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Algo Multicast Group

I think nearly anyone that has seen the Algo audio alerting devices has wondered what a group of them would sound like when they are positioned together.

Recently here at ProVu we got to group 38 Algo devices together and set them up to listen on multicast.

We were impressed with the kit and the result, the audio setting was left untouched so they are set to the default (I think it is 4 and goes up to 10) so they can become louder if required.

What do you think?

Check out the video below.

Seamless Paging Integration between Algo and Polycom

We launched the Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker back in January which joined our expanding range of Algo paging and alerting devices. This SIP ceiling speaker can integrate natively with Polycom™ Group Page for overhead announcements.

The 8188 provides additional coverage in common areas or where sound reinforcement is needed, like classrooms, lobbies or hallways. The 8188 can also be configured to join Polycom paging groups or zones.

Polycom Group Page has no dependency on a SIP server and therefore the 8188 also integrates seamlessly with Skype™ for Business/Lync™.


SIP Initiated Group Paging
Polycom VVX phone calling Algo 8180 SIP alerter which simultaneously launches a local Polycom Group Page.

Polcom Group page with Algo 8188 diagram


Algo paging endpoints have multicast broadcast capability. While paging or alerting, they can simultaneously multicast over the network.

Polycom Solution Guide: Group Page with VVX600 & Algo 8180/8188

Algo IP PA and SIP Alerting webinar

Algo IP PA and SIP Alerting webinar
Monday 16th May @ 15:00 GMT + 1

Have you considered adding IP PA systems to your hardware portfolio? With the addition of two new products to the Algo range including the 8301 Paging Adaptor and 8186 SIP Horn Speaker there’s now even more reason to expand your product offering.

To introduce the new product range, we will be hosting a webinar on Monday 16th May at 3:00 PM (GMT + 1). Throughout the webinar we will provide an overview of the product range and their features, plus we will discuss the benefits of using Algo over ATA devices.

Webinar topics will include:

  • Introduction to the Algo range
  • Advantages of using Algo over ATA based PA Systems
  • The new range – Algo 8301 and Algo 8186
  • Upcoming products
  • Summary
  • Questions and Answers

The webinar is a great opportunity for you to learn about the Algo range and how easily it can be deployed within any IP infrastructure. We expect the webinar to last approximately 30 minutes.

Pre-Register now to attend the webinar

Multicast Paging Webinar: 10th March 2016, 3:00 PM

Following the success of last week’s webinar on IP Paging Systems, we have decided to expand on this and run an additional 2 webinars; covering multicast paging and music streaming over IP.

Taking place on Thursday 10th March at 3:00 PM GMT (London), our next webinar will focus on how you can utilise multicast paging to convert existing or new IP infrastructure for paging. The webinar will cover the benefits of multicast paging and give a live demonstration of how to set up a multicast page between different IP end points.

The webinar will feature a mixture of technical and sales information and is suitable for anyone working on an IP PA Solution or in a post sales role. We expect the webinar to last approximately 30 minutes.

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Webinar: Introduction to IP PA Systems

To offer you some useful insights in to the benefits of offering IP PA Paging Systems, we will be running a webinar on the 24th February at 11:00AM GMT (London). Throughout the webinar, we will be giving an overview of IP Paging Systems and how our product range can help you convert existing analogue systems or install new PA Systems for your customers.

Webinar Topics Include:

  • What is an IP PA System?
  • The benefits of moving to IP
  • ProVu’s product range
  • Integration with existing infrastructure
  • Usage scenarios
  • Summary
  • Questions

This is a great opportunity for you to hear about the latest PA Systems and how they allow broadcasting of public announcements, advertising messages, streaming live or recorded music among a host of additional benefits.

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Introducing the new Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker

Algo’s new 8188 SIP ceiling speaker is now in stock and available to order from ProVu. Expanding on their SIP alerting systems, Algo’s 8188 SIP ceiling speaker provides an attractive solution for voice paging, loud ringing, emergency notification and background music in environments such as; retail, education, healthcare and manufacturing.

Utilising wideband G.722 codec support, the 8188 provides optimum speech clarity and intelligibility in a HD voice environment. With an integrated microphone which enables talkback and listens for ambient noise, the 8188 automatically increases page volume when necessary, enabling a consistent ratio of page to ambient noise level.

Cost Effective and Scalable

Deployed as a SIP endpoint, the 8188 can be configured to multicast to any number of additional speakers, providing cost-effective scalability as well as minimising network traffic. Multicast can be simply accessed through Algo’s web interface which offers a range of management features.

For more information, please see our Algo 8188 webpage.

Trade pricing and stock information is available on our reseller portal, ProSys. If you do not have a ProSys log in, please complete our ProSys account request form.

Algo 8128 Uses & Benefits

The Algo 8128 Strobe Alerter is a SIP compliant PoE high intensity strobe light. Suitable for a wide variety of application environments, and for a number of potential uses, the Algo strobe alerter provides a host of opportunities to you and your business.

Solution for: Application Scenario:
Visual Alerting for noisy environments Warehouses, Workshops, Factories, Bars, Call Centres
Visual Alerting for quiet environments Libraries, Hospitals, Churches, Theatres
Visual Alerting for the Hard of Hearing Home, Student Accommodation, Hotels, Nursing Homes
Visual Alerting for additional security notification Airports, Retail, Transport Logistics, Construction Sites

Along with its wide variety of application environments, the Algo strobe alerter also has a number of uses. Offering 360 x 180 degree visibility and a range of flash pattern options, the strobe alerter can be used for; alerting and notification of telephone calls, emergencies, and/or safety and security events. The strobe alerter can be particularly useful for use with people who experience hearing difficulties.

Easy to Install

Algo’s strobe alerter can be easily integrated in to any VoIP environment, hosted or premise PBX. With an option for ceiling or wall mount fitting, the strobe alerter can be positioned to the user’s preferred position. For environments that require both visual and audio alerting, the strobe alerter can also be used with the Algo 8180 SIP alerter.

Web Interface

Through Algo’s web interface, strobe alerters can be remotely managed and allow you to select one of 16 programmed light patterns.


With Auto-Multicast, multiple strobes may be operated simultaneously and synchronously using just one SIP extension.

For more information on the Algo strobe alerter, please see our webpage. Pricing and stock information is available on our reseller portal, ProSys. If you would like to become a ProVu reseller, you can apply via our online reseller application form.

Algo 8128 SIP Strobe Alerter

The Algo 8128 SIP Strobe light is the ideal solution for visual ringing in such areas as noisy factories, cafeterias, and public areas. Or alternatively it can also be used as a silent visual alert where loud ringing may be disruptive in areas such as hospitals, theatres and, churches etc.

Other applications include emergency and security notification where the press of a single phone key can be used to activate one or many strobe lights. And it can also be integrated within a Call Centre system to provide visual notification when queues and waiting times are exceeding there maximum thresholds.

Algo 8128 SIP Strobe Light Key Features

  • 360° Visibility
    Flash patterns are visible in every direction or may be chosen specifically for ceiling and wall mount applications.
  • PoE SIP Endpoint with Web Interface
    Integrates easily into a VoIP Unified Communications environment, hosted or premise PBX.
  • Auto-Multicast
    Trigger one – trigger many. Multiple strobes may be operated simultaneously and synchronously using just one SIP extension.
  • Colourful Options
    Available blue, red, and amber caps to distinguish events in the workplace.
  • LEDs for High Intensity and Long Life
    The 8 brilliant LEDs splash 198 candela light in all directions with greater efficiency than xenon strobes.

Algo 8128 SIP Strobe Light Alerter now in stock

Algo 8128 SIP

The Algo 8128 is a brilliant new device that provides a visual alert for any incoming calls via a high intensity LED Strobe light. It is the ideal system for use in factories / machine shops plus warehouses and staff restaurant areas etc. It simply registers as part of a hunt group so that it is triggered when ever a call is put through to that group or extension.

The multi lens variant is in stock at ProVu and can be ordered via ProSys using the “Algo-8128ABR” part-code.