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Ensuring Uninterrupted Security: The Power of UPS for Your Building

We understand that ensuring the security of your customers’ premises is a top priority, and disruptions caused by power outages or tampering can pose serious challenges. Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) offer a powerful solution that not only keep your security systems active during power interruptions but also ensures your peace of mind with easy installation.

Think about this!

A power cut in the dead of night or someone tampering with your customers’ building power connection could happen anytime. In these crucial moments, the UPS steps in, seamlessly taking over to keep security features up and running. This means that surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarms continue to function without interruption. Offering a failsafe solution to ensure that security remains steadfast, regardless of external factors.

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The distinct benefits of integrating UPS for security purposes include:

Continuous Surveillance

Maintain an unblinking eye on your premises, day and night, even during power outages.

Reliable Access Control

Ensure that your access control systems remain operational, granting authorised personnel secure entry.

Instant Alerts

Receive alerts and notifications without disruption, so you can respond to potential threats in real time.

Comprehensive Protection

Safeguard your assets, personnel, and sensitive data by maintaining an unbroken security shield.

Finding the Right Fit

Our UPS solutions are tailored to fit your unique security needs, providing your customers with a robust defence against unforeseen disruptions. Experience uninterrupted security coverage with the power of UPS.

To learn more about how UPS can bolster your security strategy, contact our experts at 01484 840048 or We’re here to provide you with the solutions you need to keep your customers’ premises safe, secure, and protected, no matter the circumstances.

*The UPS devices we currently offer are suitable for low power devices. For connecting devices with a larger power consumption, please speak with a member of our team.

2N Case Study: Ensuring Security in Schools

2N Case Study\: Ensuring Safety in Schools

We recently worked with 2N® to develop a secure solution for Eastern Voice and Data. Find out more about our recommended 2N® product selection and how we worked alongside 2N® to deliver a solution which helped Eastern Voice and Data to ensure security in schools.

Key Challenges Included:
– Ensuring the security of both employees and pupils
– Support for third-party devices
– Creating a solution which could be centrally managed

The Customer

Eastern Voice and Data are specialists in the supply, support and installation of IP products. Their portfolio covers a range of IP devices including Access Control Systems.

Eastern Voice and Data supply to a range of businesses including those in the public sector, hospitality and private sectors. Always striving to provide the very best experience to their customers, Eastern Voice and Data work with carefully selected manufacturers and suppliers to ensure an optimal level of service.

Business Challenges

Eastern Voice and Data set out to create a secure, easily manageable solution for its client, a specialist academy providing 24-hour curriculum for students with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. With a high turnover of staff, the academy found that they were spending a lot of time visiting sites to update their systems and ensure access rights were removed from former employees.

The key factors Eastern Voice & Data were faced with include:

  • Security – Security is key in edicational institutions, the site needed to be secure whilst also allowing staff to access areas at a push of a button or swipe of a key fob.
  • Integration – The solution needed to integrate with the existing systems and be easily managed by the central IT team.

The Solution

Security in schools is key and was the utmost priority when creating this solution. ProVu worked alongside 2N and Eastern Voice and Data to develop the ideal solution to address their application. The recommended solution consisted of:

2N IP Force with Camera 2N Access Unit 2N Indoor Touch RFID Cards
2N® IP Force 2N® Access Units 2N® Indoor Touch RFID Cards

Read The Full Case Study Here

For assistance with your 2N® requirements contact our sales team on 01484 840048 or email us:

ITSPA updated recommendations for provisioning security



ITSPA has recently released a new guidance paper surrounding remote provisioning of phones and other SIP devices. This new document shares best common practices among ITSPA members to help ensure their provisioning infrastructure is secure.

ITSPA Chair Eli Katz stated

This is an excellent update to the existing guidance and should be considered a starting point rather than a complete solution. This is just a part of ITSPA’s ongoing work in tackling cyber-crime and fraud as well as driving up best practice within the membership. We must ensure the industry is one step ahead in the security battle.

Download: Recommendations for Device Provisioning Security (Version 2)

For a list of ITSPA Best Current Practice (BCP) documents visit:

ITSPA Recommendations for secure deployment of an IP-PBX




ITSPA has recently launched a new best practice paper ‘Recommendations for secure deployment of an IP-PBX’ (Version 3). This new document outlines configuration measures that should be implemented on an IP-PBX installed in a customer’s premises as well as the support that service providers can give to assist in the identification and avoidance of attacks.

The update forms part of ITSPA’s Best Current Practice (BCP) documents. This document follows an in-depth collaboration with members, including a range of service providers, security experts and vendors and forms part of ITSPA’s stream of work to ensure that the industry follow best practice to tackle telecommunications fraud.

For a list of ITSPA Best Current Practice (BCP) documents visit: