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Gigaset have released a new firmware update for the N510IP-PRO DECT base station.

A summary of the most interesting features is:

  • Support for new handsets such as R650H-PRO

  • Over-the-air software updates for newer PRO handsets (previously this was only ever possible using a USB cable and special software and generally was never carried out)

  • Distinctive ringing using Alert-Info headers

  • LDAP directory works during a call for easier transfers

Full information including upgrade instructions are on the Gigaset Pro wiki

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Posted by: Kate Millard
We are pleased to announce that ProVu have been shortlisted for two awards in the 2016 Comms Business Awards! The finalist announcement comes just two weeks after we were named as Channel Account Team of the Year and Channel Marketing Team of the Year in the Comms Dealer Sales and Marketing Awards. Our latest shortlisted categories include; Distribution and Independent Software Vendor.

It is a great honour to be named as finalists for these prestigious awards, congratulations to all shortlisted companies!

Due to take place on Thursday 16th June, the awards will be hosted by Sir Lenny Henry at the Lancaser London Hotel - wish us luck!

For a full list of finalists, please see the Comms Business Shortlist Announcement.

19/05/2016: 2016 ITSPA Awards

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Posted by: Kate Millard
Members of the ProVu Team travelled down to London last week to attend the 2016 ITSPA Awards. The awards took place at The Deck, National Theatre, London on 11th May. Having sponsored the award for 'Best VoIP Innovation' we would like to congratulate 8x8 for winning the award with their Virtual Contact Centre and Gradwell Communications for being named 'Highly Commended' in the category for their Call Recording.

We would also like to congratulate our vendor partners, VTech and Yealink for being named 'Highly Commended' in their category, 'Best VoIP CPE'. VTech were 'Highly Commended' with their VSP725A/VSP500A/VSP601A bundle and Yealink for their VP-T49G video phone.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the awards and as always it was great to catch up with our channel and vendor partners. Congratulations to all finalists and winners of the awards!
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Last year our Sales Director, Ian Godfrey and I attended the Comms Dealer Sales and Marketing Awards for the first time. ProVu had been nominated for the Distributor Channel Account team of the Year, unfortunately we did not win but I had a moment of clarity whilst there; if we entered more award categories we would probably stand a better chance of winning an award. Not rocket science, I know but sometimes the obvious isn't immediately clear.

Roll forward a year and after much hard work and many re-writes and alterations we had strong entries in three different categories. April arrived and we found out we had been shortlisted in all three categories, Distributor Channel Account Team of the Year, Distributor Channel Marketing Team of the Year and Distributor Channel Marketing Campaign of the Year. So far so good, my theory was working. Never being over confident about these things we then made lots of PR noise about our treble nomination as I told the team it will be "old news" when someone else has won them.

Did I really think we stood a chance, to be honest no. ProVu is a very successful company that is growing at a pace, but we are still a minnow on the distribution landscape. The figures we talk about in our award submissions I am certain could be delivered by one department in a quarter for the larger distributors. On the plus side we are recognised as experts in our field with our fairly unique product mix and value added services. Was that going to be enough, we would have to wait and see.

So the big day came, Marketing Manager, Kate Stolworthy and Sales Account Manager, Anna Marzec-Smith and I travelled down to London to attend the awards. The awards took place at the Park Lane Hotel where we shared a table with our friends from Voiceflex and had a very pleasant lunch. The awards were hosted by sports presenter, Dan Walker of Football Focus Fame and latterly Breakfast TV. I have to say, he was good, he kept what was becoming a loud crowd in order with some great banter and put downs. He informed us that the hotel's gents toilets had been part of the film set for the Bond film Casino Royale and then regaled us with a story of immense courage of a Japanese Gymnast called Shun Fujimoto (

The Distributor category awards were the first to be announced. Much to my absolute surprise we won the first award for Channel Account Team of the Year. We went up on stage, grabbed the award, had our photo taken and I was a happy man - it had all been worthwhile. On the way back to my seat I came across various customers and vendors who were passing on their congratulations and were shaking my hand. I had literally just sat down when ProVu were called up again as winners of the Marketing Team of the Year award and we did the whole thing again. I was asked to say a few words this time on ProVu's success, I waffled on for about 20 seconds and then the microphone was firmly, but politely taken from me. I cannot really remember what I said except that it was all down to the superb team at ProVu. By the time they announced the third category Dan teased us with the name of the winner beginning with a 'P', we didn't manage the hat-trick, but we were named 'Highly Commended' in the Marketing Campaign of the Year Award, which was won by Pragma Distribution - congratulations to them! The remainder of the day passed in a flash of fun and laughter, we took a tactical call to extend on the celebrations and not return home that evening, returning to the office the next day and I am delighted to say still with our awards in hand.

So why did we win, there is clearly something to my law of averages theory, but I think ultimately you need good facts and figures that demonstrate a successful story. The successful story comes from having great staff that are dedicated to the company and make that success happen. It is also made a great deal easier if you have good vendors that support you and a great customer base who help you along the way. We are fortunate at ProVu to have all three of these elements.

So to everyone involved in ProVu's success be it the great team at ProVu, our vendors or our customers I would like to express my sincerest thanks.


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Posted by: Kate Stolworthy
Castel have a wide range of high quality, stainless steel, professional intercoms available off-the-shelf that will suit most use cases.

However, we know that sometimes you will be faced with more unique customer requirements which require different options than the standard units can fulfil. With their complete bespoke design and build service, Castel can help you achieve the most complex user specifications.

Find out more about Castel's Bespoke Design and Build Service:
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Posted by: Kate Stolworthy
Sangoma have partnered with FreePBX to bring you an officially supported, purpose-built, high performance PBX solution for FreePBX. The Sangoma FreePBX Appliances have been designed and rigorously tested for optimal performance and are certified for use with Sangoma's range of cards, VoIP gateways and SBCs.

There are a range of systems available from Sangoma for 60, 100, 300 and 1000 users. Each have a wide set of advanced telephony features unlocked as standard including call recording and call reporting. In addition to these there are also commercial modules available designed to further enhance specific functionality should they be required.

Sangoma FreePBX Appliance Series

System 60System 100System 300System 1000
60 Users100 Users300 Users1000 Users
30 Simultaneous calls30 Simultaneous calls120 Simultaneous calls300 Simultaneous calls

Both Snom and Yealink handsets have been fully certified for use with FreePBX. And at the start of June 2016 we will be launching a brand new series of Sangoma VoIP phones: The S300, S500 and S700. These phones will allow for zero-touch provisioning and will provide free and automatically enabled access to the FreePBX EndPoint Manager.

The Sangoma FreePBX systems are available for special order from ProVu. If you do not have a reseller account and would like to register, please complete our reseller account form.
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After successful completion of functionality and usability testing, the entire range of Snom IP telephones has been certified for full interoperability with the FreePBX platform. This certification means the FreePBX Project engineering and development teams have tested Snom endpoints for functionality and usability within the FreePBX platform and EndPoint Manager.

Frederic Dickey, Sangoma Technologies VP of Marketing, stated: “FreePBX is all about freedom of choice for business communications systems. The addition of Snom’s phones to the list of supported endpoints in the EndPoint Manager module confirms our approach to the market. EndPoint Manager enables easy provisioning and management of supported endpoints directly from within the FreePBX Administrative GUI, saving a great deal of time in the implementation of systems.”

About FreePBX
FreePBX is an open source Asterisk® based PBX which can be managed and configured via a web browser. FreePBX can be installed manually or as part of the pre-configured Sangoma FreePBX Appliances that includes the system OS.

FreePBX Press Release:

Snom Press Release:
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Join us for Sangoma's upcoming webinar: SS7 in the UK market. SS7 protocol is the most widely used protocol in telephony infrastructure around the world, used by a majority of service providers to offer services such as PSTN and GSM connectivity, SMS, LNP and many other feature sets. Taking place on Thursday 12th May at 16:00 (GMT + 1), we will be joining forces with Sangoma to host the webinar which will cover the following topics:

  • Why SS7 is still relevant

  • Common use cases for SS7

  • Sangoma Solutions

    • This webinar is suitable for System Integrators, Network Infrastructure Designers, Sangoma Partners, Product Managers and anyone who is looking to expand their existing VoIP infrastructure.

      Register to attend the webinar

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There have been a couple of improvements to Prosys, ProVu's online customer portal.

Order History - our order history page will now show more details. In particular, whether the order has been shipped or delivered. We've just moved information that was buried through 2 clicks, into the main history page.

For prosys users,

Click to Buy - there are now `click to buy` buttons in our pricelist and in the item information screens in prosys.

Our systems are under continuous review, and we will keep adding the features that our customers request. If you have feedback or suggestions, please contact ProVu.

If you don't have a username and password to use Prosys, please request one from your account manager.
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Snom has launched an industry changing platform called that enables developers to create fully integrated applications for Snom's io ready IP telephones. This allows the IP telephone to host personal, business, video, IoT, vertical and PBX applications.

Nadahl Shocair, Group CEO of Snom Technology AG explains "It will enable businesses to utilise more sophisticated and specific functions for their people, allowing them to configure their desktop telephones around the way they work. This delivers efficiency, cost reduction and increased employee performance and, therefore, empowering and improving the way people work and interact with the world around them."

Types of applications you can make with Snom io:

  • Personal Applications
  • IoT, Devices, Sensors and Control Applications
  • Video Source Applications
  • Business & Productivity Applications
  • Vertical and Industry Specific Applications
  • PBX specific Applications
  • Any application you can dream of!

Watch Snom io showcase for some examples of what is possible:


Developers can register to download development instructions on website. Developed applications can be shared to the entire Snom community.

For more information, visit