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Back in June 2015 we launched the Panasonic KX-TGP600 DECT phone system. Replacing the popular KX-TGP500, this new DECT base and handset expands on the great features of its predecessor and offers a host of additional benefits.


Support for up to 6 handsets Support for up to 8 handsets
Register up to 8 SIP accounts Register up to 8 SIP accounts
Up to 3 simultaneous calls Up to 8 simultaneous calls
100 contacts phone book memory 500 contacts phone book memory
Compatible with up to 2 KX-A405 DECT Repeaters Compatible with up to 6 KX-A406 DECT Repeaters

Presenting the same features as the KX-TGP500, the KX-TGP600 offers a more powerful solution and with the additional option to use the KX-TPA65 DECT desk phone users can enjoy the full features of a desk phone without the presence of a wired LAN. The KX-TGP600 offers the ideal solution for both business and home use.

Pricing and stock information is available on our reseller portal, ProSys. If you do not have access to ProSys and would like to register for an account, please complete our ProSys account request form.
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Join us for Sangoma's upcoming webinar: SS7 in the UK market. SS7 protocol is the most widely used protocol in telephony infrastructure around the world, used by a majority of service providers to offer services such as PSTN and GSM connectivity, SMS, LNP and many other feature sets. Taking place on Thursday 12th May at 16:00 (GMT + 1), we will be joining forces with Sangoma to host the webinar which will cover the following topics:

  • Why SS7 is still relevant

  • Common use cases for SS7

  • Sangoma Solutions

    • This webinar is suitable for System Integrators, Network Infrastructure Designers, Sangoma Partners, Product Managers and anyone who is looking to expand their existing VoIP infrastructure.

      Register to attend the webinar

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There have been a couple of improvements to Prosys, ProVu's online customer portal.

Order History - our order history page will now show more details. In particular, whether the order has been shipped or delivered. We've just moved information that was buried through 2 clicks, into the main history page.

For prosys users,

Click to Buy - there are now `click to buy` buttons in our pricelist and in the item information screens in prosys.

Our systems are under continuous review, and we will keep adding the features that our customers request. If you have feedback or suggestions, please contact ProVu.

If you don't have a username and password to use Prosys, please request one from your account manager.
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Snom has launched an industry changing platform called that enables developers to create fully integrated applications for Snom's io ready IP telephones. This allows the IP telephone to host personal, business, video, IoT, vertical and PBX applications.

Nadahl Shocair, Group CEO of Snom Technology AG explains "It will enable businesses to utilise more sophisticated and specific functions for their people, allowing them to configure their desktop telephones around the way they work. This delivers efficiency, cost reduction and increased employee performance and, therefore, empowering and improving the way people work and interact with the world around them."

Types of applications you can make with Snom io:

  • Personal Applications
  • IoT, Devices, Sensors and Control Applications
  • Video Source Applications
  • Business & Productivity Applications
  • Vertical and Industry Specific Applications
  • PBX specific Applications
  • Any application you can dream of!

Watch Snom io showcase for some examples of what is possible:


Developers can register to download development instructions on website. Developed applications can be shared to the entire Snom community.

For more information, visit
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Gigaset R630H End of Life Notice

We have received notification from Gigaset that the R630H is now an end of life product. We are due to receive our last shipment of this model this week and expect stock to last until the end of May / beginning of June. We will keep you updated with our expected end of life date as stock clears.

The R630H will be replaced by the R650H which will be very similar to its predecessor, but will also include the following additional features:

  • HD voice: Cat-IQ 2.0 improved audio quality

  • SUOTA: Software update over the air

  • Advanced call lists

  • PIN-protected key lock

  • Silent charging

We will send out further information when stock arrives.

If you would like to speak to a member of the ProVu Sales Team, you can call: 01484 840048 or email:
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As of April 2016 BT Openreach have changed their FTTC installation process. This has meant they no longer supply or install their modem for FTTC connections. Service providers now need to supply VDSL2 modems that connect to the BT phone socket.

Due to popular demand we have added two Technicolor routers to our portfolio that have BT Wholesale approval.

These are the TG588v v2 and the TG589vac. Both routers support ADSL2+, VDSL and are ideal for Fibre to the Cabinet scenarios. The TG589vac also features IEEE 802.11ac wireless standard for the 5 GHz band, enabling even higher throughput and better Wi-Fi coverage.

The TG589vac also features a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet WAN port and 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports where as the TG588v v2 features 4 Fast Ethernet LAN Ports.

Find out more information: Technicolor TG588v v2
Find out more information: Technicolor TG589vac

We offer a router set-up service for our resellers. For a small charge we can pre-provision either generic or customer specific settings to your routers prior to despatch. This enables fast and smooth installation at your customer's site.

Find out more information about BT Openreach CPE Enablement.
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We are delighted to announce that ProVu have been shortlisted for three awards in the 2016 Comms Dealer Sales and Marketing Awards! Our shortlisted categories include:

  • Distributor: Channel Account Team of the Year

  • Distributor: Channel Marketing Team of the Year

  • Distributor: Channel Marketing Campaign of the Year

It is a great honour to be listed as finalists for these awards, our small team are an integral part to our continued success and the awards are a real testament to their hard work.

The awards will take place at the Park Lane Hotel, London on 5th May 2016 - Wish us luck!
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ProVu Webinar: Castel Introduction
April 13th @ 15:00 GMT + 1

Back in August 2015, we expanded our portfolio of door entry products and launched Castel's range of professional IP intercom systems.

We are inviting you to join us on Wednesday 13th April at 3:00 pm GMT + 1 (London) for our free Castel Introduction Webinar. Throughout the session, you will learn about Castel's professional intercoms and what sets them apart from the competition.

Featuring ProVu's Sales Account Manager and Intercom Specialist, Gavin Sykes and Castel's Sales Director, C. Stuart Hibberd, the webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the range of Castel Intercoms

  • What sets Castel apart from the competition

  • Success stories / Application scenarios

  • Integration with SIP

  • Summary

  • Questions

We expect the session to last approximately 30 minutes, please register below to join the webinar.

Pre-Register now to attend the webinar

05/04/2016: Prosys update

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We've done large update to ProSys, our secure online portal for phone ordering, provisioning and management.

There should be no user visible changes. All the work is in the back end.

If you find any problems, comments or suggests please get in touch.
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Eartec have recently developed a new range of premium headsets, which are available from ProVu. Eartec is fast becoming the popular choice for headsets and since its launch we've had a very positive response and experienced an extremely low return rate.

The new Eartec 700 Pro Series offers users a slick, yet robust design. And with in-built, two tier noise cancelling technology, it gives an enhanced user experience, even in noisy and busy working environments. We believe these new headsets will be a great addition for users wanting more from their headset but at an affordable price point.

Meet the new Eartec 700 Pro Series

Eartec 710 Pro Monaural Headset
Eartec 710 Pro Binaural Headset
Eartec 710V Pro Monaural Headset with Volume Control
Eartec 710DV Pro Binaural Headset with Volume Control
Eartec 710UC Pro USB Monaural Headset
Eartec 710DUC Pro USB Binaural Headset

Choosing the right headset

Take a look at our headset selector helping you to choose the ideal headset for your customers based on their requirements and personal preferences. You can also view our compatibility chart to see what headsets are compatible with your IP phone plus advice on what cables and adaptors are required.

Please see ProSys for pricing and stock information. If you do not have a reseller account and would like to register, please complete our reseller account form.