Disable SIP ALGs on Thomson routers

This has cropped up a few times of late.

You need to telnet into the router:

Administrator is the default user on the box.

You should get something similar to below after doing this.


______ Thomson TG585 v7
/ /
_____/__ /
_/ /\_____/___ Copyright (c) 1999-2008, THOMSON
// / /
_______//_______/ / _/______
/ / / / / /
__/ / / / / / _\__
/ / / \_______/ / / / / /
/_/______/___________________/ /________/ /___/
___________ /
\_ / / \___/
/ / /
\_____/ / \________/
/__________/ /
_____ /_____/
/ / /___/
/____/ /


connection unbind application=SIP port=5060
saveall <Enter>

Snom M9 has arrived

Snom M9 phones are in stock and are shipping.

I’ve you’ve a back order then they will be shipped today.

M9 is the new DECT phone from Snom. Supports 9 IP account, 9 handsets and 4 calls.<%ThickBox(http://www.provu.co.uk/imgs/snom/snom_m9.jpg|Snom M9)%>

Door Entry on Cisco Call Manager

If you are planning to use a protalk door entry system with Cisco call manager, then you may be interested in this.

Lionel Carter from Norisco Limited (a reseller in London) had this to say:

I got it all set up on our Cisco Call Manager. Pretty simple really, all works fine. Hopefully will get it installed into the new office next week when we have access to the existing latch mechanism.

New LOWER PRICING on all Gigaset IP Models


Gigaset phonesWe are pleased to announce that we have today reduced our trade pricing on all of the Gigaset IP models including the additional handsets that we sell.

The new pricing will be effective immediately and will include the following optional added value services:
1. Automated Online Ordering System – ProSys
2. White label Drop Shipping
3. Branded Despatch Note

View all ProVu’s Siemens Gigaset products

M3 HS Speaker problem

Recently, customers have reported that M3HS speakers are creating problems for them.

Some of the main issues are

1) Voice keeps cutting off during a call on speakers
2) M3 HS ringer not working
3) Voice quality is poor

Good news is, there is a firmware update that resolve most of these issues.

<%ThickBox(http://blog.provu.co.uk/media/5/20100630-unnamed.jpg|Snom M3)%>

I’d like to encourage all of you (who are still using an M3) to perform an update to this version following the instructions here:


Please report any issues you might encounter.

M9 Clarification (UK stock)

The Snom M9 isn’t launched in the UK yet. Expected in a few weeks.

If anybody in the UK reckons they have M9s in stock then:

  1. They are grey importing EU versions into the UK ( so no UK plug, warranty or access to UK service centres)
  2. They are having you on. (this seems to be a common trick of etailers to get pre-orders on product)

Are few (less than 5) people in the UK have been testing EU versions of the product, but these are strictly not for resale.

We’ve had the product on order for over 6 months now (there have been a few delays) we’ll have UK stock from the first shipments out of Snom in Germany. As a reseller, you should always makesure you buy product from a Snom Certified Distributor (of which there are only two in UK).

So please can you tell me who has told you they have product in already?

I trust this clarifies, and please let me now if I can help further.

Tesco Cancels VoIP Service – Unlock Gigaset Code

Tesco will be phasing out its VoIP service, provided by Freshtel over the next few weeks. The service will be closed down completely on the 27th April 2010.

Tesco offer Gigaset handsets to their UK customers when signing up to use their VoIP service. These phones are locked to the Tesco/Freshtel service.

As ProVu are the UK Distributor for Gigaset VoIP Products, we’ve been speaking with them to find out how we can help all Tesco customers who currently have a Gigaset DECT phone, which they cannot currently use with another VoIP provider.

Gigaset have supplied ProVu with a simple document instructing you how to unlock your phone, so that it can be used with an alternate VoIP account from an ITSP or with your PBX.

For instructions on how, please just visit: http://gigaset.me.uk/

Portable IP Telephone


I hope you can help, last month I bought a Snom370 telephone through yourselves, and wondered if you have a SIP enabled portable telephone as an available option ? We have a team who walk between buildings covering up to 100 sq.meters. We have already tried the Snom M3, but this does not have a far enough reach from the base station.

You could try a Snom M3 Repeater. This will extend the range. If you can arrange the base station in the middle, and repeaters around in a circle then you can cover a huge area. Calls hand over between repeaters as you walk.


Other option is something like a Gigaset S685. The handsets have a `best base` feature where you can register a handset to more than one base station. You need to be a little bit clever with setting up SIP accounts. Each handset needs a SIP account for each base. These then have to be setup to all ring together. This solution does not allow handover while calls are in progress.

A long term option would be the Snom M9 phone. A roaming feature is in the roadmap for this phone, but probably at least 1 year away from launch.
See www.provu.co.uk/snom-m9-dect.html