Webinar: The Benefits of CounterPath Bria Stretto

Are you interested in learning more about the CounterPath Bria Stretto range of softphone licenses? Join us on Wednesday 27th July at 11:00 AM (GMT+1) when we will be hosting our Benefits of CounterPath Bria Stretto Webinar. The webinar has been designed to be suitable for all; you do not require any prior understanding of the range.

Webinar Agenda includes:

CounterPath Bria Stretto Range

  • Introduction to the Bria Stretto Platform
  • The Benefits of Bria Stretto
  • What license types are available from ProVu
  • Bria user pay as you go plan
  • CounterPath Bria Stretto branding

Joining us for the webinar will be Dave Watkin and Matt Rogers from CounterPath. We expect the webinar to last approximately 45 minutes, to join us simply register your details below.

Register to attend the webinar

Gigaset Business Boosting Bundles

We currently have two great Gigaset promotional offers available for our resellers. These offers will continue to run until the end of September 2016, they include:

Buy 3 x Gigaset PRO Handsets & get a free N510IP PRO Base Station
Buy 3 x Gigaset PRO Handsets & get a free N510IP PRO Base StationTo receive your free N510IP PRO Base station simply place your order using one of the following partcodes:

Buy 4 x Gigaset N720 IP DECT Base Stations & get a free N720 DM PRO

Buy 4 x Gigaset N720 IP DECT Base Stations & get a free N720 DM PRO

To take advantage of this bundle you will need to contact the ProVu sales team on 01484 840048 or you can email: contact@provu.co.uk.

These promotion is available to all ProVu registered trade resellers. If you are an ITSP, telecoms reseller or security installer and would like to become a ProVu reseller please fill out our new reseller form.

Sangoma SBCs Advantages for Hosted Providers

Securing voice traffic in a hosted telephony environment is a core requirement for any business to survive. Consequently it’s important that IP communication is managed and secured properly. Many hosted telephony providers from around the world deal with 100’s of products from different manufacturers, however without interop testing and secure networks, device compatibility can be hard to assess. With Sangoma’s E-SBCs, device interoperability can be simplified as it offers a secure enhancement to hosted VoIP deployments, acting as a medium between devices.

Here’s some of the key features of Sangoma’s SBCs:

  • Encrypt SIP signalling and audio media
  • Remote site VoIP demarcation point
  • Reduce firewall and NAT issues
  • Secondary Registration for Failover to Local Gateway Access
  • Ensure SLA compliance


Ultimately Sangoma’s E-SBCs allow service providers to take advantage of all IP communications
offerings, without compromising security, service quality, reliability and/or availability.

Sangoma offer a range of Enterprise SBCs with support for 5 up to 250 sessions and their carrier
models can handle up to total of 4000 sessions.

Find out more: Vega SMB SBC Appliance use cases
View Sangoma’s series: SBC Appliances

2016 Comms National Awards – Have you submitted your entry?


There’s just over 2 weeks to go before the entry deadline for the 2016 Comms National Awards and our entry is beginning to take shape. With a number of awards targeted at resellers and Service Providers, we wanted to share with you some of the categories up for grabs and the benefits of entering the awards.

Categories up for grabs:

  • Best SME Contact Centre Solution
  • Best Enterprise Contact Centre Solution
  • Best SME Vertical Market Solution
  • Best Enterprise Vertical Market Solution
  • Best SME Cloud Solution
  • Best Enterprise Cloud Solution
  • Best SME M2M/Wireless Solution
  • Best Enterprise SME M2M/Wireless Solution
  • The Nine Group Customer Service Award

So why enter the awards?

  • The build up to the awards helps to generate a buzz internally and helps to acknowledge your team’s hard work and dedication.
  • If you are shortlisted for an award you’ll receive free PR and be recognised among other leaders in the Comms and IT Channel.
  • A shortlist announcement gives you something exciting to talk about and share with your customers and stakeholders.
  • Entry is completely free!

To enter, simply register and download the application form from the CNA website, the deadline for entries is 29th July.

Top Tip: Nigel Sergent, Editorial Director at Comms Dealer is always happy to help with any entry enquiries, any questions can be directed to him at: nsergent@bpl-business.com

The Comms National Awards are prestigious awards and having been shortlisted for the past 2 years, we would encourage you to get involved – who knows you could be named champions at the ceremony which will take place on 13th October at the Hilton on Park Lane, London.

We look forward to seeing you on the night and raising a glass to your success!

The ProVu Team.

Snom 320 End of Life Notice

We have received notice from Snom that the Snom 320 will be going ‘end of life’. From our current stock levels, we predict that our stock will last until mid August 2016. Please note; this is only a prediction and our ability to supply this model is ultimately dependent upon the orders we receive. Once our stock has run out we will be unable to replenish it.

Up to date stock availability can be seen on ProSys.

2N’s Helios IP Verso Tamper Switch

We have had an enquiry come in about how to wire in a tamper switch without an I/O module or a Wiegand module. I must admit I thought this was strange at first, given that I always thought it was fairly simple to do. It turns out it is but it is also easy to overcomplicate.

Make no mistake that 2N’s ideal setup would be a tamper switch connected to either an I/O module or a Wiegand module – every single piece of documentation I have found shows it connected in this manner. The idea is that it has 2 switches – we’ll call them switch 1 and 2 – with switch 2 connecting to the I/O module and back into the Verso, where it is recognised as a tamper switch, and switch 1 connecting to, for example, a 3rd-party alarm system, where it is recognised as a generic input that activates whatever the alarm system is programmed to activate.

The Verso however has its own generic input, into which you can wire switch 1 and have it behave as exactly that – a generic input.

Please note: in order to make use of a tamper switch in any way, you must have at least the Enhanced Integration Licence.

What you will need:

  • A 2N Helios IP Verso base unit with or without camera – 9155101C or 9155101
  • A tamper switch – 9155038
  • 2 lengths of thin wire, about 6 inches long should do it – the lengths of wire I picked up for this demonstration are closer to about 6 feet.
  • A small screwdriver
  • Whichever other modules you wish to connect to the Verso – we have just an infopanel on our demo one.
  • The relevant mounting boxes and/or frames – we are using a 2-module flush-mount box and frame.
  • A computer on the network to do the programming.


This is the bottom of the backbox and the tamper switch is inserted where the green square is.
This is the bottom of the backbox and the tamper switch is inserted where the green square is…
The tamper switch is inserted like so...
…the tamper switch is inserted like so…
...and screwed in.
…and screwed in.

The tamper switch then needs wiring in via that little green terminal block on the left:

Fairly simple, just insert the wires into here...
Fairly simple, just insert the wires into here…
...and here.
…and here.
Your wires will ideally be a bit shorter than this!
Your wires will ideally be a bit shorter than this!

As mentioned earlier, because of the way it’s wired in, the Verso doesn’t know it is communicating with its own tamper switch, so the below is what you’ll see in the web interface when you try and program it as a tamper switch:

What You Will See if No Tamper Switch is Installed or if One is Installed without a Wiegand or I/O Module

To run a quick demo of it working, I told the Verso that its Secured State Control was controlled by the status of input 1 – all this does short of any programming is activate a red LED next to the camera in the shape of a padlock – without the Enhanced Integration Licence this is all it will be able to do.

How to set the Secured State Control
How to set the Secured State Control.

By using a screwdriver to press and depress the tamper switch, I was then able to turn the red LED on and off.

Please note: If you are using a tamper switch in this way you will not be able to wire anything else, such as an exit button, into the same input on the Verso. The only way to use an exit button without buying an I/O module will be to buy a security relay.

Strangest bug I’ve ever discovered

I have just accidentally discovered a very strange bug (or feature?) on a snom phone.

It affects firmware and possibly others.  When tested on firmware this doesn’t occur.

If you set up a SIP account, any SIP account (doesn’t even have to be a real working one) and the SIP password contains the word “monkey”, you get the following error message and the account will not work:

Screenshot from 2016-07-06 11:30:03


I have informed Snom about this.  I’ve never had a customer reporting this problem, it is just funny.


Sangoma Vega SSH

It is sometimes necessary to perform more advanced debugging on Sangoma Vega’s.

The process is documented here:

Sangoma wiki

I faced a strange problem when trying to SSH onto the Vega from my Debian desktop… the connection sat there and just timed out. I could telnet to the port and was prompted with SSH-2.0-Mocana SSH but nothing was happening with SSH.

I did some digging and found that there was an incompatibility with the algorithms in use in the default configuration.

You can get around this by specifying the following SSH options:

ssh -o HostKeyAlgorithms=ssh-rsa,ssh-dss -o KexAlgorithms=diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 -o Ciphers=aes128-cbc,3des-cbc -o MACs=hmac-md5,hmac-sha1 root@hostname -p2022

Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder to me in future. If someone else finds this useful then all the better!

ProVu Win Independent Software Vendor Award at 2016 Comms Business Awards!


In May, we were named finalists in two categories in the 2016 Comms Business Awards, our shortlisted categories included: Market Maker Distribution Award and the Market Maker Independent Software Vendor award. Last week both our Managing Director, Darren Garland and Sales Director, Ian Godfrey travelled down to London to attend the awards and we are delighted to have been named winners for the Independent Software Vendor award!

Our independent software, ProSys was launched in 2006 and continues to be developed in-house by our development team. For those who are not familiar with ProSys, it is our online portal which allows resellers and service providers to access a range of tools designed to ease the fulfilment of Customer Premise Equipment, more information can be found on our ProSys information page.

As part of our entry process we were asked to submit a case study which demonstrates how ProSys has revolutionised our customer’s processes. For this we chose to focus on how we adapted our systems to work better for a leading Service Provider, here’s a glimpse of some of the work our development team carried out:

Among our range of value added services, we offer zero touch automatic provisioning for phones, and an API that enables resellers and service providers to integrate their services with ours. Through our API, customer orders can be placed on their websites and fed directly through to our despatch queueing system, however sometimes we need to unwrap our services a little to make them work for our partners.

The service provider in question had their own phone provisioning systems and their own ordering systems which they wanted to feed directly through to us in order to automate their order process. In response to this we created a completely bespoke API for them.

Through our developments, ProVu now sit in the middle with this service provider’s orders; we receive the order from them, translate part codes to their own part codes, ship the items and then they pull the order status information back from us to display on their system and populate their own provisioning server.

This particular service provider had a unique set of requirements which were not available elsewhere in the market. As our systems are developed in-house, we were able to solve their problems and they now have a solution which is entirely within their control, but has all the benefits of the automated ProSys workflow.

Our team work exceptionally hard to develop our systems to ease the fulfilment of CPE and it is a great honour to win such a prestigious award. We are delighted to have been recognised among other leaders in the Channel and are very happy to receive such recognition.


Gigaset C430H Update

C430HXThe Gigaset C430H has been updated and has changed to the C430HX. The C430HX looks identical to its predecessor and there is no change to the pricing. The only difference between the two models is the C430HX includes Cat IQ 2.0 technology and supports HD voice.