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Goodbye Jablocom, Hello noabe

Specialist GSM phone manufacturer, Jablocom has announced a new direction to their strategy and are now going to be focusing on their cloud managed phone solutions. As part of this, they will be rebranding and as of1st March 2018 will operate under their new name, noabe. The rebranding process will be implemented gradually over the coming months, keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

Discover the Jablocom noabe Range

Jablocom / noabe’s GSM desk phones look and behave like normal office phones, without the need for LAN networking or an internet connection, making them ideal for applications in areas such as building sites, temporary offices and care homes.

Essence GSM Desk Phone

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Raven GSM Desk Phone

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Pricing and stock information can be seen on our online portal, ProSys. To register for a ProSys account please complete our ProSys application form.

Jablocom Essence – Headset Compatibility

Did you know that you can use a headset with the Jablocom Essence phone? We have performed testing using an Eartec 308 monaural headset with a EAR-QD002P which is the compatible bottom cable for the headset with the Essence. Please see the following guide below to find out how to connect and use the headset:

Step 1:

You will need to disconnect the handset curly cable from the phone which is located at the back of the phone.

Step 2:

Connect the EAR-QD002P bottom cable into the RJ9 port where you originally disconnected the handset curly cable from.

Step 3:

You will need to ensure that the Essence is turned on and then navigate to the menu by pressing the key labelled ‘OPTIONS’ on the phone keypad.

Step 4:

Using the arrow keys, scroll down to ‘Settings’, then press the green button to proceed to the next menu.

Step 5:

You will then need to select ‘Phone’ which should be the first option in the menu, then scroll down to ‘Headset active’ option and press the green button.

When an incoming call is received on the phone, you can now press the green button to answer the call on the headset.

NEW Jablocom Help Me! Kit

Introducing you to the new Jablocom Help Me! KIT which consists of a GSM desktop phone and a wearable panic button. This kit is ideal for the healthcare sector and for independent yet vulnerable relatives and friends who may need to reach out quickly for emergency help or assistance.

When the button is triggered it will send a message to the GSM desktop phone to make calls or send text messages to up to 5 contacts. The name of the person who has triggered the device will display on the phone making it practical for more users to be added.

A hypo-allergenic wristband means it will be suitable for almost everyone and with the option of wearing it like a watch or on a lanyard you can count on accessibility in an emergency.