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We are pleased to announce that our popular Yealink Technical Training Course is now available online!

The course is aimed at technical support staff, integrators or technically minded sales people and consists of 4 parts, covering all technical requirements. For your convenience, the course can be completed/ reviewed in your own time.

Please see our Yealink Training Course page for more information and registration.

The ProVu Team
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ProVu Webinar: 2N Product Review
Thursday 30th July @ 10:30 GMT+1 (LONDON)

With the recent addition of several new 2N intercoms and access control product lines, we are holding a 2N Product Review Webinar. The 30 minute Webinar will take place on Thursday 30th July at 10:30am GMT+1 (London) and is aimed at giving you a better understanding of the products and the latest developments.

Please register now to take part.
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Over the past few month Yealink have introduced some exciting new products to their range of SIP desk phones. With this has meant that we've had to say goodbye to some of the older models. Below is an end-of-life notice showing which products will be going and their new recommended replacements.

Stock has already run out on some of the old models but there is still stock remaining of others, please contact our sales team or login to ProSys for up to date stock availability.

End-of-life   Recommended replacement   

Alternatively take a look at the elegantly designed T4 series phones: T41PN, T42GN, T46GN and the T48GN.

Check out our Yealink comparison chart to find the best phone for your install.

We hope the above will help you in your planning for proposals and updating your Yealink information. If you have any queries please contact the ProVu sales team on 01484 840048 or email
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Below are some instructions on how to factory reset and RTX4002 repeater:

1. Power off RTX Repeater

2. Power on the RTX Repeater for between 1-5 secs (ie 2 secs) then power off

3. Power on RTX Repeater for between 25-35 secs (ie 30 secs) then power off

Now the RTX Repeater should be reset, power it back on and the light should be blinking slowly.

For more information on pairing the RTX with a Gigaset base station, please see our guide
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When you receive an inbound call from an ISDN line (BRI or PRI), the calling party number (caller ID) arrives in a non-country specific format and it is up to your phone system or gateway to format it correctly for the area it is located in.

In the UK this means caller IDs for national numbers will be missing the leading zero and caller IDs for international numbers will be missing a leading double zero.

E.G. where you expect: 07123456789 you'll get 7123456789

Within the ISDN q.931 signalling when a call comes in, there is an element for passing information on the type of the number.


An ISDN PBX will generally put a zero onto the start of national numbers and double zero onto the start of international numbers in the UK.

The problem is, in SIP there is no such header as type-of-number. The caller-id will just be presented as passed. Meaning you'll see caller-ids on phones with missing zeros.


To fix this problem, a Vega gateway can add in the national & international prefixes on to caller-ids.

The settings can be found in the web interface or from the command line.

At the command line interface, for the UK you'll want to set:



In the web interface, these settings are in the Expert section, SIP page and SIP-Advanced link near the bottom:

They are:

  • National Prefix - set to 0

  • International Prefix - set to 00


Then the Caller-ID presented on SIP calls should be correct.

Note, more information on this can be found on page 171 of the Sangoma Vega admin guide:

Vega Admin Guide R88 v1.1
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With the summer season now upon us, we are delighted to announce 3 great new bundle offers that will run from 1st June to 31st August 2015.

Bundle 1: Buy any 3 or more Gigaset pro handsets and get the N510IP DECT base unit FREE.

Includes the S650H, R630H and SL610H handsets. The N510IP base supports up to 4 simultaneous IP calls and POE. Use the following bundle codes to get your N510IP free:
  • N510IPS650-3
  • N510IPR630-3
  • N510IPSL610-3

Bundle 2:
Buy 4 N720 IP Multicell DECT bases and get the DECT Manger FREE.

Bundle 3: Buy one of the new T440 or T640 Gigaset IP PBX systems and get a Maxwell 10 tablet phone FREE.

To take advantage of bundles 2 and 3, please contact the ProVu sales team on 01484 840048.
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The following guide shows how to connect a Plantronics CS520 (This will also apply to the other headsets in the CS500 series) headset to the Mitel 6865i desk phone to allow EHS functionality (the making and hanging up of calls via the headset button).

As well as the CS520 headset and the 6865i phone you will also need a Plantronics APS-11 EHS Cable.

1) Connect the APS-11 cable to the back of the CS520 stand, using the end of the cable that has both an RJ45 connector and a 3.5mm jack connector. Both connectors should be plugged in to the respective ports on the back of the stand.

2) Plug the other end of the APS-11 cable into the RJ45 socket on the back of the Mitel phone, you will need to remove the plastic spacer clip from the socket on the phone in order for it to fit. Please refer to the user manual for help with this.

3) Finally, you need to change some settings on the Mitel phone to enable the EHS functionality. Make the following changes via the menu on the handset itself (press the button with the gear icon to open the menu):

i) Go to Preferences - Set Audio - Audio Mode. Select Headset from the list and press the tick button to confirm.

ii) Go to Preferences - Set Audio - DHSG. Select the "DHSG is On" option and press the tick button to confirm.

That's it! The headset should now be able to make and receive calls using the EHS functionality.

If you have purchased these products from Provu, and can not get this to work, please contact our support team at and we will be happy to help!

19/05/2015: Shipping options

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Shipping Improvements

Today we have updated the order form in prosys for our trade customers. We now have some more flexible shipping options.

There are 2 main changes.

Automatic pricing for exotic destinations

Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight.

The order form will now correctly price shipments to all of the above destinations on APC, DPD and Parcelforce.

If you have a larger consignment going to these destinations, then it is worth giving our sales office call to check if we can get a better quote.


We now offer DPD as an alternative shipping option.

We have used APC as our primary UK courier for many years. They offer a really good service and good systems integration.

But we had some customers who wanted an alternative option.

DPD offer:
- an SMS with a 1 hour delivery window
- Competitive prices to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Isle of Man on a 2 day service.
- More detailed online tracking.

Things to note:
1) Cut off for DPD is 3pm. APC is 5pm.
2) DPD not so price competitive on larger shipments.

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ProVu and Sangoma are joining forces to deliver a 3 part series of webinars that will explain the benefits and importance of deploying SBCs with any VoIP installation.

  • Part 1: Tuesday 19th May 2015 @ 15:00 GMT+1 (London)
    Introduction: What is an SBC?
    Will provide an introduction to SBCs explaining what it does and why it is important.

  • Part 2: Tuesday 27th May 2015 @ 15:00 GMT+1 (London)
    SBC Use Cases
    Will look at some typical use cases and the various different requirements.

  • Part 3: Tuesday 2nd June 2015 @ 15:00 GMT+1 (London)
    Sangoma SBC Configuration
    Will look in detail at the deployment requirements and a walk through the configuration.

Win a Sangoma SBC
For all those that register and attend all 3 webinars Sangoma will be entering each name in to a draw to win a FREE Sangoma SBC. The draw will be made after the last webinar, ProVu will contact the winner directly to arrange delivery.

Register Now
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ProVu Webinar: Introduction to Bria Stretto
13th May 2015 at 14:00 and 21st May at 11:00

We will be holding two webinars for our resellers to find on more about CounterPath's Bria Stretto SaaS.

Find out more information about the Webinar and register to join us by visiting: Introduction to Bria Stretto SaaS