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Kate Stolworthy

What are the differences between Polycom’s VVX-0 and VVX-1 models?

You may have noticed Polycom has launched some new VVX models. These models have new names and now end in a ‘1’ instead of a ‘0’, for example, the VVX 301 is the new version of the VVX 300.

With little visual changes, we are putting this blog together to help to explain what’s changed and why.

The new models are the 301, 311, 401, 411, 501, 601 and the old models are the 300, 310, 400, 410, 500, 600.

The most notable change is that the new VVX 401 and 411 models now come with a USB port. Other than this the only real changes are an upgrade to the phones’ processor and memory performance.

With the refresh to the VVX portfolio, the updated models offer users investment protection as they have been developed with the active development lifecycle in mind.

There are no plans yet to discontinue the old VVX models, however this is inevitable and eventually, the new VVX models will replace their predecessors.

RTX 4002 ‘End of Life’ Notice

RTX have discontinued their 4002 repeater, we have now sold our final remaining unit of this product which has been replaced by the new 4022. The 4022 is very similar to the old 4002, with just a couple of adjustments.

What’s New?

  • 2-colour LED for radio link quality indication
  • New dedicated programming key for easy reset and configuration of repeater
  • One SKU for both Europe and the UK (4022 comes with both power supplies)

Differences between the Yealink T4 and new T4S Series

What’s new
Visually the new T4S series is identical to the equivalent model in the T4 series, however, Yealink have been working on a number of enhancements and reasons to move over to the T4S series:

  • Device performance enhancement: The T4S phones use the latest components to maximise the models’ performance and boost the user interface response rate.
  • Future-proof: As Yealink continue to add new and more powerful features to their phones’ firmware they will in turn require a higher level of hardware support. The new T4S’ are future-proof as they are equipped with new hardware components to allow the phones to support future firmware upgrades.
  • Opus support: Opus is an increasingly popular HD codec, especially in the carrier / ITSP market for use with WebRTC. This will provide the T4S models with a competitive edge.
  • Enhanced speaker performance: The T4S utilises new speaker components to maximise acoustic performance over the devices’ speaker phone.
  • USB ports: The new T41S and T42S models feature a USB port. The USB port allows for increased functionality with support for either the BT40 bluetooth dongle, WF40 Wi-Fi dongle or a compatible USB headsets.
  • Unified firmware: The new hardware for the T4S series allows for a unified firmware across the model range making management and provisioning easier and more convenient.
  • HAC handsets: All T4S models will be supplied as standard with a Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) handset.

Please note, the new T4S phones will support V81 and later firmware. The firmware which supports T4S phones is different from the one which supports the current T4 series.

Trade pricing and RRP of the new T4S models will be the same as the equivalent model in the existing T4 series of phones.

NEW Yealink T4S Series coming soon!

As you may be aware, Yealink have been busy working on a new range of IP desk phones. Expected to be available to purchase in September 2017, the new T4S series will be the next generation of the popular T4 series – Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect!

Yealink T41S SIP Desk Phone
Yealink T42S SIP Desk Phone
Yealink T46S SIP Desk Phone
Yealink T48S SIP Desk Phone

NFR Test Samples
We a have a limited number of NFR samples available for our resellers to test, helping you to ensure you are ready to go upon launch in September! These new models will be released on a new firmware version, we strongly recommend testing them on your platform prior to selling them to your customers. Please contact our Sales Team on 01484 840048 for more information, pricing and up to date availability.

Gooseneck stand for 2N Force and Safety intercoms

2N has recently released a new purpose-built gooseneck stand for 2N Force and Safety models. The stand is a strong and sturdy metal support stand, designed for easy access and communication for drivers entering parking lots or gates.

  • Custom-made gooseneck stand for 2N® Helios IP Force or 2N® Helios IP Safety intercoms
  • Heavy-duty construction with quality weather-resistant surface
  • 120 cm (47ʺ) height specifically designed for entry access points
  • Each unit is cable-ready inside the stand

Order number: 9151005

Using our product images on your website

We quite often receive requests from resellers who want to use the product images of the kit we supply on their own website.

We host different sized images and product datasheets for lots of the products we sell, these are stored logically using our product part codes, this means they can be easily accessed and pulled for use on your website.

It’s pretty simple really!

We have produced a guide for programmers which will explain everything you need to know so you can start integrating images into your own website.

Download the guide here: Using ProVu’s product images

We try our best to store images for all of our products, but if there is anything that you come across that is missing and you would like to access, please let us know and we will do our best to add the images to our library.

Snom firmware update (

Snom has recently announce new firmware for its D3XX and D7XX series. Firmware version is now available to download on the Snom wiki:

The new firmware offers a number of improvements to safety, stability, ease of use and functionality.

Please note: The update is for at all telephones in the D3XX and D7XX series from 2015 onwards. There may be issues caused if used with previous versions or special installations.

For more information about the firmware update please visit the Snom blog post here:

ITSPA updated recommendations for provisioning security



ITSPA has recently released a new guidance paper surrounding remote provisioning of phones and other SIP devices. This new document shares best common practices among ITSPA members to help ensure their provisioning infrastructure is secure.

ITSPA Chair Eli Katz stated

This is an excellent update to the existing guidance and should be considered a starting point rather than a complete solution. This is just a part of ITSPA’s ongoing work in tackling cyber-crime and fraud as well as driving up best practice within the membership. We must ensure the industry is one step ahead in the security battle.

Download: Recommendations for Device Provisioning Security (Version 2)

For a list of ITSPA Best Current Practice (BCP) documents visit:

Congratulations to ITSPA Awards 2017 Winners!

ITSPA Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) Winner VTSL

The ProVu team had a great day last week at the ITSPA Awards – this year’s ceremony was held at The Tower of London on the Tuesday 9th May.

As proud sponsors of the ITSPA Awards, we would like to congratulate all finalists and winners of the 2017 ITSPA Awards. Having sponsored the awards for the last 5 years, we believe the ITSPA Awards are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the hard work and achievements in the industry over the last 12 months, and this year saw some exceptional accomplishments!

For those who have missed it, here is a list of this year’s winners and highly commended entries:

Award Winners
Best Business ITSP (Small Enterprise) – Hello Telecom
Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) – VTSL
Best Business ITSP (Corporate) – NFON
Best VoIP CPE – Panasonic
Best VoIP Infrastructure – Gamma
Best VoIP Innovation – Edgewater Networks
Best ITSP Reseller – Arrow Business Communications
ITSPA Members’ Pick – NICC
ITSPA Champion – Peter Cox

Highly Commended
Best Business ITSP (Small Enterprise) – Voipfone
Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) – Orbtalk
Best VoIP CPE – Snom
Best VoIP Infrastructure – aql
Best VoIP Innovation – Vonage
Best ITSP Reseller – Sprint Convergence


Kate Stolworthy, Muhammad Bajwa, Darren Garland and Alison Mattimoe – Enjoying a day out at The Tower of London

We’re at the UC EXPO 2017

Darren Garland and Ian Godfrey will be joining Snom this week on stand C123 at the UC EXPO – London ExCeL. If you are about at the show, why not drop by and say hi!

On Snom’s stand there will be the chance to preview some brand new products including the Snom D785 IP phone and the Snom C520-WiMi next-generation IP conference phone.