Coming Soon: **New** Snom M9 VoIP Cordless DECT Phone

Sneak Peek – Snom M9, Next Generation DECT

The Snom M9 VoIP DECT Phone is due to arrive at ProVu in November. Building upon the success of the Snom M3 DECT phone, the M9 provides the next generation of Snom DECT.

Unlike the Snom M3, the M9 incorportates the renowned Snom SIP stack, with proven reliability. The Snom M9 is also the only cordless phone in the market which offers possible integration with Microsoft OCS.

The M9 is perfect for the more demanding business user, with a complete set including two handsets and one base station. The M9 allows 9 handsets to register to one base and 4 concurrent VoIP calls.

Key Features

    • Display: 128 x 128 pixels, 65536 colors and backlit.


    • Battery life, 10 hours talk / 100 hours standby.


    • Register up to 9 handsets with one base station.


    • 9 SIP registrations.


    • 4 concurrent VoIP calls.


    • Microsoft OCS compatible.


    • IPv6 ready.


    • KlarVoice wideband audio.


    • Caller ID with name and image.


    • 12 key numerical keypad; 5-key navikey; 2 softkeys; 2 hook keys; 2 Sidekeys.


Celebrating the Zyxel P660r-D1 ADSL router

When you’ve been working with SIP phones for as long as I have, you can be forgiven for developing a deep-set hatred for “SOHO grade” ADSL router equipment. More specifically the SIP ALG that router manufacturers seem to love putting into routers these days. I’m yet to encounter one that actually works. In most cases these ALGs tampering with passing SIP traffic cause more problems than they solve. They are a nice idea but in reality they just don’t work.

To that end, my preferred router is one that doesn’t try to be too clever for it’s own good. One that has no SIP ALG inside it what-so-ever. For a small office on a normal ADSL connection I can’t recommend anything better than the Zyxel P660r-D1. It’s a basic single port router which will provide NAT and DHCP if you want it to.

For a home or small office using VoIP over ADSL you can’t go far wrong with one of these routers, a decent switch, a reputable VoIP service provider and decent quality phones (i.e. Snom!).


Stop the Press! Tim Snapped for German VoIP Publication.

We’ve brought you news of all the goings on at the Berlin Snom 870 launch party. Taking many pictures and videos to capture the party atmosphere, including the Venusbrass brand in celebration of this latest touch screen technology.

It looks like we weren’t the only ones who were snap happy 🙂 A German VoIP reseller magazine called ‘Dealers Only’ was also there to report on the goings on.

Have a look at Tim’s mug shot, taken during a gossip with Michael Knieling, Chairman at Snom Technology AG. My German isn’t the best but for those of you who can translate, the article should contain some interesting stuff!

<%ThickBox(|Tim and Michael Knieling at Snom 870 Launch)%>

Customise Your Snom VoIP Phone!

So it’s not enough that Snom VoIP phones are now available in both standard black and ‘Snow Edition’ white. We’ve had numerous requests for Snom phones in every colour of the spectrum!

For those of you who want to jazz up your Snom phones, you can customise it by designing your own ‘Snom Skin’.

The German website Design Skins gives you the option to create your own skin for any of the Snom 3xx or 8xx series phones. Choose from different colours, images and patterns provided or even upload your own image!

“DesignSkins are high quality and individually printed vinyl foils which are accurate to size and ready to use. DesignSkins by DeinDesign do have special air ducts on the adhesive side which make the skin easy to apply without any bubbles. The high-gloss and anti-abrasion-layer confirms a special protection from ugly scratches for your design and device.”

They easily peel off too, without leaving any residue or causing any damage to the phone.

How to:

  • Visit
  • Click on the ‘Custom Design’ tab at the top of the page
  • (You might want to set your language to English)
  • Select ‘specials’
  • Select ‘snom’
  • Choose the model of Snom phone you want to customise
  • Let your creativity take over!

Have a look at the video below for some Snom 820 examples: Community Portal

Here it is. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for for some time now. Sure, it’s still infancy and yes, some features have not yet been implemented, but we proudly present the Snom community portal for the UK!

Here is a link for you, Community Portal.

Perhaps you have the urge to watch what fellow users of Snom phones are doing on their Snom screen? Who knows, you might. Anyway, we have a tool for that.

Maybe you are rather tech-savvy and have a cool Snom 8xx series phone? Thought you might, so here’s another tool for generating the idle screen to use on such a phone!

We really are too kind to you…

Any feedback, constructive criticism or whatever else? Please send to /dev/null just leave your comments below!

Product Focus : Grandstream BudgeTone BT200

The Grandstream BT200 provides a basic entry level, one line SIP phone for the Grandstream range of VoIP phones.

The BT200 is easy to use and affordable. Importantly it’s also fully supported by ProVu’s provisioning systems for auto-configuration and device management.

Therefore the BT200 is a great low cost solution but also suitable for large scale deployment.

Since ProVu have been a Grandstream distributor, we’ve seen the BT200 in many different environments:

  • Home Office
  • Small Office
  • Warehouse Phone
  • Student Halls
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Residential

Features include: Built-in, full-duplex handsfree speakerphone, three-way conference bridging, 12 digit caller ID LCD screen, 2.5mm headset connection, voicemail and message waiting indicator.

Snom 870 Launch Party – Berlin September 2009

To celebrate the release of the Snom 870 Touch Screen Executive VoIP Phone, Tim ventured over to Germany for the Snom launch party and get a sneak peek before the rest of us mere mortals!

While SIP(ing) on beer and wine, (sorry!) the guests at the party were treated to some entertainment by the Venusbrass band.

The Snom 870’s have only been in stock for a matter of weeks but are already proving popular. The touch screen drag and drop feature to transfer calls is really great!

Key Feature Recap:

  • Touch screen high-resolution TFT colour display (4.2 inches, 480×272 pixels, 25 bits colour depth)
  • Gigabit passthrough
  • WiFi connection via Snom WLAN USB WiFi stick
  • 12 freely programmable virtual keys
  • Power over Ethernet
  • 5 way conferencing
  • 12 different SIP identities
  • 29 Keys, 5 LED’s
  • Photographic caller ID
  • 2 USB ports

Everyone’s Talking About AVM 7270 Fritz!Box


AVM’s flagship product the Fritz!Box 7270 provides a great all in one VoIP solution. No other VoIP router of this class has so many business features.

Key Features:

  • ADSL VoIP home gateway device
  • Support for VPN client and server
  • IP SIP server
  • Real Time QoS Information
  • Integrated DECT base station
  • Failover to 3G Network via USB
  • 10 SIP accounts
  • USB file and print server
  • Two FXS ports, One FXO port
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • Fax machine
  • Answerphone

This is the best UK Soho Soution available, praised and highly awarded in many UK technical papers:

Snom – Compatible Wireless Headsets

A Snom Wireless Headset Adaptor is needed to make your phone compatible with a wireless headset.

We recommend and distribute the Jabra (GN Netcom) Wireless Headsets, GN9120 or GN9130.

However the following headsets are also compatible:

GN Netcom

  • GN Ellipse, 8837-90-xx
  • GN6210, 6210-0x
  • GN9120, 9120-XX-0X
  • GN9120, 9120-XX-1X
  • GN9330, 9337-508-10x
  • Jabra T 5330, 5317-408-101
  • Plantronics

    • CS60, 36995-02
    • CS70N, 39448-02
    • SupraPlus Wireless CS351N, 39986-02
    • SupraPlus Wireless CS361N, 39261-02

    More details can be found on the Snom Wiki Page.

ProVu Open the Official UK Snom Training Centre


ProVu are currently the only Snom distributor in the UK who are able to offer Snom Certified Training Courses, as Snom recognise our unrivalled technical expertise.

After recently running a successful mini series of Snom Training Courses at our offices in Huddersfield, we’re packing up our bags and heading down south!

The first session operating in the UK will be on Tuesday 10th November at University College London.

We combine the launch of the UK Snom Training Centre with the arrival of the first touch screen VoIP phone by Snom. The London Training Day will be run using the latest and greatest Snom 870 Touch Screen Executive VoIP Phone.

On the course, each attendee will receive:

  • Snom 870 Touch Screen Executive Business VoIP Phone, RRP £319.00
  • Snom WLAN USB Stick, RRP £34.00
  • ProVu Snom Technical Guide – “101 Things You Didn’t Know a Snom Phone Can Do”.
  • Snom Accreditation Certificate
  • Snom Certified Value Added Reseller Status
  • Refreshments and Buffet Lunch
  • Invaluable Knowledge about VoIP and Snom

To ensure each delegate receives a high degree of personal tuition, entry is limited. We therefore recommend you book early to ensure a place is allocated to you.

Reserve a place. More information, course feedback and training day agenda.