Sangoma SBCs Advantages for Hosted Providers

Securing voice traffic in a hosted telephony environment is a core requirement for any business to survive. Consequently it’s important that IP communication is managed and secured properly. Many hosted telephony providers from around the world deal with 100’s of products from different manufacturers, however without interop testing and secure networks, device compatibility can be hard to assess. With Sangoma’s E-SBCs, device interoperability can be simplified as it offers a secure enhancement to hosted VoIP deployments, acting as a medium between devices.

Here’s some of the key features of Sangoma’s SBCs:

  • Encrypt SIP signalling and audio media
  • Remote site VoIP demarcation point
  • Reduce firewall and NAT issues
  • Secondary Registration for Failover to Local Gateway Access
  • Ensure SLA compliance


Ultimately Sangoma’s E-SBCs allow service providers to take advantage of all IP communications
offerings, without compromising security, service quality, reliability and/or availability.

Sangoma offer a range of Enterprise SBCs with support for 5 up to 250 sessions and their carrier
models can handle up to total of 4000 sessions.

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