Elevate Your Networks: NEW TP-Link Devices & Provisioning

NEW TP-Link Devices & Provsioning now available from ProVu

Elevate your networks with our NEW TP-Link devices and provisioning service! Discover how we can enhance your offering with our latest updates.

Meet the Devices…

HC220 Access Point

HX220 Access Point

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Guarantee WiFi everywhere with the TP-Link HC220 and HX220 mesh WiFi extender access points. Simply pair with a compatible router to combat any potential WiFi blackspots.

  • VR120v-V2 + HC220
  • VX230v + HX220

With an in-built switch, these neat devices can also be a great solution to minimise unnecessary cabling for home workers. Simply connect computers or IP desk phones to the AP and say goodbye to the cable running up the stairs!

TP-Link VR120v-V2
A WiFi 5 compatible router, packed with powerful features suited to most ISP’s requirements. Compatible with ADSL/VDSL/SoGEA and FTTP connections, it has 1 FXS port, ideal for connecting an analogue handset.

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TP-Link VX230v

A WiFi 6 compatible router, ideal for those looking for a device capable for handling faster WiFi speeds. It’s a great option for users who may be utilising streaming services. With support for FTTP, FTTC and SoGEA lines, this device also features 1 FXS port for the connection of an analogue handset.

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Openreach-MCT Approved

And it gets better! These routers are Openreach-MCT approved giving you peace of mind that they meet the specific standards and comply with Openreach’s requirements.

Plug & Play Devices Now Available!

Our team have been hard at work developing our servers to support TP-Link provisioning. We’re excited to share this service is now available on both the VR120v-V2 and VX230v routers. Simplify your deployments. For just £6.00 per device, we can provision your devices to work out-of-the-box. Whether you’re looking to configure a VDSL or FTTP connection, we can help.

Contact us today to set up your provisioning template so it’s ready to apply to your selected orders going forward.

Let us simplify your deployments today. Call us on 01484 840048 or email contact@provu.co.uk to speak with one of our experts about your networking requirements.

Marketing the Switch off? We’ve Done it For You!

Your business is ready for the impending ISDN switch off, but what about your customers? With the transition rapidly approaching, we want to ensure that you and your customers are fully informed and equipped to navigate this coming change. That’s why we have put together FREE marketing materials for you to use.

With the ISDN switch off right around the corner, it’s crucial that your customers are aware of this transition. Many may be unaware that this shift is even happening, or the different types of equipment it may affect; that’s why we stepped up to help. We have curated a set of free marketing materials to help you educate your customers and simultaneously enhance your business prospects.

With our exclusive marketing collateral, tailored to make the ISDN switch off understandable for your clients. We welcome you to download and use, or even adapt these resources, to raise awareness and maximise your opportunities.

Accessing these valuable materials is quick and easy. Simply log in to ProSys to gain entry to your complimentary collateral package. This can be found under the new ‘Marketing Dashboard’ at the bottom right of the ProSys homepage. This package includes white-label PDFs designed for various verticals, eye-catching social media banners, and an engaging video that simplifies the concept of the ISDN switch off.

Get started on ProSys

Watch our quick video on how to get access to your free marketing collateral

Let us help
You will need to edit the white-label documents to include your own contact information. If you have any trouble or are unable to edit these documents yourself. Please feel free to get in touch with us; we are more than happy to help.

Don’t have a ProSys Account? Sign up today!
Simply complete our short account request form to access your free ProSys account. Benefit from access to the free ISDN switch off material as well as a wealth of extra features including online ordering, device management* & more!

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Should you have any questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team, simply call 01484 840048 or email contact@provu.co.uk.

*ProSys Management is available for a small monthly charge.

Add Provisioning URL to Technicolor Router

If you have recently adopted a Technicolor router on to Prosys then you will need to follow the below steps to get your router up and running on our provisioning server.

If you are adopting a DGA0122 then you will need to download this specific firmware version here.

Step 1:

Login to the web interface of your Technicolor router using the Engineer details below:

Username = engineer

Password = (Access key found on the back of the router)

If router model isn’t a DGA0122 then skip the next 2 steps and go to Step 4.

Step 2:

Once logged in go to System Info > Configuration tab > Local Upgrade > Choose File > Upgrade as shown below:

Step 3:

Once the upgrade has been completed you will need to factory reset the router by logging back in as engineer and going to > System Info > Configuration tab > and click Reset.

Step 4:

Time to put our provisioning URL into the router.

Once logged in as engineer go to CWMP, this will take you to the TR069 page.

In the ACS URL field enter your provisioning server URL and then click save and your done.

If you have any issues please either email support@provu.co.uk or call 01484840048 option 2 for support.

Fanvil’s Get 1 FREE Big Promo!

Get ready for an exciting opportunity that’s too good to miss! From now until 31st October, we’re giving you the opportunity to receive a free Fanvil device! Ideal for any projects you may be working on, this amazing offer enables you to secure a free device for every 9 handsets you purchase. Enjoy cutting-edge devices and unbeatable value across the X3U, X4U, X6U, X7C, and V65 models.











Explore the diverse range of featured models, each equipped with top-of-the-line features to meet your unique communication needs. From the efficiency of the X3U, to the power-packed performance of the V65, you have a multitude of choices at your fingertips.

But hurry, this promotion is valid until October 31st. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Place your order today

Take advantage of the new Fanvil NFR offer

Experience incredible savings with our exclusive NFR offer! Try before you take advantage of the big promotion and heighten your communication capabilities with a dynamic trio – the V65, V67, and i62 – all available at an astounding 60% off the RRP NFR offer. This limited-time offer allows you to harness the power of these advanced devices for a fraction of the cost. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal! Act fast, as this offer is valid until December 31st 2023.




To learn more or to place an order, reach out to our dedicated sales team at 01484 840048 or contact@provu.co.uk or place your orders directly on ProSys.

*There are no limitations on the number of free devices available. Order must be made up of the same devices i.e. if you purchase 9 X3U’s, you will receive an additional X3U free of charge.

**NFR Offer – Only one of each device is available to be purchased per company.

Gigaset’s New Bundle of Joy Promo

We’re thrilled to present an exclusive opportunity to transform your customer’s communication experience – introducing the Gigaset Bundle of Joy Promotion! Elevate your connectivity game with the ultimate combination of an N670 IP base station and 2 R650H handsets, all at an unbeatable price. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal, available until October 31st 2023.

Explore the N670 IP & R650H Handsets

1 X N670 IP Base Station

2 X R650H Handsets

  • Supports up to 20 users (increase to 250 via license)
  • Single cell system, upgradable with licenses
  • Supports up to 8 simultaneous calls
  • Zero-touch configuration via auto-provisioning
  • Large 1.8″ TFT display
  • IP65 dust & water resistant
  • Vibration & flashing alerts
  • Handsfree and 2.5mm headset connection
  • Phonebook up to 200 entries

Explore the N670IP

Explore the R650H

Seamless Connectivity

The N670 IP Base Station offers seamless connectivity for crystal-clear communication. Experience exceptional voice quality and reliability, ensuring conversations are always top-notch.

Exceptional Mobility

Whether you’re looking to create a simple single cell solution, or a future-proof package which can be scaled to accommodate up to 20,000 handsets**, this bundle can be scaled as your customers’ business grows. With support for the S650H, SL750H and Maxwell C handsets too, it can be adapted to suit each individual user requirements.

Unmatched Value

This bundle offers exceptional value for an advanced communication setup. Equip workspaces with state-of-the-art devices without breaking the bank.

To take advantage of this limited time offer simply place your order on ProSys using the product code N670IPR650H-2. To learn more about the Gigaset bundle, reach out to our dedicated team at 01484 840048 or contact@provu.co.uk.

*Offer ends October 31st 2023.

*There is no limit on the number of bundles that can be purchased.

Don’t Be Ignored

Are you on the hunt for a cutting-edge IP PoE speaker solution that seamlessly integrates into your communication ecosystem? Look no further, because Algo has your back with the finest selection of wideband HD audio PoE speakers and audio & visual alerters. Our comprehensive range offers a solution for every need, including voice paging, emergency audio/visual alerting, and much more. Your important messages are about to become impossible to ignore.

What Sets Algo Apart?

  • Wide Range of Applications: Algo’s solutions cater to diverse applications, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.
  • Voice Paging and Emergency Alerting: Ensure that your critical messages resonate effectively with voice paging and emergency audio/visual alerts.
  • Compatibility with VoIP Systems: Algo devices seamlessly integrate with most hosted and cloud-based VoIP systems, offering you a flexible solution.
And the best news? All Algo devices are now Teams compatible! This integration ensures that your communication infrastructure aligns seamlessly with your modern workspace requirements.

Algo Speakers

Algo 1186

Algo 8188

Algo 8186

Algo 8189

Algo Alerters

Algo 8180

Algo 8138

Algo Paging Adaptor

Already have analogue speakers? We’ve got you covered! If you’re currently using analogue speakers, Algo has a solution that saves both time and money. The IP paging adaptor enables you to effortlessly integrate your existing equipment into our cutting-edge IP ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to optimise your current setup or embark on a new communication journey, Algo provides the ideal solution.

Algo 8301

Are You Ready?

With the ISDN/PSTN Switch off looming your customers may be focused on getting the obvious phones and door entry upgraded or adapted, but many may not have thought about paging and alarm systems. Anything connected to older analogue systems won’t work post switch off, we’re here to help you ease the transition for your customers.

Speak to a member of our team today to find out more about our services and how we can help you offer an all-IP solution.

Explore the Algo Range!

Need a hand?

Benefit from our 20+ years of experience and let our technical sales & support teams help build your ideal all-in-one solution or advise on the best ways to integrate Algo devices into existing setups.

Get in touch with our team, call 01484 840048 or email contact@provu.co.uk.

The Power of ProSys

You may have seen our reseller portal ProSys, but did you know it can do a lot more than just place orders and check stock? With a range of exceptional features and benefits, ProSys gives you access to a suite of tools tailored to streamline your operations and enhance your customer’s experience.

Explore the Remarkable Features and Benefits of ProSys:

Simplified Order Placement:
ProSys Ordering provides you with a swift and convenient method for placing orders directly onto the ProVu despatch system, which can be conveniently drop-shipped next-day directly to your customer. You can even add additions like branded despatch notes, marketing flyers and more. Enjoy a seamless ordering process, reduced shipping charges and no minimum order quantity, ensuring your orders are processed efficiently and with ease.
Seamless Deployment:
With Automatic Provisioning, you can set up personalised provisioning templates, and ship hardware directly to your customers. Upon connection, devices will work automatically straight out of the box. Say goodbye to complex setup processes and welcome a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers. We can even provision specific settings such as BLF keys for you, simplifying the process even further.
Complete Device Control:
By registering phones/routers to the ProSys provisioning platform, you unlock the power of ProSys Management. This tool enables your support staff to have a comprehensive view of your entire deployment of phones and routers. Enjoy features such as:
  • Monitoring deployed devices
  • Efficient search capabilities based on MAC address, extension numbers (phones), or PPP user details (routers)
  • Easy editing of settings, including SIP usernames, passwords, and basic configurations
  • Customisation of TR-069 enabled settings in deployed routers
  • Flexible configuration settings editing for deployed phones
  • Controlled firmware upgrades to ensure stability
  • Detailed device status and error logs
  • Maintaining a record of firmware updates

We can also adopt devices that have been purchased elsewhere. Simply submit an adoption request inside ProSys Management for it to be added to your management profile. Don’t have an account? Sign up today!

*router management currently available on DrayTek and Techicolor routers

Seamless Integration:
ProSys Integration tools empower you to sync vital information such as real-time pricing, stock availability, images, and datasheets for all the products we supply directly to your website or customer portal. Utilising our API tool enables your customers to place orders via your website, without the need for staff interaction and can be done outside of working hours. Seamlessly feeding into our system where we can drop-ship the order direct to the customer site.

Use one or all the tools ProSys offers at your leisure for whichever part of your business you need us, get started with ProSys today! With access to a range of tools and benefits including our new free marketing collateral, available exclusively to ProSys users.

Find out more about ProSys

Get started with ProSys

Eager to hear more?
Register today for our upcoming webinar on 3rd October when Senior Technical Sales Executive, Jason Pryke and Senior Technical Support Engineer, Jordan Carr will be sharing the key benefits and features of ProSys and giving you the latest updates which our development team have been hard at work to make your life just that little bit easier. We hope you can join us!

Find Out More & Register

Got an idea or can’t see the tool that you need?

We are continuously striving to enhance our services and ensure that you receive maximum benefits from ProSys. Please feel free to contact our team if you feel that there is something missing from ProSys that could help your business. We are open to your suggestions and ideas, be it a new tool or service that can bring more value to your business.

At ProVu, our mission is to provide you with tools that enhance your efficiency and customer satisfaction. Sign up for ProSys today or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our dedicated team at 01484 840048 or email contact@provu.co.uk.

Save up to 15% on Yealink Devices!

Don’t miss out on Yealink’s unmissable SIP promotion, offering you the chance to unlock remarkable savings of up to 15%* on an extensive range of cutting-edge Yealink SIP devices. Act now and seize this opportunity to elevate your customers’ communication experience before the offer expires on December 31st 2023.

With over 20 devices available at incredible prices with a discount between 5% and 15%, it’s an offer too good to resist!

T5 Series of Business Phones

Redefine your next-gen personal collaboration experience with the advanced T5 series. Experience unparalleled performance and functionality designed to enhance your business communications.

T57W T54W T53/T53W

T4 Series of IP Phones

Step into the world of modern voice communications with the T4 series. These devices combine sophistication with user-friendly features, ensuring seamless communication.

T48U T46U T43U T42U

T3 Series of IP Phones

Explore the classic entry-level business IP phone with the T3 series. Enjoy reliable communication solutions tailored to meet your essential business needs.

T33G T31P

DECT Phone Systems

Embrace wireless freedom with the Yealink DECT phone systems. Experience enhanced mobility without compromising on call quality or connectivity.

W79P W77P W76P W73P

DECT Handsets

Expand your DECT phone systems effortlessly with additional handsets. Stay connected and productive throughout your workspace with ease.

W59R W57R W56H W73H

Cordless DECT IP Multi-Cell Systems

Take your DECT system to new heights with Cordless DECT IP multicell systems. Enjoy seamless roaming and communication across a wider range.


Conference Phones

Experience state-of-the-art audio conferencing with Yealink’s conference phones. Elevate your meetings with top-notch audio quality and collaboration features.

CP925 CP965

To take advantage of this promotion, get in touch with our dedicated team at 01484 840048 or contact@provu.co.uk. Alternatively, you can check pricing and place your order on ProSys. Our expert team are ready to assist you in selecting the perfect Yealink solutions tailored to your customers’ unique requirements.

  • No limit to number of devices that can be purchased, discounted prices available between 5% and 15%
  • Promotion ends 31st December

Ensuring Uninterrupted Security: The Power of UPS for Your Building

We understand that ensuring the security of your customers’ premises is a top priority, and disruptions caused by power outages or tampering can pose serious challenges. Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) offer a powerful solution that not only keep your security systems active during power interruptions but also ensures your peace of mind with easy installation.

Think about this!

A power cut in the dead of night or someone tampering with your customers’ building power connection could happen anytime. In these crucial moments, the UPS steps in, seamlessly taking over to keep security features up and running. This means that surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarms continue to function without interruption. Offering a failsafe solution to ensure that security remains steadfast, regardless of external factors.

Discover the PowerWalker Range

The distinct benefits of integrating UPS for security purposes include:

Continuous Surveillance

Maintain an unblinking eye on your premises, day and night, even during power outages.

Reliable Access Control

Ensure that your access control systems remain operational, granting authorised personnel secure entry.

Instant Alerts

Receive alerts and notifications without disruption, so you can respond to potential threats in real time.

Comprehensive Protection

Safeguard your assets, personnel, and sensitive data by maintaining an unbroken security shield.

Finding the Right Fit

Our UPS solutions are tailored to fit your unique security needs, providing your customers with a robust defence against unforeseen disruptions. Experience uninterrupted security coverage with the power of UPS.

To learn more about how UPS can bolster your security strategy, contact our experts at 01484 840048 or contact@provu.co.uk. We’re here to provide you with the solutions you need to keep your customers’ premises safe, secure, and protected, no matter the circumstances.

*The UPS devices we currently offer are suitable for low power devices. For connecting devices with a larger power consumption, please speak with a member of our team.

Get Switch Off Ready With Sangoma

Did you know Sangoma offer a full portfolio of solutions to enable you to be switch off ready?

It’s the biggest and most important modernisation of the public phone network ever, and you need to ACT NOW to ensure a smooth transition.

Get Switch Off Ready with Sangoma

In light of this, many users are faced with two options:

  • Upgrade your entire system
  • Adapt what you already have

It’s reported that 58%* of UK businesses are concerned that the cost-of-living crisis will negatively impact future communications investment. But with Sangoma VoIP gateways, you can simply adapt what you have.

Adapt What You Have – Gateways

Sangoma Gateways Extend the life of your current phone system by connecting it to the internet with a VoIP gateway. This is an easy, affordable option for those looking to adapt existing equipment such as telephones, alarm systems, lift/elevator equipment, EPOS machines, door entry and access control.

Explore Sangoma Vega Gateways

Adapt What You Have – SBCs

Sangoma Session Border Controllers Cyber Security is crucial in protecting business communications. With Sangoma’s hybrid SBCs, you can offer an all-in-one solution. Incorporating security features such as VoIP protection, Call Routing and Quality of Service to protect your network with a gateway in one device, SBCs allow you to securely adapt your existing devices.

Explore Sangoma’s SBC Range

To learn more about how ProVu and Sangoma can help you prepare for the switch off, simply call 01484 840048 or email contact@provu.co.uk.