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Outdoor VoIP connectivity made simple

Extend your reach and improve your solution with the Snom M900-OD, the cleverly designed outdoor variant of the popular M900 DECT multi-cell base station. Get increased coverage and handset support with a DECT multi-cell solution, allowing for DECT phones to roam and connect freely between multiple base stations without dropping calls, whether that be for office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants or hospitals.

With a robust outdoor IP55 rated casing the M900-OD is protected from dust, water splashes and rain water. Giving you a unique, powerful solution ready for all weather conditions.

Explore the M900-OD

  • Scalable up to 1,000 base stations
  • Supports up to 4,000 DECT handsets
  • Supports calls up to 50 metres indoors and up to 300 metres outdoors
  • Wall mountable

Explore the M900-OD

Compatible DECT devices

The M900-OD is compatible with a range of quality handsets devices, including the M Series DECT Handset range M25, M65, M70, M80, M85 and M90.

M25 M70 M85 M90

Did you know we offer a site planning and installation service? Our team can help you ensure your DECT solutions will work exactly how you want them to. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you deliver DECT solutions on any scale, inside or out!

DECT Survey & Installation Services

Get in touch with our expert sales teams on 01484 840048 or email today to create your ideal solution. Whether you’re looking to build a unique solution or arrange white-labelled installation, we’ve got your back.

What Component Shortage? We Have You Covered

Snom Stock Available

Are you experiencing difficulty in sourcing the right product? Having a hard time finding an alternative? You are not the only one. 2021 was a hard year and 2022 is looking to be an interesting one, as the industry and the world gets back on its feet. With the on going chip and component shortages, we know it’s a challenge to reliably offer certain products to customers.

Rest assured, Snom stock is still widely available! Our engineers can assist you with interop testing to get their devices working on your chosen platform, and our technical sales consultants can work with you and your customer to help identify your ideal solution. Whether that be with the latest Snom Deskphones, Handsets and Headsets. Having been a long-standing Snom partner, we are proud to be Snom’s Number #1 UK Distributor.

Desk Phones

Choose from a variety of unique Desk Phones at a range of price points to suit all requirements. Need an entry level phone for large installations? Then the Snom D120 is your go to. Or would you prefer a high-end, all singing, all dancing IP Desk Phone like the Snom D785. Whatever your requirements there is a Snom Desk phone for you.

Explore the Desk Phone Range

DECT Handsets

With Single or Multi Cell options to support up to 4,000 base stations and up to 16,000 handsets, there is a Snom DECT solution for everyone. With Ruggedised handsets like the Snom M70 that are perfect for warehouses and industrial workers that are on the go all day and need a reliable handset with them that won’t quit.

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Get high-quality audio and built-in noise & echo cancellation with Snom Headsets. Offering impressive wireless talk times and extensive indoor and outdoor range, the Snom Headset series offers users a quality experience along with extended compatibility with other Snom products.

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Our expert team are on hand to help you keep your projects moving. For more information on device availability or for recommended replacements for items with long wait times contact us on 01484 840048 or email Whatever your requirements, we’ve got your back!

NEW Snom Multicell – Revolutionise your DECT Offering

Discover a multicell system with a difference with Snom’s latest innovation. Offering support for up to 4,000 base stations and up to 16,000 DECT handsets, the new Snom M900 offers huge potential for future scalability while offering some unique functionalities including the option to add Bluetooth low energy beacons for asset/device tracking.

Compatible with all existing Snom DECT handsets (excluding the Snom M15), there are also 3 new DECT handsets to choose from:

Snom M70

  • Ruggedised handset
  • Ideal for people working in offices, warehouses, retail and/or outdoor premises
  • Integrated Bluetooth tag for device tracking
  • Programmable alarm button
Snom M80

  • IP65 rated ruggedised handset
  • Ideal for workers in exposed environments such as warehouses & construction sites
  • Integrated Bluetooth tag for device tracking
  • Programmable alarm button
Snom M90

  • Specially designed for use in clinical environments
  • Features a special antibacterial housing
  • IP65 rated
  • Integrated Bluetooth tag for device tracking
  • Programmable alarm button
NFR Offer

Why not test this new revolutionary system for yourself with our introductory NFR offer? Available until 31/12/2019, you can purchase one of each of the above devices at the following reduced prices*:

  • M900 DECT Base Station: £170.24
  • M90 DECT Handset: £211.93
  • M80 DECT Handset: £138.28
  • M70 DECT Handset: £85.92

*Offer limited to one of each device per company.