Technicolor TG589vac ‘End of Life’ Notice

Technicolor TG589vac ‘End of Life’ Notice

We have received notice from Technicolor that the TG589vac is now end of life. We have a limited number of units available and when we run out we will be unable to replenish our stock.

The TG589vac has been directly replaced by the brand new Technicolor TG589vac v2. This new model is almost identical in feature set but offers a new slimmer design, allowing the package to fit through a standard letter box. The TG589vac v2 features one USB2.0 port whereas its predecessor offered two.

Snom’s New D3 Expansion Module is Now Available

Snom D3 Expansion Module now available form ProVu

We are pleased to announce that the long awaited Snom D3 expansion module has now arrived and is available to purchase from ProVu. Compatible with Snom’s D315, D345 and D375 IP phones, the D3 is simple and easy to connect via the phone’s USB port. The expansion module offers 18 multi-coloured LED keys which can be programmed to provide a wide choice of functions, allowing users to manage a large number os extensions and calls. For added functionality, users can daisy chain up to 3 modules allowing for up to 54 additional keys.

Visit our web page for more information about the Snom D3.

Yealink T46G and T48G certified for use with Skype for Business Online

Yealink has announced that the Yealink T46G SFB and T48G SFB have now been certified by Microsoft for use on the Skype for Business Online Service platform.

“Gaining accreditation for Skype for Business Online Service can only strengthen the case for adoption of Yealink handsets,” commented Yealink UK’s Skype for Business Product Specialist, Brett Kershaw. “Access to PSTN conferencing creates an effective and affordable dial-in conference service whilst the cloud PBX enables simple integration with PC, Mac and mobile devices.”

The other models in the Yealink’s T4x Skype for Business range are currently undergoing accreditation testing. These are expected to be certified by Microsoft for use on the online platform within the next few weeks.

Both the T46G SFB and T48G SFB feature large colour displays these executive level phones, offer Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and advanced features such as Outlook calendar synchronisation and meeting join functionality.


Webinar: Grow your customer base with Sangoma Vega Gateways

Would you like to discover how to use gateways to grow your customer base and increase revenue? We invite you to join us on Tuesday 28th February at 11:00 AM (GMT) when we will be teaming up with Sangoma to run a free Vega Gateways Webinar.

This 45 minute webinar is ideal for VoIP resellers, PBX installers, Enterprise IT Managers and SIP Service Providers who are interested in learning how Sangoma gateways can be used to enable legacy telephone systems to be seamlessly integrated with VoIP, regardless of existing telephony infrastructure. Register now to discover which verticals are in demand for gateways right now!


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Cisco IP 8800 Key Expansion Module Key Programming

With the Cisco 8880 Expansion Module you are able to program keys to show names of other phone users.

The key settings can be found in the web interface of the phone on the “Unit1-3” tabs depending on how many extension modules you have.


The code to display a name on the extension module is “fnc=blf+cp;sub=5070@$PROXY;ext=5070@$PROXY;nme=Name”.

The “;nme=Name” is where you can type the text you want to appear on the extension module.

The “;sub=5070” and “;ext=5070” is where the extension number must go.


Distinctive ringing with Cisco phones

Both the older Cisco SPA range and the new CP range support distinctive ringing through the use of Alert-Info SIP headers.

The names to use can be found in the web interface for both phone types.  In the web interface, the settings are in the Voice section, phone tab, Ringtone heading.

On CP phones:

On SPA phones:

The important part for Alert-Info is the name part after “n=”.  The Alert-Info header must look like these examples:



So simply put the name of the ringtone in the header and nothing else.  This is different to most phones (and actually not as specified in the SIP RFC) as they need to have a dummy URI inside them.

As an example, if you wanted to add this header in Asterisk, use the SIPAddHeader application:


Panasonic TGP600 now available to purchase as a standalone base

Following the launch of the TGP600 around 18 months ago, we have received requests from resellers wanting to order the base station as a stand alone item. After passing these requests on to Panasonic they have now launched the TGP600G as a standalone version of the TGP600 base station.

This new DECT base provides you with far greater flexibility by enabling you to build your own DECT solution with any mix (up to 8) of the following compatible handsets:

Handset Features
TPA65 DECT Desk Phone Wireless desk phone – no network cable, only power cable required.
1.8″ colour TFT display
Headset support
UDT121 Premium DECT Handset 1.8″ Colour LCD display
Built-in Bluetooth
Headset support
UDT131 Ruggedised DECT Handset IP65 Protection
Built-in Bluetooth
Headset support
TPA60 DECT Handset
(This handset comes bundled with the TGP600)
Low cost DECT handset
1.8″ Colour TFT display
Headset support

The KX-TGP600G is now available to order through our reseller portal, ProSys. If you do not have access to ProSys and would like to register for an account, please complete our ProSys Account Request Form.

Yealink RT10 ‘End of Life’ Notice

 Yealink RT10 End of Life

We have been informed by Yealink that the RT10 DECT Repeater is now End of Life and is no longer available to purchase. The RT10 will be replaced by the new Yealink RT20. Until the new RT20 is available you are able to use the RTX 4002 as a compatible repeater for use with both the W52P and W56P.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss how these changes may effect any projects you are working on, please call the sales team on: 01484 840048 or you can email:

New Vega 50 FXS Analogue Gateway from Sangoma

Vega 3050G 50 FXS Analogue Gateway

We are pleased to announce the launch of the next generation Sangoma Vega 3050G high density 50 port analogue gateway. The Vega 3050G allows connection of a large quantity of analogue handsets and devices to an on-site or hosted VoIP PBX. The Vega 3050G is ideal for environments such as hotels or hospitals where a company wants to move to SIP, without having to replace existing phones, install new cabling around the building or effect day to day business.

Along with the Vega 3000G this new gateway replaces the old Vega 5000 series and features a new lower price!


  • 50 Port FXS / 50 Simultaneous calls
  • Optional 2 ports FXO module available for emergency PSTN backup
  • Express setup (same familiar configuration and GUI as the Vega series)
  • Ideal for healthcare, hospitality and education industry sectors

How to make a 2N call a phone when the tamper switch is triggered

Did you know you can make your 2N tamper switch call a phone when it is triggered?

If you have a 2N tamper switch and want to know how to install it into your Verso, please click this link:

2N’s Helios IP Verso Tamper Switch

After the installation of the tamper switch you will need to configure it. Go on the 2N web-interface and go to Services (Purple tile) > Automation, from this page you will need to tick the box “Function Enabled” and fill in the “Object Type” and “Parameters” as seen below:

Please note: to change “Number=5070; Event=1″ to the extension you want the 2N to call when the tamper switch is triggered.After you have filled these automation in you can run a test by taking the metal plate of the 2N and seeing if your phone rings as seen in the video below:

In addition to this you could have a second Event that sends an email to you when motion is detected. This would be for extra security purposes and would capture a picture of who ever triggered the tamper switch. If you want to know how to do this click the link below:

How to set up Email notification from 2N movement detection

If you have any problems with this please contact our support team.