still maintain analogue telephones for ease of use for patients or residents.
  • Poor IP Connectivity– In many rural areas it is not practical to acquire a broadband connection of sufficient bandwidth to carry SIP calls. Each SIP call typically requires about 100kpbs, so 10 calls takes 1 megabit of bandwidth.
  • Large sites – Such as factories or railways, where long line lengths make using IP impractical, expensive and possibly unreliable.

A Sangoma gateway could solve all these issues and more. Find out more about the Sangoma Gateways and how they can help to expand your legacy.

Explore Sangoma’s Gateways

Gateways to the rescue: Whitepaper

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Register your FREE place for Yealink’s Global Virtual Roadshow 2021!

Get ready for the next part of Yealink’s Global Virtual Roadshow 2021, where Yealink will be joined by Microsoft Teams Specialist, Mohammed Khalifa. Throughout the event, Yealink will be discussing the trends of communication and collaboration under the new hybrid working phase, as well as exploring how to tackle the challenges of the future of work.

Going live on Monday 6th September, you won’t want to miss out. Register for your FREE place today!

What you will learn:

  • Global trends about video conferencing and personal collaboration in hybrid working
  • Insightful opinions from Microsoft & Yealink about the hybrid workplace meeting experience
  • Team and individual challenges in hybrid working
  • Microsoft & Yealink Teams Room Solutions to meet your needs
  • Product introductions from both commercial and technical perspectives
  • Product demos and real-time Q&A
  • A chance to win one of Yealink’s latest products

Yealink X Microsoft Global Virtual Roadshow 2021 – UK&I

Monday, 6th Sept, 2021 | 10:00 AM GMT+1

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Yealink Commercial & Technical Session – UK&I

Wednesday, 15th Sept, 2021 | 10:00 AM GMT+1

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JUST RELEASED: 3CX Virtual Training Courses

3CX Virtual Training - Autumn 2021

We’re excited to share the new dates for our next virtual 3CX training courses with you. These free to attend courses are accredited by 3CX and are designed to equip you with the knowledge required to become a certified partner*. What’s more, our courses are hosted live by our technical experts who are on hand to help you with any questions you may have.

Upcoming 3CX Virtual Training Courses

3CX Basic Training

3CX Basic Training - September 2021A great place to start with 3CX or to brush up on your knowledge. Learn about the basic concepts of getting 3CX up and running and develop techniques for basic troubleshooting.

Find Out More & Register

3CX Intermediate Training

3CX Intermediate Training - October 2021Covering some of the more advance, complex configuration options within 3CX, this course is ideal for those who have already completed the basic certification.

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Registration is free, simply complete our sign up form to virtually be there! To become an accredited 3CX partner, you will need to sit the relevant exam on the 3CX portal. You will need to first complete the basic course in order to take the intermediate certification.

Get your excusive NFR offer with the NEW Yealink W73P!

Discover the next generation in DECT solutions with the Yealink W73P! An advanced, modern single cell DECT solution made up of the W73H Handset and the W73B Base station. Ideal for small and medium sized businesses that are looking to increase their communication flexibility and mobility. The newly designed W73H handsets are built to be comfortable in hand and small enough to be carried on person with a handy belt clip. Making the W73P bundle perfect for the on the go worker with an impressive 50m indoors and up to 300m outdoors, including a integrated alarm button and extended battery life.

Key Features include:

  • Supports up to 10 DECT cordless handsets
  • Supports up to 20 simultaneous calls (2 calls per handset)
  • Compatible with the W73H, W76H, W59R, CP935W, DDPhone (T54W + DD10K) additional handsets
  • Increase range with up to 6 DECT repeaters per base station
  • Up to 35-hour talk time
  • Handset range: 50 metres indoor, 300 metres outdoor
NFR Offer

What’s more you can now try out the W73P for yourself with our exclusive NFR discount!* Order today and try out Yealink’s latest DECT solution.

Explore the W73P

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*NFR offer limited to one per company, available until the end of September 2021