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ProVu webinar: introduction to 2N IP paging and broadcasting systems
Tuesday 16th September 3.00pm

To introduce the 2N NetSpeaker and SIP Speaker, Scott Foster from 2N together with Muhammad Bajwa of ProVu will be holding a webinar on Tuesday 16th September at 3.00pm. The presentation will last approximately 30-40 minutes.

For more information and register for the webinar, visit our website: Introduction to 2N IP paging and broadcasting systems
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We are pleased to announce we have reached agreement with Czech based Jablocom for the distribution of their range of GSM desktop phones.

These phones are ideal for many applications including temporary offices such as building sites, new offices where there is no network available or remote locations where there may be no infrastructure.

These business class phones incorporate all the commonly used business features you would expect of a normal IP phone.

More information on both models is available from our website here:

Pricing is available on ProSys our reseller portal. If you have any questions please contact the sales team on 01484 840048 or email us at
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ProVu would like to welcome Gavin as a new account manger to our team he will be working along side Anna.

Gavin has grown up in Huddersfield and studied at Lancaster University for four years, one of which was spent teaching English in Spain. He can speak Spanish and Catalan and his hobbies include going to the gym, cooking, travelling and refereeing football.

Should you require a quote, need to place an order, obtain an order status or simply just fancy a chat.... give Gavin a call on the usual number 01484 840048 or send an email to
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For some time now both snom and Yealink have adopted the more Green policy of supplying IP phones and PSUs separately and at ProVu we took it upon ourselves to maintain the old part codes that had previously included them. This has caused one or two issues and some confusion and so to keep things simple and clear we will be dropping the old part codes that had previously included the PSU.

We plan to delete the PSU included part codes from the 1st September 2014 and from then on our customers will need to order any PSU separately and in addition to the IP Phone when required.

Buying the PSU separately from the phone will not increase the price of purchase.

See table below of what you will need to order instead:

Old order codeWhat to order instead
snom300-withPSUsnom300 + Snom-psu
snom320-withPSUsnom320 + Snom-psu
snom710-withPSUsnom710 + Snom-psu
snom720-withPSU        snom720 + Snom-psu        
snom760-withPSUsnom760 + Snom-psu

This change only affects snom and Yealink desktop phones. snom and Yealink DECT and conference phones will not be affected.
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New to ProVu is the Eartec headset range. A simple and affordable headset solution which doesn't compromise on quality.

With three models to chose from and a monaural/binaural version for each you are sure to find something suitable for your customer. Both offer high clarity audio and are compatible with a wide range of phones. The quick disconnect cable also ensures they are compatible with our entire range of IP deskphones and DECT handsets that have a headset port, simlpy by changing the bottom cable to match the connection type.

All of the Eartec headsets have been tested by the ProVu team and we are pleased to say we are happy with their performance and functionality.

If you're looking for a standard headset which does the job with no fancy frills then the 308 range is the one for you. The no fuss, plain black design with the subtle branding means it can sit against any phone without causing a branding clash. The easy-flex boom means you have full control on the closeness of the microphone while the headset itself remains firmly in position. This model is great for anyone on a low budget in need of a headset for a normal office environment.

The 510 range surpasses the 308 with its noise cancelling and anti-static shock microphone. At a surprisingly affordable price you will once again find yourself choosing between a monaural and binaural headset. The semi-flexible boom gives you enough room for adjustment on this slim, lightweight frame. With the noise cancelling features this headset will be suitable for a moderately noisy environment.

EAR100/100D (USB)
A first choice USB soft phone solution; the headset itself sports an adjustable microphone boom with noise cancelling technology to ensure clear sound quality. Whether you prefer one ear piece or two, this is safe choice for someone on a low budget.
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ProVu Webinar: Introduction to IP Door and Security Intercoms
August 5 @ 15:00 GMT

Join us for our Introduction to IP Door and Security Intercoms webinar where we will go through our product range along with some benefits of using an IP intercom. The webinar will be ideal for VARs, security and home automation installers or anyone who is interested in finding out more information about how these products work and what they offer.

To register and to find out more information about the webinar, visit ProVu Webinar: Introduction to IP Door and Security Intercoms
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ProVu Webinar: Introduction to Opticaller
31st July 2014 @ 14:00 GMT

Interested in learning more about how OptiCaller works and how to generate excellent recurring revenue opportunities? Join our FREE Webinar on Thursday 31st July '14.

To register for the OptiCaller webinar please send a request to Once registered we will send you out an email confirmation containing information on how to join the webinar.
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ProVu are excited to announce the launch of OptiCaller, a great new App that links BYOD smart phones with the company PBX and massively reduces business calling costs and virtually eliminates roaming charges whilst travelling.

OptiCaller is not a SIP soft phone, it does not make calls via the Internet and it is not another re-packaged PBX call forward.

OptiCaller is an App that links a users smart phone with their company PBX. It is compatible with all the main Smartphones including, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows mobile. It is really easy to set up with an automated provisioning platform that will send the App to the prescribed mobile number and within seconds the user can be up and running.

The App is supplied on a licence basis and provides a great opportunity to generate excellent margins from what should be a relatively straight forward sale. Find out more information on OptiCaller

Interested in learning more about how OptiCaller works and how to generate excellent recurring revenue opportunities? Join our FREE Webinar on Thursday 31st July '14. If you can't wait why not try out OptiCaller on a 14 day no obligation trial.

Should you have any queries or would like to try it for free or attend our webinar please call the Sales Team on 01484 840048 or send an email to
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Check out some of the photos from the Comms Business Awards: Awards 2014 Highlights
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A few months ago ProVu were nominated along with 25 other companies for the Comms Business Distributor of the Year Award. ProVu have never really been involved in anything like this before and there was a ripple of excitement around the office when we were nominated. We decided that we should ask our customers if they would be kind enough to vote for us to give us the best shot of being short listed for the award. Unlike most of the awards at this event the winner is decided by a readers vote and not by a panel of judges.

I have to say I was extremely sceptical about our chances of winning. If you do not know, ProVu are a niche distribution house specialising in VoIP and although we are successful and growing we are a relatively small company compared to some of the fellow entrants for the award. Because of our size I felt it was an extremely long shot for us to be able to out gun the competition on customer votes.

To our surprise and delight a few weeks ago we found out we had been short listed into the finals along with 4 other distributors. There was much talk in the office about what are chances were and who was going to get to go to the awards to see Jimmy Carr! I was working out the best way of leveraging any PR we could make out of being short listed. I think at one point I said to the team; we have only a few weeks to make the most out of this news as when someone else wins it will be very old news.

So on Thursday evening last week, Ian Godfrey (ProVu Founder and Sales Director) and I were sat in the ball room of the Lancaster Hotel in London for the awards. Much to the disappointment of some of the team we had pulled rank and decided we were going. For both of us it was our first time at the awards, I was a little surprised at the scale of the event, there was a lot of people in the room and it looked just like the type of awards ceremony you see on the TV, with big screens, auto cues, a camera crew etc etc. We had a great meal, Jimmy Carr did a great set and then we won, for those sat on our table they can probably verify that it was a bit of a surprise. The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, but we managed to get the trophy back to the office the next day and raise a glass with the team.

I have spent the weekend mulling over how we could have possibly won and I have come to a rather pleasing conclusion and that is we must care very much about our customers and in return they care enough about us to make this award happen for us, which makes me very happy indeed.

I did not get the chance to make a speech when we picked up our awards and so I have chosen this blog post as the vehicle for my thanks, so:

To the ProVu Team I would say a huge thanks for all your commitment, dedication and hard work and if this award teaches us one thing it is to remember our business is all about the customers, because without them we would be nowhere. So please keep it up.

To our customers I would just like to say - Thank you, we are very grateful.