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Experience Greater Flexibility with VTech’s latest SIP Products

We are pleased to announce the availability of two new products to the VTech ErisTerminal range. Expanding on the capabilities of VTech’s second generation range of SIP phones, these new additions are set to add even more features and flexibility to this excellent series.

VSP605A DECT Repeater

VTech VSP605A

Designed for use with the VSP600A and VSP610A DECT systems, the new VSP605A DECT Repeater extends coverage to approximately 135 metres, helping to maximise coverage in larger buildings. With the capability to connect up to 5 repeaters to a single DECT base, you can adapt your solution to suit individual building requirements.

VSP610A DECT Base Station & Handset

VTech VSP610A

For those who are familiar with the VSP600A, the new VSP610A incorporates all of the same great features of the VSP600A, including support for up to 6 SIP accounts and 4 concurrent calls. Now supplied with enhanced software, the VSP610A also enables access to new features such as remote XML phonebook, open VPN client and active URI/URL.

Find out more about the VTech Range

VTech, don’t they make Toys?

Undoubtedly, VTech are best known in the UK as leading manufacturers of Children’s electronic toys, but did you know they are actually the world’s largest manufacturer of DECT phones?

What makes VTech different?

VTech manufacture all of their own products, their telecoms factory alone employs 13,000 workers!

In 2016, VTech manufactured 33.5 million DECT handsets; chances are you will have used one of them

They have over 25 years of experience and currently operate in 76 countries worldwide

All SIP phones and accessories come with a 3 year warranty as standard

VTech recently acquired Snom, making them an even stronger player in the European VoIP Market

View the VTech Range here

Watch out for new products, coming very soon!

How to record calls using a Micro SD card on the VTECH Phones

If you have either VSP726A or VSP736A then you will have an SD card slot on the back of the phone, this is for call recordings.

Just in case you were wondering this is how to set it up:

First of all you need to go to Menu and then “Admin Settings” this requires your admin password, from there scroll down to “Call Recording” and “Enable” Call Recording.

3  5

Now that you have enabled call recording you can go ahead and record straight to your SD card, here is how:

When on a call, “End, Transfer and Conf” appear on the screen, press the right arrow key on the silver direction pad, this will show a”Record” option. Select this option and this will start and stop recording your call.

6  7

Once you have stopped the recording you can find this again by going to “Menu” > “Features” > “Local Call Recording”, in there will be all the calls you have recorded.

11  12

To listen to the recording you can either play them on loud speaker through the phone or through the handset or headset, you can even remove the SD card from the phone and listen to them on the PC.

If you are still having problems please contact our support team

VTech DECT compatible IP desk phones

VTech DECT compatible deskphones available at a competitive price!

VTech’s ErisTerminal range offers a unique set of DECT capabilities, making them really flexible and enabling users to make and receive calls whilst away from their desks. Both VTech’s mid range and executive level deskphones, the VSP726A and VSP736A come complete with an in-built DECT module which enables them to be paired with the VSP601A DECT handset and / or the VSP500A DECT cordless headset.

Offering flexible, hands-free mobility the ErisTerminal range offers full peace of mind with an industry-leading three-year warranty as standard. Available at extremely competitive prices, the ErisTerminal range remains unaffected by the current volatility in the exchange rates and offer a great option for many advanced communications solutions.

See our simple guide: Pairing the VTech DECT Handset and Headset with the VTech VSP726A & VSP736A.

We are offering resellers the chance to test the VTech IP phones with NFR units available to purchase at a heavily reduced price. To take advantage of this NFR offer or to find out more, simply contact a member of our sales team on: 01484 840048 or you can email:

Pairing the VTech VSP500A & 601A with the VTech VSP726A & VSP736A

In case you didn’t know, the VTech VSP726A and the VSP736A phones can be paired with both the VSP500A Cordless Headset and the VSP601A Handset, this Is how:

Pairing the VSP500A  Cordless Headset with both the VSP726A and the VSP736A Phones:

  1. On the Desk Phone click on Menu > User settings > DECT Headset, at this point lift the Cordless Headset off of its charging dock and place back down and then selected “Register” on the Desk Phone.
  2. This will search for the Cordless Headset and “Registration Successful” will appear on the screen of the Desk Phone. They are now registered and ready to go.

Pairing the VSP601A Handset with the VSP726A and the VSP736A Phones:

  1. (VSP726A and VSP736A has built In base station) Once both the DECT Handset and the Desk Phone are turned on, go to the DECT handset go to Menu > User Settings > Registration > Handset.
  2. “Which device do you want to register the handset to?” will come up on the screen select Desk phone, this will then tell you on screen what to do with the Desk phone.
  3. Once you follow the steps on the Desk phone you’ll get to a screen that says “Register” and “De-register”, Press “Next” on the Handset and “Register” on the Desk Phone.
  4. You need to press the “#” key on the handset, this I will then start searching for the base station, once found It will display “Registration Successful” on the screen. You have now registered the DECT hand set with you Desk phone

For a more detailed step by step use the user manual below:

If you are still having problems please contact our support team.

The New VTech ErisTerminal Range is Now Available!


VTech’s new improved ErisTerminal deskphone range is now available from ProVu. Acting as replacements for VTech’s previous models, the VSP716A, VSP726A and VSP736A have been designed to offer flexible business solutions and feature PoE support, dual Ethernet ports and an industry-leading 3 year warranty.


Offering some unique features to other comparable SIP phones in the market, both the VSP726A and VSP736A have an integrated SD card slot which allows users to record and save calls directly to their deskphone for easy playback. Plus, with their in-built DECT radio the VSP726A and VSP736A can be paired with both the VSP601A DECT handset and/or the VSP500A DECT headset.

For pricing and stock information, please see our reseller portal, ProSys.

2016 ITSPA Awards

Members of the ProVu Team travelled down to London last week to attend the 2016 ITSPA Awards. The awards took place at The Deck, National Theatre, London on 11th May. Having sponsored the award for ‘Best VoIP Innovation’ we would like to congratulate 8×8 for winning the award with their Virtual Contact Centre and Gradwell Communications for being named ‘Highly Commended’ in the category for their Call Recording.

We would also like to congratulate our vendor partners, VTech and Yealink for being named ‘Highly Commended’ in their category, ‘Best VoIP CPE’. VTech were ‘Highly Commended’ with their VSP725A/VSP500A/VSP601A bundle and Yealink for their VP-T49G video phone.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the awards and as always it was great to catch up with our channel and vendor partners. Congratulations to all finalists and winners of the awards!

VTech IP Phones now Accredited for Xorcom PBX Integration

Following recent interoperability testing, it has today been announced that VTech IP phone models have now been added to Xorcom’s Endpoint Manager, an auto-provisioning tool in their Complete PBX IP-PBX systems. The tool allows automatic provisioning and hassle-free management of VTech IP phones within the PBX interface.

Compatible Models Include:


For more information on the VTech IP range, please see our VTech information page.

ProVu Launch the VTech ErisTerminal SIP Range to UK Market

We are delighted to announce we are now distributing the latest range of VTech ErisTerminal SIP phones.

ErisTerminal Range:

Although new to SIP phones, VTech are an established manufacturer and are in fact the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless phones. We believe VTech’s exciting new range will become a strong competitor in the UK SIP market and we are thrilled to be able to bring the eagerly anticipated ErisTerminal range to our customers.

Pricing and stock information is available on our reseller portal, ProSys. If you do not have a ProSys account, you can register via our reseller online application form.

If you would like to speak to a member of the ProVu team, you can email: or call: 01484 840048.

Wall mountable phones

Post updated January 2022 to include new handsets

Recently we’ve been getting more and more enquiries as to which of our phones are wall mountable.

Wall mounting is perfect for corridors and communal areas such as kitchens and staff rooms. These are ideal to be used with SIP door entry phones, allowing you to answer the door even when you’re not sat at your desk.

I have put together a guide below outlining our range of wall mountable phones:

Brand Phones Mounting details
Yealink T18P, T19P, T21P, T20P, T22P and T32G Direct to back of the phone
Yealink T30P, T31P, T31G, T33P, T33G Direct to back of the phone
Yealink T27P and T29G T29WM Wall mounting bracket required
Yealink T40PN, T41P and T42G T42WM Wall mounting bracket required
Yealink T46G T46WM Wall mounting bracket required
Yealink T48G T48WM Wall mounting bracket required
Snom 300, 320, 360 and 370 By using the phones stand
Snom 821 and 870 Wall mounting bracket required (Snom-800Wall) available in light grey and black
Snom 710, 720, 760, D710, D712, D715, D725, D765 Using Snom Wall Mounting Bracket for 700 Series Phones (00003820)
Aastra 30i, 31i, 35i, 37i, 39i, 55i and 57i Wall mounting bracket included
Cisco 301G, 303G, 502G, 504G and 525G2 Wall mounting bracket required (MB100)
Cisco 7811 Wall mounting bracket required (CP-7811-WMK)
Cisco 7821 and 7841 Wall mounting bracket required (CP-7800-WMK)
Cisco 7861 Wall mounting bracket required (CP-7861-WMK)
Cisco 8811, 8841, 8851 and 8861 Wall mounting bracket required (CP-8800-WMK)
Cisco 8845 and 8865 Wall mounting bracket required (CP-8800-VID-WMK)
Gigaset Maxwell 3 and Basic Wall mounting bracket required (S30853-H4032-R101)
Gigaset Maxwell 10 Wall mounting bracket required
Gigaset DECT A510H, A540H, C300H, C430H, C610H, E49H, R410H, R630H, S510H, S650H and S810H Direct to the back of the cradle
Gigaset DE310 and DE410 Wall mounting bracket included
Gigaset DECT N300IP, N510IP Direct to back of base station
Panasonic KX-UT113 and KX-UT123 Requires wall mounting kit (KX-A432-B)
Panasonic KX-UT133 and KX-UT136 Requires wall mounting kit (KX-A433-B)
Panasonic KX-HDV130 Requires wall mounting kit (KX-A440XB)
Panasonic KX-HDV23 and KX-HDV330 Using bracket provided
Panasonic KX-TPA65 Requires wall mounting kit KXA440XB
Polycom SoundPoint IP 32x/33x and 430 phones Using the reversible base stand/wallmount unit (included with phone)
Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 Requires wall mount kit (2200-11611-002)
Polycom SoundPoint IP 550, 560, 650, and 670 Requires wall mount kit (2200-12611-001)
Polycom VVX 101, 201 Reversible deskstand/wallmount (comes with phone as standard)
Polycom VVX 300/310, 300/410, 500 and 600 Requires wall mount kit (2200-44514-002)
Mitel 6863, 6865,6867 and 6869 Requires wall mount kit (80C00011AAA-A)
VTech VSP715A, VSP725A and VSP735A Direct to back of phone
VTech VSP600A Using bracket provided
VTech VSP601A Direct to the back of the cradle

Phones that cannot be mounted to the wall: SL750H, DE700IP PRO, DE900IP PRO, DX800a, SL400H, SL610H PRO, T26P, T28P and the T38G.