NEW Sangoma PBXact Software Bundles

If the last 12 months have taught us anything, it’s that FLEXIBILITY is key. Sangoma’s fully customisable PBXact puts a whole new spin on UC systems, but why do you need it?

Enable your customers’ workforce to operate wherever they may be with the functionalities they need. Customise systems to integrate with third party applications and to embody enhanced features such as call recording reports, extension routing and Conference Pro included as standard.
It’s not unusual for users to work across multiple devices. Create a continuous user experience with support for use on mobile, desktop and desk phone devices.
Discover Sangoma’s zero-touch auto-provisioning across the entire Sangoma IP desk phone range including the brand new P310/P315. Once set up, you can then remotely manage every aspect of PBXact from anywhere.
With hardware or software versions available, you can deploy PBXact however you want to.
Discover all the features of Sangoma PBXact without the additional cost of the hardware with our new software license bundles. With three easy ways to purchase simply select from either 25 or 50 licenses to build your solution. You can then purchase individual licenses to make up the total number you require.
PBXact Software - 25 Bundle License PBXact Software - 50 License Bundle PBXact Software - Individual Licenses

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Sangoma P310/P315 Phones

Experience the powerful PBXact UC system with their brand new P310 and P315 (Gigabit connectivity) IP desk phones. Now in stock and available for next day delivery, these entry-level devices provide a rich user experience at a price that fits any budget.

Discover the P310

Discover the P315

With remote installation and a variety of support contracts available you can be sure your investment is protected with ProVu and Sangoma.

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