ProVu main Number- Outage

27/08/12020 – 11:19

We have been informed by our provider that their SIP trunk services are fully operational and all outstanding issues have been fixed.

You can now start using our main office i.e. 01484840048 to get hold of us.

25/08/2020 – 12:48

Our provider has confirmed that they are starting to see a partial return to service. Please keep on using the alternative number for now.
We will confirm as soon as our main number is fully functional again.

25/08/2020 – 12:00 pm

We are aware that Our main office number is down at the moment. This is due to a major outage with our SIP trunk provider.

While our service provider is looking into it, please use the following numbers to reach out to us




As of this time, we do not have an ETA on a fix but rest assured our Service Provider is working on it