Unlock more with the Sangoma P Series & FreePBX

Did you know that the Sangoma P series were purposely designed to work with the FreePBX phone system? With a ton of features ready to use straight out of the box, the P series can be further enhanced when connected to the FreePBX phone system. Discover a multitude of enhanced features and functionalities, which can be directly managed from any web browser with FreePBX.

Unlock more with the P Series & FreePBX

Make the most of your P series devices with FreePBX. Once paired, get access to additional features and functionalities to make your life easier.

  • Zero-Touch Auto Provisioning – Auto provision and manage all your devices via PBXact/FreePBX phone system.
  • Programmable buttons – Customise each device with the applications that are needed, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Secure – With each device having a unique serial key and TLS/SRTP encryption, you can rest easy knowing your devices are secure against hackers.
  • Advanced Phone applications – Connecting to FreePBX gives the P series access to PhonesApps and on-board applications that extend the functionality of the devices.
  • Server Side – While PhoneApps are installed on the phones, they are completely controlled by the PBX (FreePBX or PBXact). Think of the PhoneApps as a web client that resides on the IP phone, with the PBX acting as a web server; any changes occur on the PBX rather than at the mercy of the user.

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Call Flow Control

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Transfer to voicemail

Queue Agents

Time Conditions

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Purchase 9 get 1 FREE

What’s more, from now until the 31st January 2023 you can take advantage of an exclusive offer! Purchase 9 of the same P-series device and get 1 free. To place your order please call our sales team on 01484 840048 or email contact@provu.co.uk.

The ProVu Team

* All 10 devices must be of the same variant of P-Series.

* Offer is available until the 31st of January 2023.