What’s new with 3CX

Being at the forefront of PBX systems and integrated communications, 3CX have had to innovate and grow to meet the demands of users as well as the ever-changing technology landscape. With web, desktop and mobile clients it is now easier than ever to connect supported devices to an all-in-one communication system.

Some of the latest updates to 3CX

In the most recent version 18 update, 3CX have improved on the system with some quality-of-life updates as well as some brand new features.

IOS App Official Release: Fast Chat ResponseFast Chat Response allows users to respond quickly to chat messages without unlocking their devices. By long pressing the chat notification and then being prompted to either ‘reply’ or ‘mark as read’.

What’s more, in accordance with the Ray Baum Act & Kari’s Law devices are required to be able to direct dial local emergency numbers without having to add a prefix or access code. The 3CX app can recognise emergency numbers and “offloads” the call to the native GSM dialer instead.

Stream 3CX Video Conferences on YoutubeVersion 18 of 3CX has been updated to integrate with YouTube. Allowing users to present video conferences LIVE via YouTube as well as stream public YouTube content directly within a meeting. This feature requires an enterprise edition license.
Improved filtering on 3CX VC WordPress pluginThe 3CX Video Conference WordPress plugin has been updated to make publish 3CX webinar and registering customers easier. Allowing users to filter by published extension numbers, Keyword in webinar subject as well as set number of days in the future.

Based on the 3CX VC Rest API, users can customise the experience to fit individual needs and requirements.

New Call Flow DesignerAudio files that are generated through text to speech are now cached in the 3CX server. Meaning that users will save money as well as response time when playing the same text over and over. 3CX first checks for local WAV files for the same voice & text. If available the WAV file will be played, otherwise the text to speech operation will be triggered, adding the result to the cache.
Easily Parse CSV TextWith a new CSV Parser, users can easily convert CSV files into a table. Giving users an easier way to collect information like numbers or values from specific rows and columns. Making callflow validation, such as user ID and PIN numbers, that much quicker if the information is in a CSV file. What’s more, this can all be done without any C# scripting.

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