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Konftel 300Wx

Konftel 300Wx firmware upgrade

When using a Konftel 300Wx with a Gigaset N300IP or N510IP it may be necessary to upgrade the 300Wx to the latest firmware.  If you are having problems making or receiving calls this should sort it.

  1. Go to go the Konftel firmware download page:
  2. Select “Konftel 300Wx” and scroll down to the bottom of the page
  3. Download the latest firmware version for use with SD card.  The version is 1.9.8 at the time of writing
  4. Then download the “DECT module” firmware.  The version of this is 932 at the time of writing
  5. Put both files onto a FAT formatted SD card in the root folder
  6. Insert the SD card into the 300Wx, navigate to the settings menu and select the upgrade mode option
  7. Press and hold the “hold” key on the 300Wx (bottom left of the keypad)
  8. Follow the instructions on screen
  9. Once the firmware image upgrade has completed, go back into “menu” -> “Settings” -> “Upgrade Mode” and this time select DECT
  10. Wait approx 3 minutes for the upgrade to complete
  11. Finally, reboot the 300Wx



How to firmware upgrade a Konftel 300Wx

Below is a step-by-step guide on upgrading a Konftel 300Wx using the SD card method. You will need to download the firmware file found here: and put it in the root of a Fat32 formatted SD card. Once you have done this, follow the steps below:

Power on the device, once it has booted up insert the SD card. Then go to > Settings > Upgrade Mode:


The phone will enter the Firmware upgrade mode and prompt you to run the PC Suite to start the upgrade:


Instead, press the button on the bottom left corner of the phone, the device will then start reading from the SD card:


If the phone finds the upgrade file on the SD card, the screen will display the new firmware version. To start the upgrade, press OK. It will then start “Erasing” the firmware and upgrading to the new version. Do not power it off while the upgrade is in progress.


After it has finished “Erasing” the firmware upgrade is complete, click “Ok” at this message and you have completed the upgrade successfully. Once the unit has rebooted fully you can remove the SD card:


If you are still having problems please contact our support team.

How to set up the Konftel 300Wx with the IP DECT 10

If you have a Konftel 300Wx and an IP DECT 10 and are having problems registering the two, here is a simple step by step guide on how to do so:

1) go to the web interface of the IP DECT 10 > go to the “Server” tab on the left and “add new server” > add the IP address/URL of your pbx to the registrar box and then save.

2) go to the extension tab at the left side and add a new extension by clicking on any of the numbers 1 – 20 in the IDX column> add the extension number, authentication user name and password from your pbx, tick the box at the top right that says add handset and then save.

3) tick the box next to the extension you just added, then click on “start SIP registration” below the extensions table, now go onto the handset tab at the top, next to extensions, click on the IPEI default of 0000000000000 and change “Alarm Line” to the extension number and press save.

4) tick the box next the handset you just added, then click on “Register Handset” under the handset table.

5) on the handset go to menu> settings > DECT > register > press BASE 1, then it says “ENTER PIN CODE” enter “0000”.

6) Device will start searching and should say success on the screen. Now refresh the web interface and the IPEI should have a long digit number instead of 0000000000000. it will now be registered and working.

If you follow the guide above and still have problems, contact our support team.

How to guide – Pairing Konftel 300Wx to an N300IP

The Konftel 300Wx can be paired with a Gigaset N300IP as a gap compatible device. This will allow the Konftel 300Wx to make and receive calls via the N300IP. Please note that the 300Wx does not bridge conference calls and it is unable to transfer calls. The N300IP allows the 300Wx to connect to VoIP and/or a fixed line. Below is a simple setup guide of how to pair the N300IP and 300Wx:

How to put the Konftel 300Wx in to registration (Pairing) mode

1) Power on the Konftel 300Wx

2) Once the device has booted press the settings key (it is a symbol of a cog)

3) Scroll down to “settings” and then press OK

4) Once in the settings section select “DECT”

(Before continuing to the next step, put the N300IP in to registration mode)

5) Once in “DECT” Select “Register” and then choose the base you would like to pair the Konftel 300Wx up to.

6) Once the base has been selected enter the “pin code” and then wait for the Konftel and the N300IP to pair.

(The pin code is what you enter to access the WUI of the base).

How to put the N300IP in to registration (pairing) mode using the WUI

Note – You can also pair the Konftel to the base by holding the pair button on the front of the N300 when the Konftel is in registration mode

1) Power on the N300IP

2) Log in to the web user interface for the N300IP

3) Click the “Settings” tab on the WUI of the N300IP and then select “Management”

4) Under “Management” select “Miscellaneous”

5) On the “Miscellaneous” page select “Start registration”

6) After selecting “Start registration” put the Konftel 300Wx in to register mode.

Number Assignment

1) Once the Konftel has paired to the base, log in to the web user interface of the N300IP

2) Once logged in to the WUI click the “Settings” tab and select “Telephony” and then “Number Assignment”

3) Once the “Number Assignment” page has loaded you can rename the INT slot that the Konftel has been assigned and you can also choose which connection (extension) the Konftel will use to make and receive calls.

IMPORTANT NOTE – In order for the N300IP and Konftel 300Wx to work properly you will need to turn “ECO Mode+” off. (If this setting is turned on, after a while the Konftel 300Wx loses connection to the base)

“Eco Mode+” can be found in “Miscellaneous” on the WUI of the N300IP