How to raise an Adoption in ProSys Phone Management

If you want to manage a phone that was not bought through ProVu don’t worry, you can still manage the phone by using our portal, here is how to raise an adoption in ProSys:

On the Prosys dashboard under Management please go to > Manage Adopted Phones:

Then click on Adopt Phones > Enter the Phone Type e.g. Yealink then enter the MAC addresses or serial numbers of the phones you wish to adopt, please see example below:

After this press > Go > then select the Phone Model for each MAC or serial number as per below:

Once this is done you will be presented by the following screen:

We just need to go through our checks before proceeding.

If the phone is redirected elsewhere or if it was originally sold by us but to another re-seller, we may need to contact you.

Once the adoption has been processed at ProVu’s side you should then be able to manage this as you please.

If you have any problems with raise an adoption in ProSys please contact the support team on 01484840048 option 2 or contact