Recommended Iphone/Ipad app for Protalk/Fermax Door entry system

Lots of people have been asking us to recommend an app that works with the Protalk/Fermax IP range of door entry systems. Though there are hundreds of them on the Apple store, not all work perfectly with Protalk’s IP door entry system.

Problem :

There are 2 main issues.

1. Multitasking

Multitasking means running an app in the background while the user can do other things. It is important to install/buy an app that supports multitasking if you wish to receive calls when the ipad/iphone is in sleep mode.

2. SIP over TCP support

Apple only ever allows a SIP application to work in the background (multitask) when it supports SIP over TCP. Its just the way they have built IOS(Apple’s operating system). When buying an app to work with a hosted solution or a PBX provider, make sure they support SIP over TCP.


The solution is to use a PBX/Hosted provider which supports SIP over TCP or alternatively buy a SARK200 PBX which, along with offering other benefits, works for both video and audio over the TCP protocol. For for information about SARK 200 please click here.

Recommended Applications :

Audio /Video Application:

There are two applications that we have successfully tested with the Protalk video entry system.

Acrobits Softphone

Audio only applications :

For audio only door entry system you can use :

Bria SIP phone

Please note that ProVu do not develop these applications. If the application crashes or stops working due to an update we cannot be held responsible. You will have to liaise with the company who develop these apps.