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6 Essentials for Remote Working

With an estimated 20 million people in the UK set to be working from home, we are here to support you in ensuring these workers are set up as soon as possible. Together with the resilient cloud solutions now available, we can ensure comms efficiency is maintained across all businesses.

While everyone’s set up will differ, we’ve put together what we think are the most important product sets to keep in mind when assessing your customers’ needs.

PSU/PoE Injector/ Switch

Power Supplies

For those utilising a VoIP phone outside of the office, additional power supplies, PoE injectors or switches may be needed for devices to function, get in touch to discuss what is needed for your solution.

Softphones & Licenses

Softphones & Licenses

Both CounterPath and 3CX offer apps and remote working functionalities as part of their offering. For easy collaboration and conferencing, these licenses can be a fast resolution for those who don’t already have cloud/hosted services in place.



Whether being used with a desk phone or computer/laptop, headsets help to ensure call quality is of optimum clarity. Available with a range of connectivity, we have USB, Bluetooth and long range DECT headsets readily available.

Personal Speakers

Personal Speaker Phones

Products such as the Konftel Ego, Yealink CP900 and Sennheiser | EPOS Speakerphones are excellent personal devices. Simply connect to a compatible desk phone, computer or mobile device to join a conference call with optimal audio and voice quality.

Desk Phones

Desk Phones

Many users are accustomed to using a desk phone, maintaining the same set up at home can be a great way to create some level of normality to workers who are new to home working.

We have the ability to provision the majority of the desk phones we supply, these devices can then be remotely managed from your desk.

WiFi & Cordless phones

WiFi & DECT Phones

For those who don’t have the ability to connect a phone via a network cable, we also have a range of WiFi and DECT handsets available. Users have the option to select either cordless or desktop models to suit their preferred method of working.

With many items now in stock and available for fast delivery, simply contact our team today to discuss your home working requirements.

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Introducing the New Grandstream WP820 WiFi Phone

The new Grandstream WP820 WiFi phone is now available to order from ProVu. Suitable for a wide variety of vertical applications such as retail, logistics, medical and security, this new phone simply connects to WiFi without the need for any additional base stations and offers a low cost solution with a whole host of additional capabilities.

What does the WP820 offer your customers?

Dual Band WiFi
With the WP820, you can rest assured the WiFi connection will not become congested helping to ensure your calls are maintained at all times without interference from other devices.
Bluetooth Connectivity
Thanks to integrated Bluetooth connectivity, the WP820 can be easily connected to Bluetooth headsets offering users flexibility in their device usage.
All Day Connectivity
Users can enjoy all day connectivity with up to 7.5 hours talk time from a single charge.
Panic Button
For added security, the WP820 features a built-in panic button enabling lone workers to send an alert to a pre-selected location in an emergency.

Discover more about the WP820

Configure Door Release Button on Grandstream GXV3275 to work with 2N Helios IP Force

Did you know that you can configure a programmable key on the Grandstream GXV3275 that will allow you to unlock the door via a peer-to-peer call from the 2N Helios IP Force to the Grandstream GXV3275 from the press of a button? Please see the following guide below in order to find out how to do this:

Step 1:
The first step is to start by web browsing to the IP address of the Grandstream GXV3275 using a web browser of your choice e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox.

Step 2:
Providing you have entered the correct IP address, you should see the following page prompting you to login to the web interface of the phone:

If you don’t know the username and password to login, you may need to consult an IT administrator.

Step 3:
Providing you have entered the correct username and password, you should see a few different settings to choose from. You will need to navigate to ‘Account’ using the top navigation bar, then ‘Call Settings’ using the navigation bar to the left hand side.

Step 4:
You will need to scroll down to the ‘Programmable Keys’ section which can be found near the bottom of the interface. You will need to set ‘Key Mode’ to ‘Dial DTMF’ using the drop down list.

Step 5:
For ‘Name’, you will need to enter a suitable name that will be displayed on the door release button on the phone.

Step 6:
For ‘DTMF Content’, you will need to enter the code that is set under ‘Switch Codes’ on the web interface of the 2N Helios IP Force. The default switch code that is set on the IP Force is ’00’.

Step 7:
Because the Grandstream GXV3275 and IP Force are peer-to-peer calling, you won’t need to worry about the ‘Dial DTMF Condition’. The default option should be set to ‘Incoming/Outgoing Call’. You can go ahead and leave that as the selected option.

Step 8:
Once you have configured all of the above options, you can go ahead and hit the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page. You should then be taken to the top of the page prompted to apply the configuration changes.

Firmware/System Version Used:

Grandstream GXV3275 Android Phone: System Version:

2N Helios IP Force: Firmware: