Join Sangoma’s Live Demonstrations at the Convergence Summit South


Date Morning Demonstration Afternoon Demonstration
Tuesday 27th September 11:30 AM 15:00 PM
Wednesday 28th September 11:30 AM 14:00 PM

Join us on stand 74 at the Convergence Summit South on Tuesday 27th and/or Wednesday 28th September at any of the above times for a live provisioning demonstration with Sangoma’s new IP phone range and the PBXact UC Systems.

When you install Sangoma IP phones, the Redirection Server points the phone to the PBXact UC System for effortless, automatic zero-touch configuration. See for yourself how easy it is to register Sangoma’s IP phones with the PBXact UC systems, plus discover how the range can be enhanced with the Sangoma Phone Apps.

Interested in finding out more about the Sangoma range? Pop by stand 74 where we will have Sangoma’s very own Director of Product Management and Product Marketing, Simon Horton on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Win the Ultimate Team Away Day with Gigaset pro!

Gigaset will be joining us on stand 74 at the 2016 Convergence Summit South next week. Exhibiting their latest product range and the new, soon to be launched Maxwell desk phones, Gigaset will also be offering you the chance to win the ultimate team away day with up to 30 tickets to Ascot up for grabs!

Entering this competition couldn’t be easier, simply purchase any Gigaset pro product from ProVu between 27/09/2016 and 31/10/2016 to be in with a chance of winning*!


*Terms and Conditions Apply: One entry per company, tickets available for selected 2016 & 2017 dates only, tickets do not include any food, drink or transport.

How to pair the VVX-D60 handset and base station with a VVX phone.

Before following this guide you need to make sure that the firmware version is on 5.4.3 or later, otherwise it will not detect the wireless handset to pair to.

There are three different ways to register the handset with the VVX phone, there is manual pairing, auto pairing and a PC port pairing. But here is what we found easiest:

1) Start by plugging the Ethernet cable and power supply (if necessary) into the back of the D60 base > plug the VVX phone in like normal using Ethernet into the LAN port of the phone.

Before you can pair the two devices you need to make sure that the VVX-D60 feature is enabled to do this:

2) On your VVX phone go to Settings > Advanced (this will then ask you for the administrators password to access the menu) > Scroll down till you find VVX-D60 Configuration and select it > Select VVX-D60 Profile and then select Enable.

Now that the VVX-D60 feature is enable you will need to pair the base station with the VVX phone, there are three different ways to pair the two devices but the easiest way that we found was the “Auto-pairing” option, to do this:

3) On the VVX phone go to > Settings > Features > VVX-D60 Configuration, from this screen select > Base Station and then > Auto-pairing > Select a Base-Station and finally slect > Pair.

The two devices should now be paired with one another, for a more detailed explination use the link below. If youve followed the guide and still are having problems, contact our support team.

ProVu Runners – Powered by ProSys

Members of the ProVu Team took part in the English Half Marathon 10 KM run this weekend in Warrington. After weeks of training and a few aches and pains along the way, all members completed the course in good time.

Taking part in the Knight Corporate Finance Corporate Challenge, the team had a great day in the September Sunshine and look forward to participating in more team challenges in the future.

Congratulations to all who participated!

2N® Access Unit – Usage Scenarios

The 2N® Access Unit is a network access control unit which can be powered via PoE, this can be used standalone or can be used as part of a larger solution. The 2N® Access Unit allows organisations to monitor and control or restrict movement of people into and within buildings. The access unit has an inbuilt 13.56MHz RFID card reader and also supports NFC technology (with the purchase of the NFC licence).

There are a number of usage scenarios of how the 2N Access Unit can be used including:

  • Premise entry basic usage
  • Elevator card reader
  • Dual identification solution – connect with keypad and or 3rd party fingerprint reader for high security where two forms of ID is required for access
  • Premise entry and exit

Read the user scenarios.

Algo SIP Alerting Devices – Meet the Range

Have you discovered the full Algo range? Consisting of a variety of standalone devices each model offers a unique feature set, enabling you to offer a more flexible solution to your customers.

Algo 8180 SIP Alerter

The Algo 8180 SIP Alerter is ideal for noisy environments such as garages, workshops and warehouses. It provides a loud ringing and paging device which can automatically adjust the volume to compensate for background ambient noise.

Algo 8128 Strobe Alerter

The Algo 8128 provides visual notification using a high intensity LED strobe light to notify users of calls, emergencies and security events. Ideal for use in loud environments, environments that need to remain quiet or for users who have hearing impediments.

Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker

The Algo 8188 is a SIP compliant IP ceiling speaker which is ideal for voice paging, loud ringing, emergency notifications and background music.

Algo 8186 Horn Speaker

The Algo 8186 is a weatherproof PoE wideband SIP horn speaker which is suitable for voice paging, loud ringing and emergency/safety/security notifications and alerting in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Algo 8301 IP Paging Adaptor

The Algo 8301 IP Paging Adapter allows integration of existing analogue paging systems in to hosted and on-site SIP PBX environments, ideal for streaming music to other compatible IP devices.

Offering a varied range of products, Algo devices are a great solution to many business requirements, to find out more simply contact the ProVu Team.

Webinar: The Benefits of CounterPath Bria Stretto

Following the recent success of our CounterPath Bria Stretto Webinar series, we invite you to join us on 20th September at 11:00 AM (GMT + 1) when we will be re-capping on the series highlights. Offering you the opportunity to develop your knowledge on this great product, our webinar topics will include:

  • Introduction to the CounterPath Bria Stretto Platform
  • What are the differences between Bria Retail and the Bria Stretto Clients
  • How the Stretto platform can benefit ITSPs and IT Administrators
  • What licence types are available from ProVu
  • Stretto add-on modules
  • CounterPath Branding
  • Summary and Questions

Register to attend the webinar

Designed to provide an overview of our CounterPath Licences, this webinar is suitable for everyone. We expect the webinar to last approximately 45 minutes.

Konftel Ego – The Must Have Personal Conference Phone


We are delighted to launch the new Konftel Ego personal conference phone! Ideal for both business and personal use, the Ego is Konftel’s most portable device yet. With its compact size it is ideal for people who frequently travel and we believe this is set to be the next must have gadget.

Featuring both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the Ego can be easily paired with mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Plus, with advanced NFC functionality, compatible mobile devices can be paired in seconds.

Find out more here:

Snom D710/D715 – DND Display Differences

For Snom phone models 710/715, there is a slight display difference when using the DND mode on phones using the firmware. With previous versions of firmware, when DND was active, a banner would be displayed across the screen; with and newer versions, this is not the case. Instead, it just displays a small message.
no dnd
In order to fix this problem:
1. Copy all of the following URL: 

PhoneHasTextMessages PhoneProvisioningFailed

2. Replace “phoneIPaddress” with that of the phone you are using.

3. Enter into your web browser and it should fix the problem. The DND message should now look like the one below.


How to set up the Konftel 300Wx with the IP DECT 10

If you have a Konftel 300Wx and an IP DECT 10 and are having problems registering the two, here is a simple step by step guide on how to do so:

1) go to the web interface of the IP DECT 10 > go to the “Server” tab on the left and “add new server” > add the IP address/URL of your pbx to the registrar box and then save.

2) go to the extension tab at the left side and add a new extension by clicking on any of the numbers 1 – 20 in the IDX column> add the extension number, authentication user name and password from your pbx, tick the box at the top right that says add handset and then save.

3) tick the box next to the extension you just added, then click on “start SIP registration” below the extensions table, now go onto the handset tab at the top, next to extensions, click on the IPEI default of 0000000000000 and change “Alarm Line” to the extension number and press save.

4) tick the box next the handset you just added, then click on “Register Handset” under the handset table.

5) on the handset go to menu> settings > DECT > register > press BASE 1, then it says “ENTER PIN CODE” enter “0000”.

6) Device will start searching and should say success on the screen. Now refresh the web interface and the IPEI should have a long digit number instead of 0000000000000. it will now be registered and working.

If you follow the guide above and still have problems, contact our support team.