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Algo 8180 SIP Alerter: Seven Advantages over ATA based PA Solutions

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Why should you be interested in the ALGO 8180 SIP Alerter? What makes it special?

Moving over to IP communications can often lead to connecting existing analogue PA systems to a new IP system by using an ATA (analogue telephone adaptor). But there are significant advantages in deploying an all-in-one IP Solution.

The Algo 8180 eliminates the need for an ATA offering new capabilities of performance, scalability and user experience.

Seven advantages over ATA based Door Entry Solutions:

1. Easy to install
The 8180 connects to your IP network as just another endpoint. Installation and set up are are as easy as adding an IP phone to your system and it is powered via the network cable from a POE switch.

2. Web interface
Provisioning and administering changes to the 8180 can be carried out any time via its intuitive web interface. No need to physically go to the device to make changes.

3. Ambient Noise Compensation
The 8180 microphone listens to the ambient noise and automatically adjusts output volume. Perfect for variable environments like workshops, classrooms and cafeterias.

4. Effective Ring Tones
No more shrill high frequency ring tones. Choose from a wide range of pre-loaded WAV files or up-load your own ring tones to suit your own specific business environment.

5. Multicast Scalability
The 8180 can generate a multicast audio stream to additional 8180s on the network for additional loud ringing, paging or announcements. No need for any central amplifier or paging server.

6. Paging, Loud Ringing & Announcements
The 8180 is a multi – capable speaker, serving effectively as a paging, loud ringing and PA announcement system all-in-one. Eliminating the need for multiple devices.

7. Talk-back
The 8180 microphone supports talk back in page mode for two way communication and verification.

The Algo 8180 is an all in one IP paging solution eliminating the need for multi component solutions and associated wiring.

Further information about the ALGO 8180 including datasheets

The Algo 8180’s are in stock. If you have any questions please call the Sales Team on 01484 840048 or send an email to

ProVu turns up the volume on SIP phones

Algo Loud RingerProVu Communications has launched a new alerter product, the Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter that increases the ringing volume of SIP telephone systems for variable noise environments such as warehouses or factories. The device also auto answers for voice paging or full intercom systems.

Darren Garland, Managing Director of ProVu Communications, said: “The 8180 is typically eight times louder than a telephone speaker. This may seem ear piercing, but its SoundSure technology automatically adjusts the ring and paging volume to compensate for background ambient noise, therefore will only ring as loud as it needs to be heard.”

The product is equipped with a high efficiency integrated amplifier and tuned high quality loud speaker. The 8180 device is supplied to customers with several audio files pre-loaded to its internal memory for ringing sounds, but users are able to custom the system with personal audio files, music, sound effects or voice announcements.

Ian Godfrey, Sales Director of ProVu Communications, said: “The 8180 has been a hit with our resellers. It fills a gap in the market when our hosted or IP PBX resellers are looking to replace a more traditional telecoms solution where an existing loud ringer may have been in place. It takes them into opportunities that previously were not open to them.”

Find out more information: Algo 8180 SIP loud ringer / paging device