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We’re thrilled to announce we will be back at the NEC next month for Channel Live 2024. We can’t wait to welcome you to stand D30 where we’ll be joined by our incredible vendor partners, showcasing the latest and greatest products on offer. First up on the ProVu mainstage is Snom. We invite you to join us and discover Snom’s latest hospitality range plus the hotly anticipated M500 series which offers a great solution for those looking to prepare for the ISDN switch off. Don’t miss out – register today for your free tickets and join us for what promises to be an incredible event!

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Some of Snom’s great devices on display…





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Upcoming Events & Webinars: Don’t Miss Out!

We wanted to share with you some key dates and events that are on the horizon for the coming weeks. Designed to provide valuable insights and updates on the latest in technology and telecommunications.

Yealink Webinar – 15th Feb 2024

Join us for a not-to-be-missed webinar hosted by our Sales Director, Anna Maria Marzec-Smith, on February 15th. This session will offer an exclusive look into Yealink’s latest range of products, tailored for the post-ISDN era. It’s your last chance to register, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

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Technology Reseller Awards – 26th April 2024

For those who have already cast their vote, we extend our heartfelt thanks. If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to support us in the Technology Reseller Awards for the “Hardware Distributor of the Year” category. Your vote is not just a nod to our products and services but a significant boost to the morale of our dedicated team.

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Channel Live – 20th – 21st March 2024

Grab your FREE tickets for one of the channel’s biggest events of the year Channel Live! Where we will be exhibiting alongside our Vendor Partners on stand D30. Secure your tickets now and prepare for two days of networking, learning, and collaboration.

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Fanvil Webinar – 6th March 2024

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Fanvil Webinar on March 6th. This session will delve into Fanvil’s newest devices and what’s on the horizon for Fanvil in 2024. It’s a great opportunity to get firsthand information on their innovative offerings.

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3CX Drop in session – 7th March 2024

Don’t miss out on our monthly 3CX Drop-in Sessions, led by our 3CX expert, Jason Pryke. These sessions are designed to explore various topics related to the latest updates and new features of 3CX. It’s a perfect platform for support, guidance, and answers to any questions you may have on the topic.

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Transform Power into Profit…

The energy market offers a huge potential to the Channel. We’re here to help you realise that potential and get ahead of your competitors. Imagine enhancing your bottom line significantly. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, as this could very well be within your reach.

Why Energy? Why Now?

The energy crisis, fuelled by geopolitical tensions, is cranking up energy prices, and businesses are scrambling to trim down their ballooning operating costs. By integrating energy solutions into your offerings, you’re not just selling; you’re solving a critical pain point for businesses grappling with soaring costs. We’re talking about selling smarter, cost-saving solutions, not just selling energy.

The Impact is Clear

By partnering with Fidelity, you get access to over 25 energy providers. This isn’t about throwing darts in the dark; it’s about precision—matching your customers with the perfect energy solution that meets their needs and budget. The result? A substantial impact on your earnings, supported by a high rate of customer continuation, which underscores the transformative effect this can have on your business.

How to Energise Your Earning Potential

Simplicity Meets Efficacy

Forget the complexity often associated with new ventures. This is as straightforward as it gets. Provide Fidelity Energy with an energy bill, and watch as they transform it into a recurring revenue stream that’s as effortless as it is lucrative. The beauty of this opportunity lies in its simplicity and the sheer impact it can have on your bottom line and your customers’ satisfaction.

A Portfolio Reimagined

Make use of a suite of solutions designed not just to save costs but to redefine energy consumption for businesses:

This is more than a service; it’s a partnership that positions you as a market leader with access to preferential pricing from many trusted suppliers, and approval to supply to the Public Sector through the DPS framework. It’s a comprehensive approach that ensures you and your customers come out on top.

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How to Position Energy within your Portfolio – Telecoms Resellers & ITSPs

So, What Are You Waiting For

It’s time to pivot, profit, and propel your business into a future where you’re not just participating in the market—you’re leading it. Reach out today to explore how you can start reaping the benefits of adding energy to your portfolio. Call us at 01484 840048 or send an email to

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ProVu have been nominated for Hardware Distributor of the Year in the 2024 Technology Reseller Awards and WE NEED YOUR HELP TO BRING HOME THE WIN!

Have we made your day brighter? Impressed you with our tech wizardry or our range of products and services? If you’ve loved any bit of what we do, we’d be over the moon if you could take a moment to vote for us.

Here’s the info:

  • Voting Closes: Friday, 26th April 2024
  • Winner Announcement: The awards ceremony will take place in London on 23rd May 2024.

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Winning the Hardware Distributor of the Year award is not just a milestone for us but a recognition of the trust and relationships we’ve built with you – our valued partners and customers. This award signifies excellence driven by your endorsement, making it all the more meaningful.

So, can we count on you? It’ll be quick, we promise, and every single vote brings us closer to that trophy.

Thanks a million and fingers crossed,

The ProVu Team

3CX Monthly Drop-In Session – V20 Update

We are pleased to announce our next 3CX Drop-In session on the newly released V20 of 3CX, scheduled for Thursday, 8th February. This session is designed to provide vital insights into the recent changes and the future roadmap of 3CX in 2024.

Join Jason Pryke, our Senior Technical Sales Executive, who will lead the discussion on the functionalities and enhancements encompassed in the new 3CX version 20. This is a unique opportunity to gain expert advice on optimising your systems in readiness for the update.

Key Agenda: V20 Update

  • API Improvements
  • Reporting Improvements
  • Transcription Improvements
  • Troubleshooting
  • 2FA
  • 3CX Roadmap
  • Q&A

This session will equip you with the necessary knowledge and strategies to embrace the future of 3CX effectively and how you can benefit from the latest improvements.

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Got a topic you’d like to learn more about? Let us know! These drop-in sessions are an opportunity for you to access the information you need. Simply complete our topic suggestion form to help shape the focus of our future sessions*.

We hope to see you online soon!

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Get a 5% discount on any Snom or Fanvil handsets when purchased with a new or renewed license with ProVu! Find out more about our one-stop shop for 3CX.

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Looking to find the best hardware option for your 3CX installations? Our team are on hand to help you with your fulfilments. Speak with a member of our team today to make the most of our one-stop shop. Call us on: 01484 840048 or email

Mini & Mighty! The New Mylion Mini UPS

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Mylion Mini UPS. A cutting-edge solution designed to ensure that your customers’ essential devices are always powered up, no matter the circumstances. This small, compact, yet mighty UPS can be conveniently connected to devices, serving as a reliable alternative power supply during power outages. With OFCOM’s guidelines emphasising the need for adequate support for vulnerable users and services, there’s never been a better time to ensure compliance. What’s more, we’ve bundled it with a neat adapter kit making it easy for you to connect ANY device.

Why Choose Mylion Mini UPS?

The Mylion Mini UPS is not just another battery backup; it’s a trusted companion in keeping your customers devices running without interruption. Ideal for a variety of devices, including WiFi Routers, IP Phones, Access Control Units, CCTV Cameras and Smart Home Monitors, this compact yet powerful Uninterruptible Power Supply is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their device reliability.

Explore the MU68W Mini UPS

Key Features:


Equipped with a durable Li-ion battery for extended use.

Backup Time:

Offers up to 4 hours of consistent operation*.


Includes an anti-fire case and temperature protection for enhanced device safety.


Rigorously tested and certified by CE, FCC, and UL for your confidence and peace of mind.

Always Connected:

Bid farewell to the hassles of power outages. The Mylion Mini UPS automatically shifts from AC to UPS power, providing uninterrupted operation of your devices. It features a certified lithium-ion battery and a smart protection system that activates at temperatures above 70°C, all encased in a robust, fire-resistant casing.

Wide Application:

The Mylion Mini UPS is suitable for a vast array of applications, whether it’s for ensuring home security, supporting vulnerable users as per OFCOM’s guidelines, maintaining constant connectivity for home workers, or powering personal electronics. Using the connected devices 12v power supply to power and charge the Mini UPS, the UPS acts as a bridge between your device and the power supply.  We also provide additional cable lengths and a DC adaptor bundle, ensuring that any device can benefit from the Mylion Mini UPS.

Ready to Stay Powered?

Avoid the inconvenience of power outages. Order your Mylion Mini UPS today and stay both powered and in line with Ofcom regulations. To place your order, simply contact our experts at 01484 840048 or

*The UPS devices we currently offer are suitable for low power devices. For connecting devices with a larger power consumption, please speak with a member of our team.

Stand out as a 2N Certified Installer!

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Become a Certified 2N Installer (CIP) and master everything needed to sell, configure, and install 2N’s leading door entry and access control solutions. It’s now more important than ever to enhance your team’s skills. With the ISDN switch-off on the horizon, we want you to be able to seize every opportunity by offering a comprehensive one-stop shop. For customers seeking simplicity and efficiency, this could be the key to winning more projects.

What Sets the Certified Installer Program Apart?

Join the CIP and gain official certification in installing and configuring 2N products, opening doors to an expanded sales network.

The CIP presents two tiers of partnership – Certified and Certified Elite. Each level comes with its own set of unique benefits and prerequisites, tailored to elevate your professional standing.

  • Certified Installer Course Requirements: 2 technicians need to obtain the 2N Academy BASIC certificate. This process consists of completing the 2N BASIC courses and passing the corresponding test.
  • Elite Certified Installer Requirements: 4 technicians need to obtain the 2N Academy BASIC certificate + 2N Academy ADVANCED certificate. To obtain, both certificates participants are required to complete the courses and pass the associated tests.

Benefits of Becoming a 2N CIP Partner

  • Receive leads from 2N.
  • Be listed as a Certified Partner on 2N’s Website.
  • Benefit from prioritised Technical Support.
  • Get discounts on demo kits.
  • And many more advantages!

Best of all it is completely FREE!

How to Become a CIP Partner?

To join this elite group, complete two essential training modules:

1. Technical training at the 2N Academy, acquiring either Basic or Advanced certificates. 2. Commercial and sales training conducted by our expert 2N Sales team.

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Why Wait?

Distinguish yourself in the market and align with a global network of adept 2N installers. Gain not just expertise and confidence but also a comprehensive suite of sales, marketing, and technical benefits.

Keen on making 2024 a landmark year for your business? Register today and step into the role of a 2N Certified Installer with 2N & Provu!

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Check in with Snom’s New Hospitality Range

Exciting news from Snom! The much anticipated H Series has arrived! Tailor-made for the hospitality industry, this new range features something for everyone, from wireless handsets for concierge and valet, to corded handsets for guestrooms; these models are perfect for modern hotel environments looking to futureproof their deployments.

Whether you’re working with worldwide resorts or a small boutique hotel, Snom knows customisation is key to the overall guest experience. The H Series offers users the option to add a customised interface to the devices and offer a fully customisable faceplate enabling you to add hotel branding to the device itself.

Paired with our provisioning service, you can enjoy a seamless installation with items shipped direct to site, ready to plug and play. With the option to apply custom speed dials, this service enables you to easily configure devices to make a direct connection to services such as room service, housekeeping and the front desk.

Check Out the Snom Range

Discover the Range

Explore the HD100

Explore the HD101

Explore the HD350W

Explore the HD351W

Explore the HM201

Key Features:

Sleek Design: Blends seamlessly into any hotel room setting.

Guest-Friendly Features: Speed dialing, hands-free operation, and a mute function for guest convenience and privacy.

Efficient Integration: Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Gigabit Ethernet connection.

Centralised Management: Streamlines hotel operations from integration into PBX systems.

Health & Safety: Antibacterial housing ensures guest safety.

Enhanced Visibility: LED indicators for calls and messages.

Flexible Coverage: HD350, HD351W, and HM201 support up to 4 handsets per base station, ideal for larger suites or connected rooms.

Place your order Today!

Simplify Your Provisioning

Why not let us make your life even easier? With our automatic provisioning service, we can apply your preferred settings to the devices, meaning you can offer a true plug & play service to your customers with minimal effort. Speak with a member of our team today to get started.

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Order yours today on our reseller portal, ProSys. To speak with a member of our team call 01484 840048 or email

Power Up Your Portfolio!

Looking to expand your portfolio in 2024 and offer something truly unique? Imagine earning an extra £3,412* per deal for asking one simple question. It sounds almost too good to be true, right? Let us show you how you can boost your profits by becoming an energy reseller in our upcoming webinar.

WEBINAR: Tuesday 23rd January 2024, 11 am – How To Position Energy Within Your Portfolio

We know it can seem like an odd concept and a little ‘left field’, but we’re here to help. Register for our upcoming webinar when our Sales Director, Anna Maria Marzec-Smith, and Sean Dixon, Sales Director at Fidelity Energy will be sharing details of how to position energy within your portfolio and how you too can improve your bottom line, improve customer retention and enhance your overall offering with minimal effort required. Throughout the webinar, they will provide valuable strategies for approaching your existing customer base and discuss the lucrative returns you could anticipate. Don’t let this chance slip by – register now and start shaping a more prosperous future for your business and customers in 2024.

Save Your Spot!

Minimal Effort, Maximum Returns

All it takes is an energy bill and the Fidelity team will take care of the rest. Help your customers access some of the most cost-efficient tariffs on the market while you can improve your bottom line, improve customer retention, and enhance your offering.

With access to a feature-rich client portal packed with free to use marketing collateral, sales aids and expert advisors on hand, we like to think of the Fidelity Energy team as an extension to yours. They’re there to help you every step of the way.

Spark a Conversation

Let us help you prepare to boost your profits in 2024. Simply get in touch today to get started. Call us on 01484 840048 or email for an impartial discussion on becoming an energy reseller with ProVu & Fidelity Energy.

*£3412 is the commisssion paid on average per customer deal. 81% of customers go on to renew their contracts. Contracts are available exclusively for businesses, end users are not supported.

Big Buttons, Bigger Impact – NEW Fanvil X305

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Fanvil X305, a purpose-built big-button IP phone designed to transform communication experiences for the elderly & vulnerable in nursing homes, hospitals, and any environment requiring a user-friendly interface.

The X305 Big Button IP Phone

3.5″ Colour Display: Ensuring clear and vibrant visuals for an enhanced user experience.

Braille on Number Buttons: Large and tactile buttons with Braille markings for the visually impaired.

Customisable BLF Keys with Pictures: Ideal for those with dementia, allowing recognition through images instead of just names.

Built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: Offering flexibility and connectivity options for various environments.

Supports 433 MHz Wireless Buttons: Providing an additional layer of protection and convenience.

Hearing Aid Compatible: Ensuring inclusivity for users with hearing impairments.

Explore the X305

The Fanvil X305 is not just a big-button phone; it stands out as the perfect solution for fostering inclusive communication among the elderly & vulnerable. With its considerate design and cutting-edge features, the X305 addresses the unique needs of the ageing population.

Moreover, the X305 can be seamlessly paired with the KT10/20 Wireless buttons, providing an additional layer of protection for at-risk users. In light of recent coverage by the BBC on the pause of the switch-off for vulnerable users, this solution addresses many of these challenges at a competitive price point. Contact us today for advice on how we can help you navigate the switch-off and ensure a smooth transition for your customers.

Compatible Wireless Buttons


These external buttons can be configured to alert connected systems to any emergency the user may be facing.

We understand the unique challenges faced by those in care homes and similar environments. The Fanvil X305 offers more than just a big-button solution — it provides a versatile platform for diverse use cases. Whether it’s dual-band built-in Wi-Fi for places that cabling will be difficult or a hazard, built-in Bluetooth for hearing aid connection, or the speakerphone feature for added convenience.

To learn more about the Fanvil X305 and how it can cater to the specific needs of your carehome projects, simply login to ProSys or contact one of our Fanvil experts today at 01484 840048 or via email at to place your order.